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  1. How epic would it be if that was an inside smark phrase all those years
  2. I grew up on southern territories and WCW so I’m behind on Bret Hart matches but he had so many good matches that most Bret Hart marks are still behind on Bret Hart matches. The guys I watched were all about mat wrestling, brawling but not abandoning the “wrestling” part of it, and telling a story with their matches. With that said I think Bret Hart straight out of cartoonland might have been the best at it all. My favorite thing about him was something I’m not sure everybody else noticed, but take it away and he’s nowhere near as good. What I’m talking about is how he wrenched in on every wristlock, waistlock etc he ever did. He would grimace his face like he was actually trying to twist the guy’s arm. When he did a headlock there was no daylight between the guy’s head and his elbow. When he had a guy in the scissors he was the only guy who looked like he was actually restraining the other guy with his legs (the scissors was usually 1 of those painfully fake looking resthold tbh). He practiced the neobasics.
  3. Good job on the Liger match find. IIRC Devon Storm was 1 of those guys who was in WCW the whole time just like Vampiro, Nailz, etc. I want to say he was the first guy I ever saw do a setup-a-chair then run and jump onto it then do an aerial move move...and it was in an early WCW match. He had a WCWSN main even match against Benoit that the announcers hyped all show long with smark remarks. It doesn’t belong in this list though. It was the 1 time I thought Benoit was in a ring not giving a s***.
  4. I remember the SST throwing a jobber to the ceiling line being repeated alot on the old board. I assumed it was a reference to this match - That gives them 3 squash matches to add to any essential squash matches list imo. I actually couldn’t find the other 1 to list also. I don’t know if it’s been taken down or if I just didn’t search correctly and sift through everything. I recently read that they had a Nitro dark match in 1997 against Stars and Stripes of all people. Did anybody else know this? The SST is probably the most underrated heavyweight tag team of all time. They had very few bad matches, took everything that guys like the Steiners and Road Warriors threw at them, and were just as good as monsters when booked as such in territories. They got screwed by politics in 1989 then when they made it to the WWF it was at an alltime low. I would have thought that they would have gotten a deal with WCW in 1997, since of course WCW would sign anybody who they thought they could milk as some sort of return even if just for a week. On top of that they fell for anything that was ever over in ECW where they’d just had a successful couple of separate runs in a few years IIRC. And was Rikishi in the WWF then? They sure didn’t mind trying to 1 up them either.
  5. There was a Liger vs Eddie match from what I want to say was a stacked 80s style Main Event show in 1995? It the Main Event before the first ever Nitro or something. The other matches weren’t great but they weren’t squashes. Guys like Duggan, OMG etc. I can’t find it on YouTube but I know it happened. Might have even been winner vs Malenko on Nitro. Maybe that was the occasion. Not that any match these 2 ever had was bad but this 1 was storyline driven somehow.
  6. First guy says they’re coming to Memphis even though they don’t want to, second guy says we’ve been waiting for year to come to Memphis. I always thought a team called The Dream Warriors who came out to Dokken would have been money ??
  7. AxB got long winded there for dramatic/comedic effect lol I thought that was pretty obvious. As for his serious points, he’s telling the truth about Lawler. I personally don’t care about all of them but not because they’re untrue things. As for 1 I do care about, of all things, is his turd guzzling yawps. I just couldn’t listen to that trash. He was definitely a reason I didn’t watch WWF.
  8. Everybody likes Piper so it doesn’t get repeated but he had about the worst string of matches over like 3 years time that a guy has ever had lol! This was at a time when The Shiek and Tiger Jeet Singh were working regularly lol! Sting had some surprising moments in TNA. He could have been to them what Funk was to ECW they had any brains. This is getting off on a tangent because I haven’t seen these 2 matches but there was 1 where Rikishi took the Foley bump I think. It was on the tail end of the Attitude Era on a throwaway ppv and everybody predicted clusterfuck but it got rave reviews. And there was a match in WCW after I finally bailed where Kanyon took both Foley bumps I think.
  9. As for Cage Matches, I would just like to mention that there are a ton of less than 5 star matches that never get old to me. Lawler/Savage from Memphis, all of those SMW cage matches, most Wargames matches, and I’ve only seen it clipped by that first FMW Wargames match looks crazy good.
  10. The Honky Tonk Man to the WWE HoF!!!!!! I saw it on FB and upon reading up on it it’s not that big of a surprise since he apparently inducted KoKo. He obviously made nice with everybody then. He might have been the first grumpy old wrestler to go crazy on the internet, and he was just that overshadowed only by mid90s Ultimate Warrior and drugged up Raven. Tom Zenk might have came earlier Idk. Is he surrendering his gimmick to them? That was his biggest gripe (of many many gripes lol) over the years. I was not a fan but I support what appears to be WWE’s policy of inducting 1 guy a year who is thought to have never had a chance. With him out of the way we can get to the others!
  11. I understand HBK’s enemies but I forgave the shit out of him after he gave Hogan a dose in 2005 lol!
  12. It was alot harder to not make this poll not personal in spite of facts for me lol!
  13. Is this the match that Jim Crockett showed up to watch, thinking of signing the Rock n Roll Express. Also is this a thread that survived the old board? It had the symbol that I’d posted in it before but I didn’t look on every page.
  14. Did the Rich/Sawyer feud comp ever get made?
  15. This is the most recently bumped up general questions thread so I figured I would dump this here. Where might I find those old 5MYNTSB threads from the green board? 5 Matches You Need To See By [insert good wrestler short on good matches or good footage]. Tracey Smothers, Brad Armstrong, Terry Funk were cool choices I remember.
  16. While looking the match in the WWF thread that I asked about I found this. Good TV match, not great, but I posted it because believe it or not Larry Z referred to the great TV match they had in 1991.
  17. That would make sense. And I guess there’s a chance that the other guy wasn’t a jobber. I’ll have to head over to YouTube or somewhere. I know the match happened. I might have a few things backwards but of all the improbable stuff I remembered, it all happened lol! Even if I never found the footage somebody verified it (like the CWF my old man used ask me to look up). EDIT: I found a blog post about that Superstars episode of all things. It said Koko hit a couple of dropkicks, tagged in Bob, they beat on him and pinned him. That’s virtually what I said lol! I said 1 dropkick...so this has to be it. It seems like the guy would have mentioned the part about him landing on his feet though.
  18. I didn’t always watch the 1 WWF C show that came on during the huge wrestling blocks on local TV that I watched growing up. When I did it was all promos and squashes. This 1 time was an exception, kind of. It was Demolition or the Powers of Pain or some tag team huge like that vs Koko B Ware and jobber. Koko hit a dropkick and landed on his feet. I don’t know if I’ve seen that done since. He tagged in the jobber and the jobber got pinned. I’ve been looking for that match for years.
  19. If you count pre1998 then this thread could go on forever and never cover everything.
  20. Eddie, Benoit, Chris, and a ton of others out of that mold sure thought he was good. Bret Hart was a different kind of wrestler/entertainer but he said DK was the best. I still love pretty much any match of his that was serious. His Hapan stuff, some WWF matches (not all for other reasons like already said), just a pile of good wrestling. He great. Notice I said pretty much any match. There is 1 serious match that I can name, that most others can name that was just meh. I’ll go ahead and name it so’s not underrate everything else he did by virtue of everybody thinking of this match - vs Bret in 1985. It’s popped on on a bunch of comps. Just a boring, punch kick stalling match.
  21. I remember his book. I seem to remember everybody except Bret writing that off too, and Bret of course went on to forgive him when he calmed down. Maybe there were a few exceptions like The Honkytonk Man but yeah.
  22. How did I miss this? I’ve been on typical social media and all for years but inside wrestling stuff not so much even though I used to be really into it. What did DK do to make everybody so mad? I know he was an ahole but that seemed to be generally accepted as just another thing by all his fanboys on forums and stuff. Then I remember him making sort of a mean joke about the Benoit situation as soon as he resurfaced to talk about that. I want to say that was written off too but it’s been years so maybe I’m wrong. I agreed with a little sympathetic something Bret Hart said about him somewhere in the middle, that what he was was about as broken and beaten of a man that could possibly be alive. If a guy ever paid his debts before actually dying through pure pain and suffering it was him. I’ll always have a soft spot for him.
  23. I’ve never seen any Puerto Rico wrestling that wasn’t freaking epic. And those crowds holy crap.
  24. On WCW Prime I remember Dean Malenko using 1 of the coolest pinning combos I’ve ever seen to beat a jobber. I seen it 1 other time and it was Dean in a mat wrestling sequence in the great Dean/Eddie ECW send off match.
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