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  1. Ehhh… I expect it to be about the same. But they’ll still have a solid spot in the top five.
  2. I mean just mainstream wrestling promotions.
  3. Being off coke probably has changed Regal a lot. When’s the last time he’s done physical comedy bits?
  4. I’m sure they are being paid well by AEW, but think about it. They are getting a full-time deal by a major North American promotion, and are allowed to work a lucha superstar schedule. That’s a lot of money to give up. I’ve seen a lucha show that had LA Park’s kid teaming up with him, against the Wagner’s. Thing was, it obviously wasn’t LA Park, it was most likely some guy his son got so they made the same amount of money if he actually had been there, then split part of it with that dude.
  5. But it’s the Lucha Bros. They book 10 dates a week in Mexico. All Luchadors who are considered a hot commodity, barely stop. To get into a position like this takes years in that country, and as long as they can breathe, they’ll never give up being always in demand.
  6. Typical luchador… Will be back in a jiff. A small percentage of them break their necks, and die.
  7. Remember when Christian was considered the ugly one cuz he looked middle aged at 25? Now he’s middle aged, and he’s considered hansom as fuck, while Edge turned into Jimmy Valiant.
  8. I still watch Benoit Vs. Sullivan at SuperBrawl 7 with a grin from ear to ear even knowing what ultimately happened.
  9. I didn’t even notice it when it happened, and when somebody reposted it in gif format with a barf emoji. I thought they were just upset about the title change. I definitely got it on the third viewing.
  10. This hasn’t been brought up, but now because of that match, and the Britt match, the expectations of what a women’s wrestler is supposed to be able to do has changed in mainstream US wrestling. So if you’re a young women training, don’t think that promoters won’t ask you if you’re a person willing to blade for a match.
  11. Well I guess it’s good that they signed all these guys just in case something like this happened. Great world title match. But I’m kinda left wondering who is next for Hangman? Looking at the rankings you’d think Adam Cole, but it’s rumored that Cole will be involved in a multi man tag match, so I’m not certain that’s happening. Wardlow is apparently tied up in the planned ladder match. Then you have Scorpio, and Hobbs. Two guys that aren’t being pushed like contenders on TV, but I can see them getting a shot still. Why? Because it’s obvious what will be the biggest selling point of the PPV. That being Punk Vs. MJF. So giving Hangman an obvious win of a title match wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, especially if the reign itself might go a little long. Also Hangman is to me one of the best workers(if not the best) in the company. He’s got that Superman ability in the ring that always produces the best matches, and solid crowd reactions in the company no matter the show he works on. He’s the Kenta Kobashi of AEW. Of the two contenders, I prefer Scorpio. Hobbs, and Hangman already had a fun Dynamite match. Scorp Vs. Page I believe has never happened ever, and I’m sure Lambert has an interesting promo for a potential one on one PPV match if given the opportunity heading into the big show. Fuck up aside, I thought the tag title match was awesome. Sucks about the injury, but rewatching the match, it’s a surprise it didn’t happen on the tornillo where funny enough he landed awkwardly on the left arm. TBS title match was sadly messy. At this moment the right person won, but technically I think Thunder should’ve been the champion. I guess eventually that will happen. I would personally have Jade choreographer her matches at this point, but I have a feeling certain people in the company wouldn’t be happy with working matches like that.
  12. Steven Regal trending just below Rocco.
  13. He actually means Austin Green, the jobber on Dark that dresses like Bad Luck Fale.
  14. Wait… Wait… Is Hideki Suzuki also fired too? AKA The better Suzuki.
  15. Pretend that Steven Regal has been missing since 1999, and he just came to AEW to find his dog, Al Green.
  16. Yeah, what’s the situation like with coaches? Same “no-compete”?
  17. Danielson & Regal reviving the Blue Bloods gimmick could work.
  18. I thought James, and Gunn weren’t close?
  19. New Age Outlaws? Fuck that… Voodoo Kin baby!
  20. I want Regal back as the blue blood, but now he’s an online euro troll antagonizing Americans over every faux pas. Sting will eventually call his ass out sans 1996 homophobia.
  21. Danielson could cause him to lose by DQ, a la Steamboat Vs. Luger.
  22. Maybe TBS will let them go over 10:00 PM for its premier.
  23. They have a beach in Cleveland? Does it also catch fire like their lakes?
  24. Rush would only be a big signing if they can convince LA Park to lose his mask. You wanna sell out a huge stadium? Book a Park mask loss.
  25. Might be more into his own shit. He’s got Terminus to run. I can see him doing guest spots, but I don’t see him signing full time.
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