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  1. I bet he's gettin jiggy with it, haha amirite?!
  2. I remember it being very reactionary to pop culture instead of being weird and in front of stuff like the Muppet Show, and there were too many Poochie-esque new characters. Also, not enough Kermit.
  3. It can't be any worse than Muppets Tonight. I'm in. I can't wait for my kid to be old enough to ask me what a Muppet is. "It's not a mop, and it's not a puppet, but man! ..."
  4. They tried something new with King Sheamus's gear and everyone shit on it. I kind of liked the Celtic crown/antennae.
  5. I can't wait. It's clearly an Orwellian indictment of Vince killing the territories.
  6. The Mallrats sequel's official title is...Mallbrats.
  7. Fowler, the Ten Rings give Whiplash a ticket and fake ID to get into the Grand Prix. Edit: I just figured out how to quote. Late bloomer.
  8. Was Killiam responsible for the Ten Rings stuff in the first two movies, or was that supposed to be the actual Ten Rings?
  9. I didn't have any beef with IM3 specifically, and I had no allegiance to the Mandarin. My problem was that it was the third one in a row that was at it's heart about Tony's company and industrial espionage. All of the tension in the first two acts is gone once the twist is revealed and Tony and the audience realize it's the same thing he's already been through twice more or less.
  10. Based on the top picture, Marcus is oblivious to how homoerotic we think it is, but Scotty knows and he wants us to know he knows.
  11. I'm pretty sure the Ted/WWE deal was mutual and was at least in part because he was uncomfortable being booked in a relationship angle with Maryse.
  12. Tony is more like a series of tics and flaws than an actual human being. I kind of like the consistency of him seeming to change and grow in each film only for his character defects to manifest in new and interesting ways in the next outing. Maybe he'll learn a lesson by the end of Civil War.
  13. Has anyone else seen The Casual Vacancy? It's pretty standard small town melodrama, but it has some great performances. Abigail Lawrie, who plays the teenage lead, is spectacular. She has no other screen credits, but this is a fully realized performance that any actor would envy. Michael Gambon and the rest of the ensemble really bring it as well.
  14. Homie still has to make a living. Nobody's going to buy a car from someone who once bit a man's nose off in a bar fight, present company excluded. He wouldn't even have to throw in taxes and tags if he took a picture with me in the Tongan Death Grip though.
  15. WWE had a 2-year contract with them that expired last year. I'm guessing they divested, and by the look of Tout's media presence now Vince and Steph's money was propping them up.
  16. Apropos of nothing, I can't remember who demanded that Dixie never let Flair on TV again without a shirt on following his match with Sting. I remember it either being a Spike executive or her mother.
  17. My plan for seeing most of these is to set low expectations and only watch the teasers. It did wonders for watching Age of Ultron.
  18. I finally checked out Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Netflix. So far I'm way into it. I'm not saying it's as good as Batman:The Animated Series, but like BTAS it takes the tone of the movies that inspired it and mixes in material from the comics in a unique, fun way.
  19. While we're dusting stuff off can we talk wrestling t-shirts vs nice polos again?
  20. I just watched Bound recently. It's by no means a masterpiece, but it's really sound and it was made for like four million dollars. I don't know why the Wachowskis don't just churn out a couple solid thrillers on modest budgets to get back in the swing of things.
  21. The DCU producers have thrown out some wish list stuff like Sinestro Corps, and The Killing Joke is always in the rumor mill. They don't have anything officially on the table right now. They might be tied up with the Gods and Monsters series since there's already an order for a second season.
  22. It was going to be a Cap movie until Snyder threw down the gauntlet. Marvel's too slick not to counter "Come see Batman punch Superman, plus the Justice League are in it" with "Come see Iron Man punch Captain America, plus The Avengers and Spider-Man are in it."
  23. "Sid, you're leaving because you don't feel safe?" (Throws softball glove into duffel bag) "Ugh...yeah...not safe."
  24. Buff was managed by his mother when he was in wrestling, and now he's married to a woman that shares his mother's name and pimps him out. Derpy doesn't even begin to describe Buff and his...stuff.
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