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  1. In retrospect, it would’ve been pretty easy for Fenix to just get up and shove Knox for not making the count so he’d get DQ’d.
  2. It was especially weird since Excalibur seemed to be trying to ring the alarm bell on commentary without totally breaking kayfabe.
  3. I popped for whichever one of the Kingdom got in the “I’ll take it from here, Nurse.”
  4. Stevie Richards does a deep dive in his new analysis video.
  5. When Fenix scurried over to Mox and gave him the hand squeeze after the first dive I knew we were in for some scary shit. Joe hardly ever does the big sell reaction after kick outs, so him going bug eyed over not winning with the Muscle Buster was aces.
  6. I think Edge and Christian had a house show loop with Owen and Jarrett shortly before Owen died.
  7. My theory on Cage’s appearance in that is that he wanted to play it bald but he didn’t want anyone to think that’s what he looks like without his toupees, so he had the hairline made to look so absurd no one would believe it’s real.
  8. The circumstances sucked, but spit curl Daniel Bryan fucking around and having fun on Talking Smack was a great career detour.
  9. The Billy Dee-inspired Two-Face in the Batman ‘89 comic miniseries is probably the best part about the whole thing. It’s a truly unique take on Harvey Dent, even if it doesn’t really feel like what Burton would have done in Batman 3.
  10. Claudio/Kingston feud recap/match compilation debuting on YouTube right now.
  11. Every promotion should have its own thread on here titled “Wrestlers I Think Should Be in the Magneto Prison from X-Men” or something so we can move on.
  12. Melt Man Donnie Ray could replace Matt Riddle tomorrow and do the exact same thing, probably better in some ways.
  13. The thing in your parents’ car they occasionally clean, then freak out because they find months worth of crumbs and melted candy?
  14. They can’t legally stop him from bringing out a fridge on a dolly to the ring every week. ”You all know what’s in there, and there’s no one in either company man enough to take it from me.”
  15. Harley Cameron is carrying those QTV segments. I hope we get the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane angle with her and Toni Storm.
  16. The blockbuster wave is cresting and we’re starting to see him sweat a bit. Everything on his slate right now is a step away from development hell or desperation moves like the Fast return and the live action Moana. One of those will probably help him course correct, but if there was ever a point since his last match where he would need the media attention of a Wrestlemania run it’s now.
  17. Vince is his generation’s Erroll Flynn since he's probably going to die in bed next to a teenager too.
  18. One of my favorites from the last decade is Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation (2015, not the more recent movie of the same name.) It’s creepy and deals with some heavy subject matter, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it bleak. It’s on Tubi and Pluto. I like the new Screams quite a bit too. I’m sure they’re both on Paramount.
  19. Honkytonk Man could’ve easily been one of those WCW cases where he slips through the cracks and gets paid stupid money to work a handful of C-shows a year, or even just sits at home and hopes no one notices he’s still on payroll. Instead he irritated Bischoff and burned his bridge with Hogan by trying to do business like it was 1987. He never even got signed to a proper contract at a time when anyone who’d worked for Titan in the past decade was almost guaranteed a deal. Knowing your worth goes both ways.
  20. It’s unfortunate Red Velvet has been plagued with injuries because her beating Jade is a Finish the Story if I’ve ever seen one.
  21. I’ll never forget when our hardass vice principal found a Green Day button pin on the hallway floor and came up to me and asked if it was “a drug thing.” He was only maybe 40 and this was in 2002.
  22. I just looked over Waltman’s WCW run on cagematch, and he had way more matches there than I thought. He also apparently did a house show loop where he tagged with Vincent against High Voltage, and there’s a deeply disturbed part of me that wishes there was fancam footage.
  23. I think the only missed opportunity is that Jade and Mercedes Mone are going to pass each other like ships in the night. That could’ve been a good program. Or Mercedes might’ve gotten seriously hurt trying to make it good, so maybe it’s for the best.
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