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  1. Beech27 thanks for the explanation. I just never got the appeal but you summed it up nicely. Usually I'd get downvoted into oblivion and would never get why people like him. Just 'cause I don't like someone doesn't mean they're bad, right? So I appreciate the straightforwardness of your response.
  2. That killed him and Kanyon, who really was the Alliance MVP (well I guess RVD could have argued for that title as well). And poor Sting, he gets brought in as "The Vigilante" even though he says he doesn't care about MNWs but he has to fill the role of Ted Turner. Then Seth breaks his neck...fun times.
  3. Kane's not terrible like everyone makes him out to be. In fact, I think WWE is having a hard time replacing what he brought to the table (and yes he sucks but he's giant and can show up and bump on his knees).
  4. Maybe you guys can help me with this. Everyone always says what a badass that Minoru Suzuki is, but if he's 5'5 and has 20 losses is he really a bad ass? And that many of his wins are said to be fixed fights? I know we want more bad asses than Brock Lesnar, Ronda and the stoner indy dude, but are we so desperate to say MS is bad ass while forgetting Sakuraba the Gracie Killer? Reddit couldn't answer this, so maybe you guys can. Punk was made fun of 2 losses but bad ass Suzuki has 20, so why is he tough?
  5. Figures you'd be for former winning streak Asuka since you're a fan of the evil empire Yankees (even though you say you from Jersey...you from Jersey? I'm from Jersey!)
  6. Why's that a bad thing? That's what got Bryan over with the mainstream audience in the first place. No anger management skits; no Yes Movement.
  7. I get that he's trying to show he's fully healed and that concussion causing spots aren't causing him concussions, but holy fuck taking a spear outside the ring! I wish he'd transition into "The Wrestling Machine" that Paul Heyman set up for Kurt before he went full retard and decided that continuing to do missed moonsaults off of cages was the way to go. I had nine diagnosed concussions, of varying degrees, before grade ten, and most likely many undiagnosed ones, and I started getting depressed, having seizures and developed a decade long drug addiction. Millionaire Bryan doesn't need to do this, he has a woman ridiculously out his league and a beautiful daughter. I wish he'd be a submission specialist like they always said he was, even though he only did the LeBell lock then. Kind of like Malenko being the man of a thousand holds who did at most eight or nine moves.
  8. He tried to do what Sting tried to do when he signed. DDP made it about being made famous since UT stole that slogan/catchphrase from Billy Gunn. Sting tried to say it wasn't about WCW vs WWE it was that HHH was an asshole and needed to be stopped. Bookers put a stop to their improvs real quick after that, if I'm remembering correctly.
  9. Isn't it odd that the only person more beloved in Mexico than the two known assholes Vampiro and Konann is the gigantic asshole Morrisey? And that none of them are Mexican?
  10. Everybody looks like a tool in a suit. Shows you have no real flair for fashion if you need to wear matching pants and jacket. Enjoy the middle if you love suits.
  11. Sami Zayn was loved because he never betrayed his good guy tendencies in NXT. Even after Neville called him a goody goody and said that Zayn couldn't win without betraying his morals. That's why he was loved, he never betrayed that in NXT. Pretty much the same with Bayley. She got more aggressive but she was still the starstruck fangirl at heart. It was the main roster that changed that for Sami and Bayley. Enzo and Cass would have been tag champs if Enzo didn't break his foot (or whatever it was). By the time he healed AA, Blake and Murphy and The Revival had risen so E&C were stuck between a rock and a hard place before their call up.
  12. WWE Drunk Legend: Braun Strowman was eight feet tall and chewed on jobbers like chaw to gain more protein so he could hit more softball home runs like his shoot father! Legendary WWE Jobber: Terry Garvin molested me! And Donahue didn't believe me! Silence from the group Entire group at once raising drinks that piss off Vince but would make Bill Watts proud: TO BRAUN STROWMAN!
  13. I agree here, they were cult favorites like Tyler Breeze, Adam Rose/Leo Kruger, and Emma. They may have gotten some initial buzz but they all fell into midcard (at best) roles on the main roster. Nothing wrong with being comedy midcarders, it varies the card and not everyone can be a main eventer*. *Stone Cold, the midcardiest of midcarders in Memphis and WCW who said he went to WWF to be a carpenter/plumber, saying that "if you aren't aiming for the top you're in the wrong business" was such a shitty thing to say to young wrestlers. Making a living and getting exposure is okay especially if the boss doesn't particularly like you or totally gets your gimmick
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