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  1. I always felt if Hogan never goes to WCW in 94, Dustin ultimately feuds with Flair and becomes WCW champ. Such a shame he never won a world title.
  2. "I look like a beast but between these two, I feel so small..."
  3. Per WWE.COM “Stone Cold has a few beers with excited fans in Tokyo”
  4. Bret looks much better in the early 90s than when he was in Stampede. Shawn in 96 looks better than he did 6-7 years earlier. It’s not that out of the question to build your physique over a period of time. Did Perfect use steroids? I’m 99% sure he did like almost everyone did back then. But when I look at the WWF roster from that time, he’s not someone that stands out as a beefed up muscle head.
  5. Perfect's physique wasn't anything that stood out compared to other guys they had during that time like Bulldog, Warlord, Kerry, Warrior, etc. If you're in a court room showcasing the rampant use of steroids in the WWF during that time period, Mr. Perfect isn't exactly exhibit A or B to show to the jury.
  6. I don't think it would be too farfetched for a healthy Perfect to become champion in 92/93 when they're shying away from big bodies during the steroid trial. If Perfect never injures his back in 91, he stays in that upper midcard and most likely the main event. He was a great worker and could work with pretty much anyone. Yes, the WWF was a babyface territory but you need the occasional heel champion (Slaughter) to give your babyface something to fight for. If you asked a "smart" fan at the beginning of 1991, who could you see as WWF champ in 1992, the IC champ Mr. Perfect or the tag champ Bret Hart? I'm pretty sure the answer would be Perfect not just on his ability but also taking to account the IC-World Title trajectory Warrior and Savage took before him.
  7. Great question! If Curt doesn't hurt his back he probably becomes WWF Champion in the early-mid 90s. He probably feuds with Bret, Bulldog and Piper throughout 91 into 92 over the IC title. He still teams up with Flair when he joins in 91. And maybe instead of Flair beating Savage in the fall of 92 for the title before quickly dropping it to Bret, maybe Savage drops the title to Perfect. Then the roles are reversed going into 93 with Perfect being the heel champ with Heenan by his side and Flair being the babyface but Perfect still beats Flair in the loser leaves town match on Raw in early 93. A healthy Perfect being champ in the mid 90s would've been great.
  8. If anyone deserves a shot at the big time on national tv it's Dem Boys! It'd be great to see them get a one-shot deal against FTR or the Lucha Bros. The Briscoes are my favorite tag team over the last 20 years and hopefully they'll get a crack at national exposure before their time is up.
  9. Interesting question. Chono is NWA champ until 93 so if Rude beats Simmons for the WCW title, I could see Vader beating Chono for the NWA title around Superbrawl 3 and still have a dominant run as champ throughout the rest of 93.
  10. Really enjoyed last nights show. I only have 2 gripes. 1. I think MJF is a great heel and amazing promo, but with the Pillman and now Darby promos, he's being lazy. He's going for the cheapest of heat and I think he can be more creative and not have to go with the low hanging fruit of personal jabs. 2. After Sammy's victory, lots of the babyfaces come out to celebrate and the Inner Circle are nowhere to be found. At this point, other than Fuego, the Inner Circle should be the ones there celebrating with him.
  11. Redbull Arena in Harrison, NJ is an option. It's one train stop away from Newark and very easy to get to via Path train from New York City. It holds over 25,000. The only issue is it's built like a traditional football stadium so the roof doesn't fully close. Would be good for a spring/summer venue.
  12. I was at that show in 06 and the Steel Cage Warfare show in 05. That place was a deathtrap! The tight staircase to go up to the 3rd floor where the event was held. Only one entrance and exit. Thank god nobody was throwing fireballs at that venue.
  13. Not if Kenny’s using the bucklebomb ?
  14. It was a JAPW show in Bayonne, NJ back in 2002. Homicide wrestled Steve Corino in the main event. 13 year old me was probably most excited to see April Hunter lol
  15. When Hangman returns, it has to be in a hot market (preferably his hometown) and it has to be with a purpose. If those 2 things happen, it’ll be like he never left and he’ll be as over as he was before he left.
  16. I didn't get home until 2am. I have a slight hangover. My students will have a free day today. AEW has filled my live wrestling yearly fix with these past 2 shows. Seeing Bryan Danielson live again was great! My first time seeing him in a bingo hall in 2002 I had no idea who he was and he lost a submission match to Low Ki. He got me into ROH and I saw his last match there in 2009 against Nigel McGuinness. I've seen him live in WWE most recently against Kofi at mania. And now seeing him again post WWE, in NYC against Kenny Omega feels like I've seen his career come full circle live. The American Dragon is back is I'm looking forward to this run in AEW more than anything else! Thank you AEW.
  17. I don’t think there’s enough time for them to go to a draw. They have dynamite and rampage and both shows are stacked. I can see a time limit draw if it goes 20 max. But probably nothing more.
  18. I got an email the other day from Dusty Rhodes fan asking if I had a ticket for sale for tonight lol Sadly I don’t, but I can’t wait to get out of work and head to Queens!
  19. So I had a ticket to sell because my friend couldn't go and I found a buyer. I sold it through stubhub and had no idea who bought but I knew when I got to the show, I'll be seated next to that person. I get to the show and for the whole night, that seat is empty. I thought maybe that person missed the show too. I get an email last night saying "the ticket was put to good use" and it's a picture of the fan dressed up as Dusty Rhodes! That guy was over big time everyone last night.
  20. Cody got a pretty loud babyface pop from what I heard. I think coming through the crowd and brawling in the crowd added to the excitement and cheers. Had Cody come down the ramp to face Black, there probably would’ve been more boos.
  21. OMG if you guys could here the pop in the arena as they announced match after match for next weeks show! That show is stacked!!! And this show has been fun too.
  22. Scott Hall and Jake Roberts along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards will probably outlive all of us and survive a nuclear catastrophe.
  23. Queens I’ll be in section 136. I guess that’s mid-upper level. Really interested in what kind of stage setup they plan on having for that show.
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