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  1. How about Hidilyn Diaz winning the Philippines' first ever gold medal in weightlifting? EDIT: Oh, yeah. My home country, New Zealand, got our first medal of the games, too. A bronze in the men's triathlon. Well earned, Hayden Wilde!
  2. Momiji Nishiya because Japan's youngest ever gold medalist at 13 years old. Who knew Japan was so good at skateboarding? Meanwhile, Shohei Ono, defending Olympic champion, unbeaten since 2015, and one of the greatest judokas to ever live, survived a grueling final to fend off his Georgian opponent, Lasha Shavdatuashvili. Shavdatuashivili was an Olympic gold medalist at 66kg in 2012 and a worthy opponent for Ono. Their bout went 9:25 minutes with Ono one penalty away from disqualification for much of the overtime. Finally, Ono was able to sweep Shavdatuashivili off his feet with a waza-ari to survive the ultimate scare. He wasn't entirely satisfied with his victory, but it scared the bejesus out of the nation and was a tremendous relief.
  3. It's typhoon season. A few pass through Tokyo each year. There was a large one during the Rugby World Cup in 2019.
  4. BTW, a typhoon is headed our way that could have an impact on some of the events.
  5. Great day for Team Japan. First, Yui Ohashi surprised everyone by winning the women's 400m IM after swimming superstars Rikako Ikee and Daiya Seto failed to qualify for their finals. She has overcome a lot of setbacks in her swimming career and almost quit the sport at one point. Very emotional win. Then, Yuto Horigome became the first ever Olympic Skateboarding gold medalist landing four of his five tricks. Horigome didn't do particularly well in the heats and qualified sixth out of eight, but he was phenomenal in the trick section of the final. The hot favorite, Nyjah Huston, started off well in the runs but crashed out in the trick section. Hopefully, this raises the profile of skateboarding in Japan since it has a reputation of being a past time for no hopers and layabouts. Finally, brother and sister judokas, Hifumi and Uta Abe, won the gold medals for the men's 66-kg and women's 52-kg. Both siblings won tough, emotional contests. Uta, in particular, had an extremely hard fought victory over European champ, Amandine Buchard. It was their goal to become Olympic champions as siblings after winning World Championships together in 2018. Hifumi faced a tougher path to the Olympics. He had to defeat his long time rival and world number one, Joshiro Maruyama, in a special one-off contest just to qualify for the Olympics. After 4 minutes of regulation, the match went into a golden score scenario that lasted for another 20 minutes. Hirfumi prevailed and is now Olympic champion.
  6. I read the first arc of Sandman Mystery Theatre. This series has been on my bucket list for a while. I was actually on board with Vertigo when it first launched, but Sandman Mystery Theatre wasn't a title I picked up. I may have had a few issues or flicked through it at my local comic book shop, or perhaps I just read the monthly blurbs in Direct Currents, but it didn't seem unfamiliar to me. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it at the time. I knew who Matt Wagner was. I remember going on a family ski trip and heading to my comic book shop to get some comics to read at the chateau, and my friend who worked there went through the back issue boxes choosing stuff for me to take. One of the books he picked for me was a Dark Horse collected version of Devil by the Deed, which I loved. That led me to discover both Grendel and Mage. The first arc of Sandman Mystery Theatre drew on pulp influences, as you'd expect, but it was darker and more violent than I expected. I guess that's not a surprise given that it was a Vertigo book, but I wasn't quite prepared for some of the more graphic stuff (especially for a title about a Golden Age character.) I was hooked after issue 3, but if I had one criticism about an otherwise excellent arc, it's that there wasn't much mystery surrounding the identity of the killers and the ending was somewhat predictable. Good start to the series, however.
  7. I was all about the fencing and judo today. In fencing, Aron Szilagyi became the first man to win three gold medals in a single discipline (sabre), and Sun Yiwen won an exciting overtime victory to follow up on her bronze in Rio for the epee. Japan won its first gold of the games when three-time world champion Naohisa Takato overcome his disappointment at a bronze medal in Rio by winning the -60kg gold medal for Japan for the first time since 2004. Funa Tonaki took silver for Japan in the women's 48kg, losing to world number one, Distria Krasniqi of Kosovo.
  8. A big fucking asterisk saying all-time great performance.
  9. I changed my tune about Mike Ploog's work on Werewolf by Night just in time for him to leave the book. To be fair, I didn't realize that the story began in Marvel Spotlight. The first issue of the ongoing series was a bit jarring in retrospect. I still think some of his panels are way off, but I like the overall aesthetic he brought to the title, especially his designs for the villains.
  10. Not really. There were certain arcs that were high points for me throughout the series, but I thought the quality was consistently high. The final Vertigo run probably had a few filler issues, but nothing egregious. I feel like having Brent Anderson as a constant throughout the series helped to avoid any slips.
  11. I finally finished Astro City. It's one of those rare series where there are no bad issues. I enjoyed some stories more than others, and there was the odd character that didn't do much for me, but I can't think of a single issue that was bad, which is amazing given how long Busiek has been churning out stories. I'll have to fill the void in my day with something else now.
  12. 2002 The book didn't really go for any obvious hits from 2002. They ignored that Coldplay band. I still like their early tunes. Interpol didn't really work for me. I didn't see the point in a Post-Punk revival. I liked the Wilco song a lot. I thought it sounded even better when listening to the LP. There were a lot of decent records in '02. I liked the stuff The Mountain Goats were doing and old faithfuls like Tom Waits. I spent a few weeks obsessed with these songs: I wasn't too high on 2002 hip hop. 2002 might be the first year where I don't have a favorite hip-hop record. Here are the usual lists of random tunes I liked: Apparently, I liked Death Cab for Cutie a lot. There's a Bowie song in this one! Last call.
  13. All this means is that restaurants close early and we can't order alcohol anymore. The first State of Emergency was treated seriously but since then people don't care. They lifted the most recent SOE a few weeks ago so numbers are rising again.
  14. Wimbledon will be a cakewalk for Djokovic, unfortunately. Federer made it to the other side of the draw, but I can see him getting knocked out early by a young player. I will be surprised (and thrilled) if he has a deep run, and crushed if he loses to Djokovic again. I can't see Fed playing next year, but you never know.
  15. I never thought I'd see the day when NZ became test champions. Makes up for my childhood devastation of the 1992 World Cup semi.
  16. If the Finals ends up being Hawks/Suns, it'll be the damnedest thing ever.
  17. Devin Booker was something else in G1. There won't be anymore All-Star snubs after these playoffs.
  18. Uh oh, James Harden arrested for fraud.
  19. Don't worry, Harden will return for Game 7 and show us what a real fraud is made of.
  20. I'm on the Suns bandwagon.
  21. I just finished the Jonah Hex Spectacular, which tells the story of how Jonah Hex died while serving as a eulogy to the passing of the Old West as a whole. The twist ending, if you can call it that, is one of the most ballsy things I've read in any comic, mainstream or underground. An incredible ending to a brilliant one shot.
  22. I've been going through some of the Giant Size comics from the 70s. It's amazing to me that you had Conan the Barbarian, Savage Sword of Conan, Savage Tales, and Giant Size Conan, and yet I' m not sick of the character. A large part of that is due to the art as Thomas always seemed to get great artists working on his scripts, but it's also because Conan is such a reliable character. You know no matter what happens that Conan is going to be Conan. I think it's his nobility that appeals to me the most. That age-old trope that the uncouth barbarian is the most noble soul of all. I've also been impressed with the effort Gerber put into his Giant Size comics compared to other writers of the day. Gerber's Giant Size comics feel like proper issues of the regular title. I actually kind of enjoy his Giant Size Man-Thing issues more than the ongoing title. I wrapped up Gerber's run on Howard the Duck the other day. On the whole, I'd probably rate it higher than his Man-Thing, but I didn't find it as funny as folks did in the 70s. Colan's art was decent, but with Colan, I'm starting to believe that nothing outside of Tomb of Dracula compares. I started reading Werewolf By Night the other day, which I really want to like, but Mike Ploog's cartoony art was as off-putting to me as Michael Golden on 'The Nam. I guess I had a certain expectation of Werewolf as a horror title. I'll see how far I get on the book. I also finished Kirby's The Eternals, which I thought was a book that had a lot of great concepts and great art, but was deeply flawed. I enjoyed the first year or so of issues, but the book fell off the rails pretty quickly and was cancelled shortly thereafter.
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