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  1. Stunt only has value in the ring to the people that find things like his opponent forcing him to fellate a dildo in a match at an indy show entertaining. A niche within a niche. A casual fan flipping channels seeing a 4’10 95 pound goof is going to laugh and change the channel. I know because that’s what my friends that used to watch wrestling did when I told them about AEW and he replaced Luchasaurus back when they first started. Aside from the visual absurdity of him in the ring, he astonishingly works a typical indy style: do moves, take moves/sell, stop selling to do moves.
  2. Pretty underwhelming show. Every match going through picture and picture is a little tedious. Omega and the Good Brothers versus the jobbers went on way too long. FTR versus Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt definitely didn’t need a commercial break. Stunt should not be wrestling on national tv, it’s embarrassing and I don’t know if I could come up with a way to make them look worse. I enjoyed Darby getting rag dolled with those nasty bumps but the finish was pretty lame.
  3. The Twitter trending algorithm just trends based on terms that are in use regardless of context. For instance, earlier today Aminu was trending for me under NBA but 75% of the posts were black people referring to a story a movie or something I couldn’t figure out. On any given day there are probably hundreds of tweets referencing Jericho (more when he wrestles on Wednesdays), so it wouldn’t take much for him to trend. I don’t know how many people were tweeting about it but it wasn’t a significant amount and the NBA people weren’t starting from zero. So everything needs
  4. The problem is that people are conflating 10 people shit posting on the internet with the NBA fan base when that’s not necessarily the case. They should and obviously do want to grow their fan base but overreacting to a few people on Twitter is not how you do that. And while growing your fan base is important in order to grow you have to maintain your fan base and attract new viewers. If you alienate your core audience by chasing new viewers you become TNA. And a good way to start down the TNA would be to panic and overreact to what a small fraction of NBA Twitter tweeted.
  5. I agree with your sentiments but AEW is a promotion that wants you to take a joke like Marko Stunt seriously, employs Joey Janela, pushes Chuck “Dad Bod” Taylor as one of the top tag team guys. So I could understand how he could not care. But what makes it worse is that he said a couple of years ago that he was gaining weight on purpose because the AEW roster was so small he wanted to work more of a bully style. I forget the old time wrestler he referenced. The problem is he doesn’t actually look intimidating, he looks like shit. So he should quit drinking for a while and lean up.
  6. Let’s be real: It wasn’t a full court press for NBA fans. It started after 10 on the East Coast and it was a taped show in which nothing big happened and was a transition show to their big shows. Anything that isn’t the WWE will be perceived that way because the WWE had a monopoly for 20+ years. Part of AEW’s challenge is defeating that perception. And that’s why guys like Marko Stunt and Joey Janela should never be featured on Dynamite. But you’re reading way too much into Twitter. Most of the people watching the game don’t use Twitter, and something like 10% of Twitter users create
  7. Legitimately cannot believe people are suggesting that Jade Cargill should have been featured as the intro from the NBA game because of some tenuous connection to Shaq. She’s green and not a very good promo. Do you hate ratings? The only possible better option to keep people watching would be Sting and maybe not because the NBA audience skews a little younger. And AEW likes to start its shows with matches to differentiate itself from WWE. Some people were mocking Jericho’s physique but they were watching and there were probably more watching that didn’t comment. Also, this
  8. I don’t like Joey Janela but otherwise I agree with you on this. I also thought it was a little weird that Omega was more incapacitated from the poison rana than being put through a table by a guy jumping from the top rope to the outside. And I think they’re just in a bit of a holding pattern until the New Years shows with next week’s show not starting until 10 or later because of the NBA game. I just hope this doesn’t kill their momentum.
  9. Yep, I like them, so I’m kind of bummed that’s the path they’re obviously going. But getting a tag title match on tv a couple months after Tony Khan made you a tag team isn’t the worst thing in the world. And they both have the charisma/it factor, so they’ll be back.
  10. My point is that the same logic that has turned DDTs and super kicks into meaningless moves is the same logic behind the Canadian Destroyer going down that same path.
  11. How did matches in the 1950’s last more than 5 seconds? And if you have to constantly up the ante or “evolve” where will be in 20 years? Will guys be routinely kicking out of Tiger Driver 91’s and piledrivers from the top rope into flaming tables wrapped in barbed wire? A full nelson is a finisher in the WWE in 2020. How people respond to moves depends on how they’re portrayed and utilized. It’s also not just the DDT or super kick that have been devalued, guys are not only routinely kicking out of the Canadian destroyer but they’re frequently on offense a minute later. It’s
  12. I don’t think he’s in character. AEW matches have a tendency to be formulaic with the spots they use. Except for FTR matches which tend to be different from everything else. And can someone explain to me how a dive that is done by almost every wrestler male and female every week is a suicide dive? At least a dozen are performed without issue on tv every week...at some point shouldn’t it just be a dive?
  13. Was Omega taking a shot at the Young Bucks and Cody with his comment about not begging Tony Khan to hire his friends and family? Don Callis is really good on the mic, I hope him being Omega’s mouthpiece is a permanent thing.
  14. Cody can also book himself as a star and protect himself even if it means making the new champ look like a chump. Like losing your first match and taking the pin after winning that title and how many times does a champ come out before his partner with no title?
  15. ESPN tweeted out his return so it gets AEW some mainstream exposure. And being paired with Sting would probably be more beneficial to Darby than him being paired with Cody.
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