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  1. I understand Zach’s thinking. It’s similar to the college bowl thing but it’s not the same. He’s a young professional football player who’s not a rookie. Just not playing is never the answer for a normal young healthy professional football player who’s not a rookie. He’s going to find that out soon when nobody wants his ass. He’s as dang dumb as Johnny Football, just a little less dramatic. I’m not a Dolphin fan or a fan of that weirdo coach everybody likes but I am a fan of their thinking lately. They’re doing what works and they’re not going to quit doing it until somebody stops it. We’ve talked many times about how not enough of that goes on when you’re supposedly trying to win the game.
  2. I’ve stuck up for Zach Wilson because all he’s ever done was say 1 dumb thing. But now I just don’t know. You’re supposed to get your ass on that field if you have a chance. That game last night was awesome except for the injuries of course. It was straight out of the 90s NFC. It had big plays, little plays, and a bunch of points but not entirely because there wasn’t defense and hard hitting. Joe and Troy did a better job that usual too.
  3. The Chiefs always do this though. Granted last night was bad.
  4. Make up calls used to be common. That had to be what that was. I can’t remember one from the last 15 years at least off the top of my head. There was no PI on the Hailmary. The ball was gone by the time they hit Kelsey and their heads were turned upfield. I think the Chiefs and Eagles are scary now though. They were straight mad after these losses. That’s always how good teams get playoff ready. I think they just that now.
  5. Cris Collinsworth got excited when they lined up for the Tush Push, and hushed Mike Tirico so he could watch it. Then said he loved calling it the Love Shove. I guess he talks like he has c** his throat because he really has c** in his throat.
  6. I’ve mentioned before that I work at a nightclub right. I’ll add that that guy seems like some of the security guards I’ve been around who have some body part size issues.
  7. Greenlaw was not swinging. He was doing the “see how easy I could punch you like this” gesture. Meanwhile the fat guy wasn’t breaking anything up. His back was to the scuffle. He was doing nothing but running his mouth. Then when Greenlaw said something back the fat guy pushed him. Now it was a weak ass push, but if Greenlaw can get ousted for a fake punch then the fat guy can get ousted for a weak push that he did first while he was doing his job wrong. I don’t think they should have ejected either of them, but I think ejecting both of them was the 2nd best call. They dang sure couldn’t let the fat guy get away with that and they couldn’t ignore the first flag for the foul.
  8. Kittle should he MVP and would be if not for the popularity factor.
  9. Dang so what the Pats scored 6 points, 7 points (when Mac Jones left the game) and 0 points IIRC. I think the Saints beat the Brady Bucs 6-0.
  10. I’m cooling down over here which isn’t to dramatic of a change because I was just so happy that we made it back to the dance. We were such trash for so long… I’m going to miss this because from now on it will just be another playoff bracket like at every other sport at every other level. The funnest part about CFB was the tiny imperfections that made so many different things matter, but almost never get added up to amount to everything being perfect. The bowl games, the waiting to see who they would vote in even though they might not have played in the main game, the fighting about it lol! This will never happen again. We will be the last team to have had to eat it just like we were the last BCS Champions. Also whatever beatdown we would have took couldn’t be any worse than the 1 Oregon gave us
  11. We won the game the same way the 49ers won vs the Packers in 2021 and the Jaguars won the game vs the Bills in 2017. I know what’s different about those 2 games which makes this not the same, but I also know the similarities for the comparison, which means we got effed IMO.
  12. Eagles vs 49ers feels as big as it did last year, and the fact that they took a few bullets early in the season doesn’t change anything. Anybody saying it does is more trying to sell their team than they are to underrate the Eagles and 49ers IMO. They’re really the 2 best teams IMO. And the game is where it belongs IMO. Sunday late. I like the big games here if they’re just going to continue to try to make primetime football dang unwatchable.
  13. More than forgetting anything, I think people are just leaning towards who the most dangerous team is now. Now I know you were just being sarcastic but they are disregarding all that for thinking similar to how they think about other playoff situations. You look at any playoff bracket that you have no personal interest in and no matter what the records are you choose the hottest team to win. That definitely is not FSU and it probably is Bama or Texas, but this system doesn’t work like that by design. To leave FSU out goes against the whole thing IMO. There’s also UGA who everybody is all OoOoOoO unprecedented over being #1 but they have voted undefeated teams out who lost on CCG weekend. So Idk…truth is I’m happy for my team this year either way. That hasn’t happened in forever. I only want them to go now for the guys that want to go and win.
  14. The announcers in the ACCCG haven’t watched a Seminoles game all year and the guys in the studio are busy watching the Big 10 CG apparently. We’re calling this game perfectly on offense, and we’re playing it better than what it looks like all things considered. I threw shade at us never doing this in my last post. This is what I meant lol! We’re focused. We’re running the ball, even though running the ball isn’t working. Nobody is running carelessly or trying to hard to make a play. We’re tackling and we’re covering the WRs. That’s what we need to do to win this game whether anybody likes it or not. Meanwhile all the people getting paid see is dooooooiiiiiiii they need to throw the ball down the field doooooiiiiiii they need to make big plays doooooiiiiiii. That’s how we got behind in games vs average opponents all year. Then vs North Bama we weren’t even focused on playing the game. Then Travis tried to take over and got hurt. So naw…I’ll take it just like this.
  15. I don’t even know what to expect out of my Seminoles later. The closest thing to an opinion that I could drum up is that it will be a blowout 1 way or the other. Us getting blown out needs no explanation. Us blowing them out might happen for the simple reason that our 3rd quarterback has ice for blood and wants to play like a mfer. He might just go crazy. Just winning the game by running the ball and tackling well is out. We don’t do that. I don’t know why we don’t do that but we don’t do that.
  16. Aw fooey Twitter. I left that heap a long time ago but that definitely looks hilarious.
  17. I’m 100% unaware but I’ll check it out later for sure. I’ve watched that above thing as many times as I’ve watched something like a funny gif and he just reminds me of my oldest grandfather in that clip. He’s just sitting there like he’s waiting on a youngun to come along to bounce on his knee and nothing can make him straight mad no matter how grumpy he really is lol!
  18. Can Bret Hart say or do anything that doesn’t just make you think he’s the sweetest nicest old man? https://youtube.com/shorts/0C4btWY3eyU?si=2Bsg7sEyxKO8pxj4
  19. All I know about CM Punk is that pipe bomb thing and the straight edge nerdy heel thing. I actually thought had potential, like if he’d have been real with it like he was in the pipe bomp promo. I also thought Hacksaw Jim Duggan as the janitor was better than anything Hall or Nash had done since 1997. According to FB that was 24 years ago today.
  20. That was ticky tack by the video. Only the pop noise made it seem obvious and make the other players mad. Then they basically started a fight to finally get the call they were fighting about. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that lol!
  21. And now for the best SNF game of the year. It’s going to just be great. It’s going to be 3 hours of no Cris Collinsworthless.
  22. The Eagles are a Superbowl contending team no matter how you tweezer pick their few problems. They find a way to win, which is what winning teams do. They didn’t do this today against some bad team they came out flat against either. The Bills were playing for their season. We’ve seen that upset happen 100 times but no today vs the Eagles. As for the Bills, they’re as done as I said they were weeks ago. The effort was there but they’re all but in disarray. Davis screwed up twice on that drive, not once. It happened on another less dramatic play too. Diggs is playing like a diva WR plays in these situations. He didn’t even try the ref on the 2 in a row questionable calls he was in. Then on defense they just gave it to them at the end like defenses because that’s what losing teams do.
  23. O Man I didn’t know this. I just posted somewhere else about Mac Jones looking a little better this week, since he scored more points than last week and all.
  24. O man I forgot all about Petrino being at A&M. What a dumpster fire.
  25. He was a GOAT DC. It was never proven but it was believed that he left FSU because the idiot he’ll replace at Texas A&M blamed the defense for the Gators loss that year when the f%#^*+ idiot’s fault.
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