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  1. Yeah, the tape library is a good point. If Tony Khan is serious about eventually launching a streaming service having that tape library would give it a huge boost. What is your issue with Danhausen? Didn’t he already wrestle in AEW as part of Cody’s open challenge last summer?
  2. I haven’t watched Ring of Honor in a long time but I just read that they’re releasing everyone at the end of the year. Is there anyone there any of you that do watch think might be showing up in AEW? https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/roh-talent-contracts-won-t-be-renewed-end-2021-contracted-talent-will-still-be-paid
  3. I thought this was the most comfortable and the best Jungle Boy promo has ever cut. It was short but it was progress which is good. I don’t think he looked like a chump, he challenged any of the heels to a match, one of the heels pretended to accept and the others sneak attacked from behind. That’s pretty standard pro wrestling booking.
  4. I 100% thought he was going to pedigree him and that would be the beginning of his heel turn. Kind of think Black’s first loss should have come on a bigger stage than a random Saturday Dynamite. But still this was a good match and a good show. I hope the Archer thing was some kind of angle and not a serious injury, that was very awkward ending though.
  5. Will Hobbs is really good. It’s a bummer they had him lose another big match, especially to a guy whose gimmick I think is starting to get a little tiresome. Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t sound like he’s as over as he once was. Anna Jay vs Britt Baker was okay. Jay’s strikes are terrible but I saw she just had her 20th match a couple of weeks ago, so it’s crazy she’s as good at the things she is good at and has time to improve. Andrade vs Pac was even better than the first match, very awesome and worth the time.
  6. It’s kind of funny how all of the WWE’s tactics to undermine AEW keep backfiring on them.
  7. I’m not sure that it being taped is as much of an issue as it is being taped after a 2 hour show and some dark matches. The crowd just doesn’t have the same juice. As far as time slots Friday at 10 is obviously terrible. I was hoping they’d get the old WCW Saturday Night time slot had and still hope it’s moved there at some point.
  8. I agree that they should have done tag titles for the women instead but if they use the TBS title similar to the TNT title where there are lots of open challenges—maybe that could be a way for them to bring in some veterans with tv experience to help carry the multitude of green girls on the roster.
  9. Does anyone know if Sky Blue vs Jade was the first of the tbs tournament matches, or just a match between the competitors? Anyway, I thought commentary was pretty hilarious tonight. “CM punk goes flying… like Mussolini…or Gandhi…or Kennedy. That really cracked me up. Taz being in despair when Starks was in trouble in his match was probably the best part of it too.
  10. I wonder if some people just won’t be re-signed when their 3 years come up next year.
  11. Based on BTE, I’m guessing the Young Bucks are proselytizing the roster into becoming Jordan enthusiasts.
  12. It looked like Christian’s head was a good 3 feet from the ground, so I don’t think so. Maybe he got hurt earlier and that’s how they got him out of the match-it was a little weird that the announcers didn’t stress his injury or the uneven odds more. Anyway, I really liked JR saying what I was thinking about them having a trophy for Shida before the match and love that she ended up losing. Deeb being so vicious in the match was also a nice touch and made the match better. I thought Sammy and Fish had a really good match. The crowd signing Jericho’s song to drown out Lambert was probably the best use of that by the crowd so far —Jericho going toe to toe with the former UFC HW champ and causing him to bail was a little ridiculous though. Glad Hangman is back and won. Looking forward to his first interaction with Adam Cole and winning the title.
  13. I’m not sure what you mean by bruv. I looked it up on urban dictionary and it said it was southern London slang for brother, so I don’t know if you mean he’s a bro/meat head but I think I might be missing some connotations to the British slang since there are probably lots of meat heads still in the wrestling business. But there is no possible way he can be dumber or more cringe than Joey Janela. And unlike Janela (who I am amazed still has a job after the debacle with Hangman), he could actually have amazing matches with numerous people in AEW. The rest of the stuff sounds like he was probably being a bit of a dick to someone who was mean to his gf, so not the best co-worker but a good boyfriend. But I don’t think the backstage politics of Independent wrestling promotions should have any bearing on him being anywhere in the future. Especially, since I just want to see more awesome matches.
  14. Why would anyone be bothered by Osprey? I don’t watch a lot of New Japan but every match I’ve seen of his has been pretty spectacular.
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