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  1. Again, a thin week on streams. Fortunately, the one I feel I can push out here is the 10th Anniversary Deluxe reissue of an overlooked modern classic. "Magnolia Electric Co." by Songs: Ohia 1. Farewell Transmission 2. I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost 3. Just Be Simple 4. Almost Was Good Enough 5. The Old Black Hen 6. Peoria Lunch Box Blues 7. John Henry Split My Heart 8. Hold On Magnolia (everything after this is a bonus track or a demo) 9. The Big Game Is Every Night 10. Whip Poor Will 11. Farewell Transmission 12. I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost 13. Just Be Simple 14. The Old Black Hen 15. Peoria Lunch Box Blues 16. John Henry Split My Heart 17. Hold On Magnolia 18. The Big Game Is Every Night 19. Whip Poor Will
  2. No one's going to like what I have to say about Reflektor, so here's some streams! Well, okay, it's kind of a light week, but the two I have here are pretty dang excellent. Excellently crafted hook-laden rock, now with extra fuzz pedals! "Surfing Strange" by Swearin' 1. Dust in the Gold Sack 2. Watered Down 3. Mermaid 4. Parts of Speech 5. Melanoma 6. Echo Locate 7. Loretta's Flowers 8. Glare of the Sun 9. Unwanted Place 10. Young 11. Curdled A bandcamp hosted tease of a record that is currently heavy in my rotation. Super sparse, atmospheric guitar muisc. "Overdue" by Circuit Des Yeux (SIDE A ONLY) 1. Lithonia 2. Hegira 3. Nova 88 4. Acarina
  3. BATTLEFIELD 4 (PC)- I got a real itch to get in some heavy multiplayer shooting, and that used to mean Bad Company 2 a few years ago. Well, now only insane people play that, and I had extra dosh around so I went in on this. Really enjoying it so far! Getting most of my time in on a support, and spending most of that time getting murdered while I learn maps, but that's how that's supposed to be going right now. DARK SOULS (also PC)- Trying a Sorcerer. It's an odd combination of really easy and really fucking hard- basically if I have a clear line of sight I can nuke the fuck out of whatever stands in my way, but gosh help me if there's a corner I need to round to get at someone. Also got trolled by an invader for the first time! Neat! REUS- God game, not totally sold on it yet. The game layout and the art design are really neat, but there just doesn't feel like there's enough that can be done. Quite a problem seeing as you are the will behind four giant god monsters. I don't know that I'll stick with this one.
  4. There's no steam deal thread anymore, so, I'll just put this here: Gone Home is $10 for what I assume is today only, as part of their Midweek Madness thing. There's no demo since it's at most three hours. It's a first person adventure game that takes the strength of Bioshock's style of storytelling* (the narration happening while you're in the game looking around) and makes it so both the game and the story benefit from that delivery. If you're looking for a break from the Ten Hour Action Movie thing, this is a pretty excellent option. *it comes from a part the team responsible for the Bioshock 2 Minerva's Den DLC, which has the reputation of being better than the main game.
  5. Alright so I decided it'd be worthwhile to take a day and pick through the new streaming things to find things I could pimp instead of just going "MY SOURCES LET ME DOWN SO NOTHING IS GOOD." Especially since that DJ Rashad record "Double Cup" was out last week and that thing's dominated my stereo since. SO! Here's some streams! The PR line on this one talks about "the intersection between rhythmic and ambient music." I just think it's damn good electronic music. "Chance of Rain" by Laurel Halo 1. Dr Echt 2. Oneiroi 3. Serendip 4. Chance Of Rain 5. Melt 6. Still/Dromos 7. Thrax 8. Ainnome 9. -Out Here's one I'm admittedly still working on figuring out, but so far I like it. Dark Detroit Rap. Like, "Dark for Detroit Rap" Dark. Also, this one's a bandcamp page so you've probably got more than a week to get to it. "No Poison No Paradise" by Black Milk 1. Interpret Sabotage (feat. Mel) 2. Deion's House 3. Codes and Cab Fare (feat. Black Thought) 4. Ghetto DEMF (feat. Quelle Chris) 5. Sonny Jr. (Dreams) [feat. Robert Glasper & Dwele] 6. Sunday's Best 7. Monday's Worst 8. Perfected On Puritan Ave. 9. Dismal 10. Parallels (feat. Ab) 11. X Chords 12. Black Sabbath (feat. Tone Trezure) 13. Money Bags (Paradise) This is maybe the most NPR album stream possible: A "Best Of" compliation by an overlooked and mysterious Nigerian funk pianist, put out by David Byrne's Luaka Bop record label. "Who Is William Onyeabor?" by William Onyeabor 1. Body And Soul 2. Atomic Bomb 3. Good Name 4. Something You Will Never Forget 5. Why Go To War 6. Love Is Blind 7. Heaven And Hell 8. Let's Fall In Love 9. Fantastic Man 10. The Way To Win Your Love 11. Love Me Now 12. Jungle Gods 13. When The Going Is Smooth And Good
  6. AUDIOSURF 2- Early access, so I wont say a lot. Right now, I feel that it handles the kind of music I listen to better than Audiosurf did, and I sank 30 hours into Audiosurf so that's a good sign.EXPERIMENT 12- Certainly an experiment. Started by Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon), Experiment 12 is an attempt at making a chain game, as in a game that is developed by a succession of people. Each game takes an element from the end of the other and builds into a story that takes off on its own bizarre path. It doesn't always work out well, like an experiment, but the idea alone was wild enough for me to find it worth checking out. VOLGARR THE VIKING- This game is going to kill me. My favorite kind of platformer is where there's deliberate pacing and a possible "perfect" run with limited variables, and Volgarr The Viking is a game that punishes you for not knowing/using that path. It's a great way to test your ability to learn pattern recognition. Also a great way to break your controller. THE STANLEY PARABLE- When I start to play a game, I spend time pushing against games while I play them, trying to see where it breaks. The Stanley Parable is a game where every time I've pushed against it, the game has directly pushed back. It stresses me out a lot, even though the story is light and comedic. At its best though it's a strong critique of the Ten Hour Movie game development trends which is something that needs to exist right about now.
  7. That's the truest, ugliest part of game development (and software development): It takes a lot of work to ship even a shitty product. At the same time, given Ubisoft's history, the idea that a game of theirs would've been too fresh out of the oven to put out is amazing. Oh how I wish I could play the current build for twenty minutes.
  8. It's a good thing all the streams this week are albums I cant vet, because there's something way more important to address That right there is a cover to "Not Here/ Not Now" by SWANS. If you want to pre-order the new live CD/fund the upcoming album, you'd better move fast. Note the /2000 in the upper right there.
  9. TELEGLITCH- top down minimalist survival horror. Manages to create a disturbing mood with very, very little. I've actually found it to be too stressful to play at length, so, I'll probably beat it in like three years. Really clever game, worth checking out if you like Quake-era texture work and anxiety. these two are not new games, just shit I finally got around to RENEGADE OPS- Skip the ending. The actual video game is pretty good, especially if you have multiple people. Make it a score/difficulty passtime thing. Totally skip the ending. FTL- Airtight design right up until the final boss which changes the rules of the whole game dramatically. That's not great, but everything up until that is awesome.
  10. buhhhhhh.I'll address the person I was actually directing that at and then put the other thing in spoiler tags. First, I guess "go punctuationless" is not enough of a "I am facetiously incredulous" sign. I just found that sequence of events funny, of saying this one exact thing and then having it totally dropped. No malice in that, nothing other than a slight ribbing. Sorry if it came off as anything but. I definitely understand the "pop artist as cultural aggregation" angle, and that's a totally fair counterpoint. I spend all my time at the other end of that exchange so it gets hard to see the larger payoff sometimes over the initial "well this is obviously this song, this scene beat him to this" sort of reaction. And I think your point about how Kanye is often strategically off point is something I missed. I had this 808s and Heartbreaks comparison lined up, of "this is him pushing things forwards" because the top of the music industry is dominated by guys with that sound right now. It's too early to see if Yeezus has any effect like that. I guess the more interesting point is that it seems like MBDTF didn't have that particular ripple effect. No accounting for that, although it could have something to do with how much of a character study it is versus a thing like 808s. Just a theory, though. Okay. Hi caley. Addendum: I'm going to make sure to have a beer tonight for going through three posts about this without invoking the obvious "YEEZUS RIPS _____ OFF" counterpoint that stained the discussion back in June. You will have to fill in the blank, because otherwise I don't get to have the beer.
  11. "Yeezus is derivative of all these other artists" one day passes "Yeezus doesnt sound like any other rap album" should i have like included citations or animated gifs or something because what Although you are totally on point with the Kimmel stuff.
  12. I'm split on the production on Yeezus. I think the idea that it's pushing anything forwards is ridiculous, but many of the co-producers (specifically Arca, HudMo/TNGHT, and Gesaffelstein) are artists i respect who are doing what people say Yeezus has done. So is the scene Kanye says to be pulling from, of Chicago house and Juke. So is the new wave of these noise rap acts, like B L A C K I E (who actually got word back from an engineer that kanye was playing his music for inspiration) who's been about this sound since 2008. I'm not sure if he's just trying to compliment all this stuff and it just fails to interface with what he's trying to do lyrically, like it's coming too far to try and establish the same mood. The sound is like the embodiment of the idea of the elite co-opting the culture of the poor, and it just creeps me out. Other minor issues: -it's kind of frustrating that he debuted the record with these two anti-establishment songs and then the rest of the record is about his sex game actively dehumanizing people. -All the guest spots either end up sabotaged (Frank Ocean) or are just generally godawful (Keef, Assassin, Vernon). Exception granted to Charlie Wilson, and I am kind of eager to hear a Kanye-produced Wilson record which they've been talking about -And it's not like his production ear's totally gone: Kanye's responsible for a lot of the better beats on Pusha T's record, which I love the hell out of. Yeezus just seems to be made in very ugly, isolated mindset. -I cannot help but wonder if this is what we all earned for praising My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which I've found to not be aging particularly well (mainly because as I learn more about how to engineer recordings, MBDTF sounds tackier and tackier)
  13. I disagree with 2013 being weaker than 2012 but of course I would disagree. I'd attribute this to getting more out of rap this year than last year and understanding that the big name big event releases are now more than ever not for me, which in turn lets me move faster on smaller name artists and labels and bounce between new sounds and ideas at a nearly constant rate. My "to listen to" queue only became empty just recently, for maybe half a week, and since then I've finished five more records and have four waiting for me.
  14. I AM LATE WITH THE MONDAY STREAMS FOR A GOOD REASON. This was going to be a one album week, then suddenly one of my favorite musicians up and released his new record. Be enthralled! "Future Proof" by Mesita 1. No Future 2. Firesign 3. Forward 4. XYXY 5. Hostages 6. Damage 7. Creature 8. Vigilant 9. Distance 10. Nothing Elsewhere, there is more manic ambient brilliance. "Virgins" by Tim Hecker 1. Prism 2. Virginal I 3. Radiance 4. Live Room 5. Live Room Out 6. Virginal II 7. Black Refraction 8. Incense at Abu Ghraib 9. Amps, Drugs, Harmonium 10. Stigmata I 11. Stigmata II 12. Stab Variation EDIT: By the way, in case you missed your chance to listen to "Carey's Cold Spring" by Frog Eyes, you can hear it in full and buy it here. EDIT THE 2ND: OH HOLY SHIT, I had no idea a Bandcamp for this even existed. Chinese Fugazi Worship GO GO GO "1984" by PK14 1. You and Me 2. Ice Age 3. May 4. Flowers In Hand, A Crazed Woman 5. Egyptian Rain 6. Song About Forgetting 7. One-Man-War 8. Future Mystery 9. Voyagers 10. 1984 part Ⅰ 11. 1984 part Ⅱ
  15. Oh my gosh, THREE albums worth streaming this monday. One rock, one electronic, and one rap. "Carey's Cold Spring" by Frog Eyes 1. The Road is Long 2. The Country Child 3. Your Holiday Treat 4. Don't Give Up Your Dreams 5. Needle in the Sun 6. Noni's Got a Taste For the Bright Red Air Jordans 7. A Duration of Starts and Lines That Form Code 8. Seven Daughters 9. Claxxon's Lament "Psychic" by Darkside 1. Golden Arrow 2. Sitra 3. Heart 4. Paper Trails 5. The Only Shrine I've Seen 6. Freak, Go Home 7. Greek Light 8. Metatron THIS ONE REQUIRES A SPOTIFY ACCOUNT "Old" by Danny Brown 1. Side A (Old) 2. The Return [ft. Freddie Gibbs] 3. 25 Bucks [ft. Purity Ring] 4. Wonderbread 5. Gremlins 6. Dope Fiend Rental [ft. Schoolboy Q] 7. Torture 8. Lonely 9. Clean Up 10. Red 2 Go 11. Side B (Dope Song) 12. Dubstep [ft. Scrufizzer] 13. Dip 14. Smokin & Drinkin 15. Break It (Go) 16. Handstand 17. Way Up Here [ft. Ab-Soul] 18. Kush Coma [ft. A$AP Rocky and Zelooperz] 19. Float On [ft. Charli XCX]
  16. GTA5 Update: Just finished the torture bit. I'm sure that's been beaten to death in the GTA thread so I'll summarize with two words: "Not Cool." Taking a break from it for a while. PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION DX+ - it's on steam now. you should get it. it is like infinite sparklers with house music. SHADOW WARRIOR: Conflicted. It's a total throwback FPS, right on down to multiple secrets, being scored at the end of every level, and slowly introducing weapons. I'm mostly enjoying it, but it will do three awesome things and then one really shitty thing, and so I don't have a great read on what I feel about it right now. This is the example I've been using with my friends. -Finish first major boss fight, which leads to actual character development. -Next world immediately introduces pretty major changes to how some enemies work. -Game quickly introduces a new weapon which offers a new solution to the new problem they've just posed. Weapon is satisfying, upgrade options are funny. -Next story point involves running into twin assassins with tight shiny body suits w/ chest windows who constantly coo at each other. When my character introduces himself, one says "he's not quite a genie but I'd still rub his lamp." So yeah. I like playing it and I wish that they left all the gross out of their throwback formula. Wait for a sale.
  17. I only have one theater story and it is for Borat, which is the best time I've ever had at a theater. Every time something happened in that movie, there would be this awkward silence followed by someone going "heh!" making it okay for everyone to laugh. One exception: when Borat is despondent over losing everything and he angrily throws the suitcase w/ his chicken on the ground. It was so cathartic to just be able to laugh without fear of judgment that a few people started applauding.
  18. Oh, I can use this to break a few brains this weekend. Thanks much.
  19. pretty sure the team running steam is not the team making games, so them doing something with their Steam warchest =/= "avoiding half-life 3" the last thing I heard about the dev team is that they were making some totally bonkers space sim. There was a big NeoGAF thread on it.
  20. The thing about Sleeping Dogs that I'm specifically drawing from is how the story starts, where there's this growing tension until the moment that everything escalates into guns, after which everything goes absolutely fucking crazy. Contrast that with GTA, which is "Dramatic intro! Flash forward! Normal life... grind a little bit... little bit more... DOZENS DEAD. Okay now go play with this dog." For $226million in production, I don't feel it's weird to be expecting more than that.
  21. THIS WEEK for NPR's First Listen, the main album they're showcasing is one of the best albums I've heard this year, but also probably the single least approachable. It's not noise or anything, it's just... on its own trip. "R Plus Seven" by Oneohtrix Point Never 1 Boring Angel 2 Americans 3 He She 4 Inside World 5 Zebra 6 Along 7 Problem Areas 8 Cryo 9 Still Life 10 Chrome Country
  22. GUNPOINT- Super Meat Boy stealth game. Very silly, very precise. The wiring mechanics are an excellent counterpoint to how that game feels once you have to start moving. Everything you physically do yourself feels very dangerous and heavy, and really satisfying when a plan works perfectly- or works despite your planning. CRITTER CRUNCH- Okay, it's old. It's an old PS3 release that ended up at Steam at...some point. Anyways, I was looking for a puzzle game to play, and Critter Crunch is a puzzle game I can play. The reference point it uses for its mechanic (Money Puzzle Exchanger) is so obscure that it probably will feel like a totally new idea if you've never seen either, so maybe give it a shot? It's like seven dollars. BROTHERS- Lucky enough to beat it in one sitting, although I apparently missed a lot. It's definitely interesting, and it seems like the most publicly accessible game making an attempt at emotional resonance so that is definitely valuable. There is one moment specifically that is excellently designed, but I've seen the exact moment before in a game basically no one dang played, so it was filtered through my experience there. Still. I definitely think people should play it, and I totally get anyone that cites it as a Game of the Year contender, even if I don't agree. OH NO THE END OF THE INDIE STREAK GTA5- So far, the main thought I've had while playing the game is "man, Sleeping Dogs was awesome." Four hours in, GTA is yet to leave any kind of impression on me. I just bought it because I didn't want my relationship with the game to be defined with the stories terrible people tell about the terrible things they do. That's not entirely about the thread here, but I'm not excluding it either. Oh, and Burnout Paradise still.
  23. I really enjoyed this, but it didn't occur to me how little Cien Caras did until I came in here to read. Fair point, that. Favorite part of the match was the top wristlock counter spots, where Alfonso and Herodes both jumped up, clamped onto Andre's leg, and then hopped down and politely took bumps. Sangre Chicana, on the other hand, starts swinging and kicking his legs and shit, making it harder on Andre, so he just gets sack-of-shitted down to the ground. Really looking forward to seeing more of him now.
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