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  1. Is this what you're thinking of?
  2. I finished Chew over the weekend. It took me a while to get used to the art, but once I did, I was in for a ride. What a weird and wonderful series. It was batshit insane but strangely moving. And always entertaining. Thanks for the memories, Chew!
  3. I'd travel back to the 50s or 60s to see more British, French, European and American graps. And some vintage lucha too.
  4. Sakaguchi has some really good matches from the 70s. That changed my perception of him completely, more so than anything from the 80s. There is a tag match w/Inoki vs. Fujinami and Kimura where he works like the first coming of Akira Taue, though.
  5. That was a badass finale. Chozen and Silver were awesome this season. Here's hoping Chozen hooks up with Kumiko.
  6. Ha ha, Stingray the AEW mark.
  7. Great to see a young player fulfill their potential in the modern era. Hopefully, Alcaraz can kick on from here and not flake out like some of the other young hopefuls.
  8. I'm not so sure that Ginobili was the second best player on the 2003 Spurs team. Parker was probably a bigger factor that year, tbh. Stephen Jackson was arguably the second best player on the team.
  9. I finished Jim Shooter's run on Adventure Comics. It loses its charm when Curt Swan leaves. Win Mortimer isn't a bad artist, but I was used to the aesthetic Swan gave the book. Shooter was getting older too, and didn't have quite the same youthful enthusiasm. It's a great run, though, with some classic stories and a ton of folklore. The first appearance of Mordru is a brilliant two-parter and the peak of the run to me. I understand that Shooter continued to write some backup Legion stories in Action Comics, but I can't imagine that they're much better than the final Win Mortimer stint.
  10. I can't keep track of what's going on in this show anymore. So many callbacks to things I've forgotten.
  11. I like the show, but I think it has some serious flaws as a TV series. If I were a casual viewer, I would be confused as heck by the structure of the show. First, it seems like The Corinthian is going to be the main antagonist, then the focus shifts to the Thewlis character, then a whole host of new characters are introduced with the Doll House arc. If this were a weekly TV show and you missed an episode or two, you'd be confused at heck. The main character isn't an active protagonist and is in the background much of the time, and he's not only unrelatable, he's actually kind of an asshole. I wonder if they made a mistake trying to adapt two trade paperbacks into a single series. I understand that it might have been difficult to stretch Preludes & Nocturnes into an entire season, and their aim was to adapt the series in its entirety, which would require being greenlit for more series than Netflix is willing to produce, but perhaps it would have been better to have been less faithful with the adaptation. I can't recall any successful Netflix shows where a story finishes halfway through the season and another storyline begins. I don't think the cliffhangers are strong enough, either. The entire reason people binge watch Netflix shows is because the cliffhangers leave them wanting to see the next episode. I don't get a strong urge to immediately watch the next episode. I did really like the way they adapted the Hob story. That may have been the highlight of the show so far.
  12. Bert Royal passed away. https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2022/08/20/british-star-bert-royal-dies/
  13. I searched about him in Japanese and apparently the direct cause of death was pneumonia. He spent his teenage years in New Zealand. His band was named after a fast food chain we had in New Zealand when I was a kid.
  14. I imagine a future where Kim is working tirelessly to get an 80 year old Jimmy out of prison on compassionate grounds. Interestingly, both Bob Ordenkirk and Rhea Seahorn believe they continue to see each other in the future.
  15. Peter Gould said in an interview that the Saul stuff was like an actor being recognized for a role they played. He pointed out how happy Jimmy is when Kim calls him Jimmy at the end. I just find it hard to believe that he goes from awful things he does to get the sentence down to 7 years to "Jimmy" without ever straying from the straight and narrow again. I know Chuck says he can change the path he's on, but I can't help but remember Chuck's line about Jimmy never changing. Suddenly, Jimmy making bread goes from a prison sentence in Nebraska to his saving grace in prison? I think, at the very least, he gets that ice cream he wants.
  16. I can't believe it's over. That final scene with Jimmy in the prison courtyard, wow... I liked how they kept swerving us. Gene's gonna do a runner and try to get cleaned, but gets caught inside a rubbish dumpster. Jimmy goes full Saul Goodman in trying to have his sentence reduced, then it seems like he's going to completely screw Kim over, but no, change of heart and he finally confesses to his regrets in front of the judge. I hope he doesn't fall into some Slippin' Jimmy trap gain in prison. He probably will. But at least he won back Kim's approval, and now she has a new lease on life with the legal volunteer work. I honestly didn't think they'd r6edeem Jimmy, but I was kind of shocked by how evil he seemed post-arrest. In the end, we got as a close a happy ending as you could get. 8 years, though. Great show. Bummed that there won't be any more.
  17. Kim is in the final episode. They confirmed that on Twitter.
  18. Well, the All Blacks showed they have some fight left in them to win at Ellis Park, of all places.
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