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  1. I finished up Julie Doucet's Dirty Plotte. Wonderful stuff. Honest, surreal, funny. I wish she'd stayed in comics longer, but what a brilliant legacy to leave behind. Of all the great early 90s alternative comics, Dirty Plotte was the most fun to read.
  2. The Black Caps win another thriller this time scoring the final run on the last ball of the Test. .
  3. The reason the 2001 test was so amazing was that Australia had won a record 16 tests in a row, and then Laxman and Dravid put on their incredible stand that broke all sorts of records, and then the Indian spinners went nuts when a draw seemed the most inevitable outcome.
  4. Amazing victory for the Black Caps, but nothing will ever compare to that 2001 test.
  5. H-Bomb are my new favorite French band.
  6. Hobbs Angel of Death are my favorite so far.
  7. There's no way I'd call the '95 Rockets the worst team to win a championship. Even if you discount their incredible playoff run, they went back to back and had the best player in the NBA in Dream. You could maybe argue that they were the worst regular season team to win a title, but I don't think that really means much. The Nets were on a tear before KD got hurt and were climbing up the standings after their awful start. Now look at them. The Warriors finally gave up on Wiseman. What a bust. At least we got Payton back. Never should have let him go.
  8. The Lakers got Mychal Thompson from the Spurs in February of '87 and won the next two titles, but I guess he wasn't a star. The Sixers traded for Mutombo in '01 and made the finals.
  9. I didn't realize that Australia had a strong heavy metal scene. Though it makes sense I suppose.
  10. RIP Tom Verlaine. It's been a while since I listened to Television, but I spun a couple of his solo records today and boogied away.
  11. I finished Chester Brown's Yummy Fur series. Personally, I preferred the Ed the Happy Clown era to his autobiographical stories, but Brown was making up the Ed story as he went along and for some reason he grew frustrated with it. You get the sense that Chester was always a bit restless as a cartoonist, as he began experimenting heavily with panel layout as the series progressed (to the chagrin of some readers who didn't appreciate the small number of panels per page.) I enjoyed some of the autobiographical stories from his childhood. I'm sure a lot of fans our age can identify with trying to get their hands on a copy of Playboy each month and then figuring out where in the hell they're gonna hide it. I also liked his adolescent tales of dealing with coming of age and interacting with girls. The Drawn and Quarterly publisher, Chris Oliveros, convinced Chester to end Yummy Fur, which led to the ill-received Underwater series. Yummy Fur was one of the first alternative comics I was drawn to as a teenager, discovering it through the back issue boxes at my local comic shop. I was especially drawn to the Gospel adaptations where a grumpy and cantankerous Jesus spits fire at everyone. Looking back on it now, it was quite a bold choice for an alternative cartoonist to adapt the New Testament, but a natural thing to do for Brown to pursue as he was interested in alternative Gospel sources. From a comics standpoint, the Gospel adaptations represent his best cartooning work from the period, IMO, especially his Matthew.
  12. I finally read Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan's Night Force. It's not bad, but it's not surprising that it struggled to find an audience. It probably would have done better a few years later when the direct-sales market was more established and there was a larger audience for mature readers books, however the biggest problem was that the cast of characters simply wasn't as interesting as the Tomb of Dracula cast, especially the Baron. If Wolfman's intention was to have the Night Force itself be a rotating cast of characters, then the Baron needed to be as charismatic and interesting as Dracula, but he didn't hold anywhere near as much appeal. The art was somewhat inconsistent. Lately, I have a hard time unseeing some of the criticisms that the likes of John Byrne made about Colan's artwork in the 80s, even if those comments stemmed from a ridiculous "us vs. them" mentality that Byrne seemed to have at the time, and later forgot about when it became one of "them." There are a lot of wonky elements to Colan's artwork at times. Some of it is no doubt intentional as Colan was always a fan of using interesting camera angles or perspectives, but sometimes there are some odd looking panels that aren't touched up or fixed by the inker. I can't say I really missed the series once it came to an end, and I don't have much desire to read the two volumes that followed, however I will praise it as a valiant effort to try something new.
  13. I finished Scalped yesterday. I wasn't as thrilled with the final arc as some people seem to be, but overall I thought it was one of the best series I've read from the modern era, which, for my purposes, encompasses 2000-2023. What I liked about it most was that it dealt with a subject matter that, to the best of my knowledge, hadn't been addressed before in comics, at least not in a full blown series. That's a goal I wish more creators who strive toward instead of giving us their latest take on fascist superheroes. It's a shame that the TV series wasn't picked up, as it probably would have made an even more powerful TV show than a comic, especially if led by a full indigenous cast.
  14. Well, that's a crappy start to the year on both accounts.
  15. Highest ppg by a player in their 20th season: LeBron James 28.5 Kobe Bryant 17.6 Dirk Nowitzki 12.0 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 10.1 Vince Carter 5.4 Robert Parish 3.9
  16. I stumbled upon this blog site looking for information about the backstage fight between Kandori and Hokuto at Big Egg Universe. The blogger often includes excerpts from interviews and books when doing his match reviews -- http://konjyaku.blog.jp/
  17. I would'n't have expected LeBron to average 28.5 in his 20th season at age 37/38. Admittedly, his average is inflated because of Anthony Davis' constant injuries, but nevertheless, those are incredible numbers for LeBron's age. John Havlicek once said he wasn't completely surprised that Wilt scored 100 since every scorer has a night where they double their average. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that LeBron scores 50 this season, and who knows how much longer he continues to play at this high level of scoring? LeBron doesn't tend to put up big scores that often, but if the Lakers are close to the play-in spot and they don't have AD, who knows?
  18. I quite liked the early issues of Jemm, Son of Saturn, where Jemm first arrives on Earth, and Colan is being inked by Klaus Janson, but the story lost its way when it became a space epic, and I didn't think there was enough story to justify a 12 issue maxi-series. I mostly read it because I'm interested in Colan's 80s output. There seemed to be a huge difference between street level Colan and outer space Colan. I can't really claim that the Jemm character is all that interesting, either. He seems kind of redundant in a world where there's already a Martian Manhunter.
  19. The Hansen/Williams hoss fight was a lot of fun. Has anyone shown this to JR? He might crack a smile for the first time in 20 years. Is this the best Steve Williams singles match up until this point? It's gotta be close. Loved Williams as the aggressor, especially that part where Hansen is prone on the mat and Williams is screaming, "Come on!" at him. When Stan was willing to sell for a guy, he was one of the best sellers of all-time. He'd probably tell you he was just copying Terry Funk, but the way he stumbled and tripped over every time he tried to escape or catch a breather was sublime. He was as reckless with his own body as he was with his lariats. That bump through the ropes after he missed the lariat was something else. And the finish... Jesus, he took off Williams' head. Has there ever been a better finish than the Western lariat?
  20. I watched Kobashi/Williams. It was weird seeing a young Kobashi as the Kobashi I've been watching lately is from when he can barely walk and works epic main events based on charisma and strained facial expressions. It was clear that he didn't come from a wrestling background when they tried to do that amateur stuff at the beginning. The match followed a fairly typical AJPW pattern. Kobashi improved by leaps and bounds during the early 90s, and I'd have to say he wasn't that great in singles in 1990 (six-mans is another story), but interestingly, Doc also improved as a singles worker due to All Japan. His work here in '90 was a far cry from how good he'd become in '93-94. That said, they worked a decent match. Doc had to dig deep to put Kobashi away, Kobashi put up the kind of fight that Japanese fans like to see, and he grew a bit more as a wrestler and an athlete.
  21. I was a bit disappointed with Dan Clowe's Lloyd Llewellyn series, though suitably impressed that he went from that series to the mind-bending brilliance of Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron and the rest of Eightball. Even more disappointing was Six from Sirius, which I'd have to classify as a dud. It's one of those sci-fi comics where the author tries to explain everything through expository dialogue instead of captions, which made it confusing and difficult to follow. There also wasn't a ton of story to fill a four issue limited series. Gulacy's art felt a bit static to me and didn't have the level of composition I've come to expect from him. I'd be interested in hearing from a fan of this series.
  22. Attaboy, Matty. I will try to watch some of these matches over the holidays when I have more time.
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