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  1. You're right, it was a live reaction of the article before the full filing was out and they absolutely should have waited but that's not the way online. I think it's better that they leave their bad takes out there for people to hear instead of pretending they didn't say them and maybe learn something from the experience (hahaha)
  2. They laughed at Vince naming sex toys after wrestlers and the poop thing because it was so shocking and defaulted to suspicion that the relationship was more consensual than it was because it was so unbelievable to them. After reading the scope of the filing, they took back their comments that it was in any way consensual and apologized for laughing before calling it evil and going in on McMahon, Prichard, and Laurinaitis
  3. For those who care, Cornette took a second pass at this after reading the full filing and apologized for his initial reaction. Last just apologized if you were offended which is not an apology
  4. I thought Jazzy retired again last year, or was she just announcing her intention to retire?
  5. I'd need to watch it again but the double underhook could jerk the arms backwards on impact
  6. Good recap video and in all of the nonsense over the weekend I forgot to mention that I like how much shine they gave Jordynne Grace and TNA. Maybe they're ECW-ing them and keeping them viable right now, it would explain why they have money to try for some big hires I thought Punk's promo was by far his best in this run of WWE and maybe the first time he was back to just his voice, facing the local hockey team and all. Drew is a terrific heel right now Tag title match came together well, better than I thought tbh. DIY hasn't always connected with crowds but they managed pull them in when it counted. Can't help but think this is where Priest belongs on the card unless they do something to build him up All of the promos were done really well on this episode (outside of the Judgement Day's weekly Scenes from a Closet). Seth was great, he almost got some folks to believe that his title was on the level of Roman's. DIY, Kofi, and Gunther cut some hype straight to camera promos. Jackie even ended locker room interviews with a "Back to you, Cole" instead of just staring off into nothing until they cut away. They are getting rid of the Dunn-isms Holy shit, Gunther almost has abs. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do it too. I was worried he would look like an East German basketball star if he lost his mass but it works. Match really got going as it went along, I don't think anyone realistically thought Kofi would win but they got some good hope spots in before the inevitable Kabuki Warriors/Nattie Nox was the better of two tags, feels like there's a lot of women treading water in the tag division but I have no idea what else you do with them. Hmm, oh book them better, that sounds familiar. Otherwise we just get these cold matches that don't do the wrestlers or the division much good and then you get dipshits like Brian Last blaming women for not being interesting to fans I liked DmgCtrl melting away in the corner and leaving Bayley to face Nia alone. I can get into Bayley once they pick a direction for her Main event was solid TV wrestling, well worked but nothing fancy. My boy Zayn is back down the card this year, oh well. This match had a rare repeat spot from earlier in the card as Ciampa hit a top rope Air Raid Crash in the first match and McIntyre hit it here too. Drew is rad as the athlete who has all the skills and still cheats within the rules, that resonates in modern sports
  7. AJ is the same age and definitely on something, he broke his ankle in 2022 and was gone again last year which had no official reason given but one would think it was to heal up. If guys this age want to work this style I think it's just a matter of time Punk has much worse timing when he gets injured though, the past 3 have all been at pivotal times for the company he's been in and I wonder if anyone can reasonably put him in that position again
  8. https://www.pwinsider.com/article/179789/major-wrestlemania-match-off-due-to-injury.html?p=1 Seems like it is I knew he should've stuck to working with Dirty Dom Edit: Haha, 'wrestling journalism' can write something like it has been confirmed that people believe something but I doubt it's a swerve
  9. If he says he has nobody he can go to for advice, that doesn't mean he hasn't tried. Are those folks available all the time (clearly Danielson isn't)? Are they willing? If he talks to Cody you don't think he can talk to Dustin? Assuming that it's because Ricky is a malcontent or something seems like a stretch to me, unless I'm missing other reports about him
  10. To be fair, critical thinking used to be part of Western education systems but it was messing with the war efforts in the 20th century so they got rid of it in favor of teaching static facts (that are constantly being proven wrong and in need of updating)
  11. That's one way of looking at it
  12. I will say as an athletically-challenged man in his 40s who is currently trying to build muscle, your wind leaves you real quick during bulking season
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHKhQ6Db9Ow&ab_channel=KliqTHIS Kevin Nash reviews the first Dynamite he's seen in a while, calls Penta "very anime"
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYOzETcfeO4&ab_channel=APCCATCH Mustafa Ali's return match in France against Aigle Blanc
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDNt8qtMJOs&ab_channel=InternationalWrestlingNetwork Pete Dunne vs Will Ospreay, WWE vs IWGP champions From a fun period when Dunne was touring the indies with the NXT UK title. I saw him face Austin Aries who was an Impact champ around this time too
  16. I saw that, it's one of my least favorite tropes
  17. For having such a good roster going into the Rumble match they sure booked it to be boring as hell. Maybe removing Brock from the match put a kink in their plans
  18. I've heard that argument before and I personally don't particularly buy into it. If Vince hadn't consolidated wrestling into a national business somebody else would have, he was just more ruthless and opportunistic than others (and had one of the wealthier parts of the country as his base so he had a natural advantage). Between all the other territories and Ted Turner willing to spend money I think it would have survived in one form or another and maybe it wouldn't have become so cartoonish to boot
  19. Vince has been pro wrestling's #1 enemy since he found out what his dad did. His influence on the industry and the artform has done lasting damage to how wrestling is presented and accepted and could take years to correct if they even want to
  20. Cody at the scrum, from 411 On his reaction to the Vince McMahon allegations: “I know as far as the news is concerned, we were finding it out, reading the same things that you guys were reading. As you said, a dark cloud, certainly. As far as TKO, Nick Khan, and the board, clearly took it very seriously, acted immediately. On how WWE can prevent something like the Vince McMahon situation from happening again: “Looking at the future, I don’t know the answer to that, and I think somewhere there is really a basic tenant of, this crew, more than ever, from a roster standpoint, is very family, never seem anything like this. Most of the time, wrestling locker rooms, fighting, talking trash about each other, making fun of each other, sandbagging each other in the ring, all that nonsense. This team is very team based. And perhaps that’s the ingredient, everyone looking out for everyone, being accountable. And I know, for me, as a performer, a competitor, I’ve been through dark periods in our industry before and it might sound cheesy but it’s very reinforcing if you’re in my position that it’s a time when, hey, we got 50,000 people out here, I want to give them something else from this weekend that isn’t a terrible situation, terrible news, and I think we were able to do that and obviously as more news comes out, we’ll be seeing it just like you do.”
  21. After this week I went to a Robbie Burns party instead of watching live, skipping through the replay and I don't think I missed all that much. I've made my thoughts known on Cody, glad he works for other people but I think there were at least 5 more interesting options. WWE sure knows how to kill their own momentum sometimes
  22. Yeah, dude, shit sucks. So again I'll recommend getting organized and active to make some positive change
  23. Keep in mind that social media sucks and magnifies everything especially the negative stuff. Curt got those memes on FB, from who? Don't know. Could be from a meme farm or another entity that is not a wrestling fan and should not necessarily be taken as representative of the average wrestling fan
  24. I saw 411mania included that quote randomly in a story about Khan, I'm not really sure what it's supposed to imply. Are we trying to say Nick Khan is complicit in the allegations because he sucked up to his boss after Vince played a power move? I think that's a little spurious
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