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  1. Put Skye in Bullet Club Gold, pair her with Joliet Juice, and make them the King and Queen of the Chicago market.
  2. I’m going to chalk this up to poor chemistry, but Omega/Jericho vs Gates of Agony was simultaneously not snug enough and also dangerously sloppy.
  3. When the ECW Zombie cut that promo saying, “Ahh ugh ehh,” …I felt that.
  4. Stat should go back to the beleaguered mother promos where she threatens to make her opponents do chores. She had a rough time tonight.
  5. And to think, I spent part of the 90s alone in a room full of posters being horny for Shawn Michaels for free.
  6. @Contentious C I tried to look up the old post, but if you search Wicked Prayer on here the first 18 hits are separate posts by you shitting on it lol.
  7. I’m going to guess the blowoff to all this next year will be a Stadium Stampede with Undisputed Elite vs a reformed babyface Pinnacle.
  8. Gambon as the crime boss in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover is one of the great monsters in cinema.
  9. “The International Title will now only be defended at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds!”
  10. Danielson published an honest-to-goodness love letter to Vince and then cut a promo saying WWE wasn’t really wrestling on his first night with AEW.
  11. I think you’re thinking of a work in very specific terms as opposed to the everything is a work philosophy. Jade wanted to get over how happy she was to be with WWE in her statement, and she shrewdly did it in terms she knew they’d love. Their perspective is that they’re the only real place to work that everyone else aspires to be there, so that’s how she framed it because she was essentially doing media for them.
  12. There’s the Hell Toupee episode of Amazing Stories.
  13. Butcher and Blade don’t come off like cult members, but I could see them being the bikers in Mandy who take bad acid and go goblin mode, so they could work as hit men for a cult.
  14. They should run an angle where it turns out there’s so much cult activity in AEW because Doc Sampson is running an MKUltra program on the roster.
  15. Julia worked Stat on Dark during her eye patch phase, and it wasn’t pretty. Really one of the issues with the less experienced women on the roster is that they haven’t learned how to work with rangy opponents, so they have trouble hitting stuff clean on the Stats and the Jades of the division.
  16. Darby made the most sense at one point, but he’s supposedly about to disappear for a significant amount of time to start his training for climbing Everest. He seems to think it’s an investment in his wrestling career because it could generate mainstream media attention.
  17. I’m thinking she’ll get to keep her name, but I would pitch Jane Cargo.
  18. That first one seems to be based on the Toy Box Killer, which is so beyond the pale even for serial killer true crime stories that I don’t think it should ever be dramatized. The investigator responsible for cataloguing the crime scene went home and killed themself the same day. The Scalper trailer is cut together well at least, but it didn’t sell me on giving it a try.
  19. They’ve pretty much dealt with all of the lore stuff they’ve been teasing most of the series, so whenever C-137 and Rick Prime have a final showdown that would be the logical endpoint. It’ll go for another twenty seasons after that, but that’s the way the news goes.
  20. I’d imagine Brody causes distractions for Julia’s cutoffs so she can take control until one of the Best Friends neutralizes him and Stat does her comeback. Maybe Brody accidentally gets the mist and then Stat hits Sunday Night Fever. With a heater at ringside stuff like that doesn’t seem too tricky to lay out.
  21. You just a need a mantra to keep yourself focused. This one guy I used to see on TV would use the phrase “Whatamanuever!”
  22. Really they ended up conspiring against themselves because they couldn’t see beyond the boom period and their own pettiness. They cost themselves an audience they never got back doing a victory lap. The WCW hardcores who would’ve given it a shot bailed as soon as they saw their stars getting humiliated. Then they began to shed casuals they’d picked up during the Attitude Era as the WWF became less like a weird burlesque show built around face Austin and more like a regular middling wrestling promotion again. They were too high on their own supply to believe people would just stop watching wrestling.
  23. When it’s frustrated snarky inflection Rick it’s perfect. It’s the peppy upbeat lines that sound off.
  24. When Kyle Fletcher was on commentary I realized he sounds like Rhys Darby and I couldn’t stop thinking about it during the FTR segment.
  25. Like a fourth of the belts are tag titles, so it might also mean you don’t have any friends.
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