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  1. It just so happens I'm watching the 1992 Rumble. Did he drive from Springfield, MA to the WWF studios in CT just to take this when he knew he was losing it that Sunday?
  2. OR OR They're forming a tag team with the two called TESSIE EXPRESS and their tag team finisher is the Proble-O-matic.
  3. This is going to turn into a Sumner/Shari Redstone thing where Vince gets so old he cannot run day-to-day operations but he's still sane enough to change his mind to undercut/oust his own daughter from future power. I want to live long enough to see this.
  4. This should be on every Canadian postcard.
  5. You might want to get a count on how many times the term "gandy dancer" is used.
  6. Don House did train Tito Ortiz at one time. I think he got this from Tito. I'm going to reckless say he got this from Tito.
  7. I also recommend everyone watch Unforgivable Blackness just for Keith David's amazing narration along. We are coming up on the 110th anniversary of Johnson/Jeffries on July 4th.
  8. Religion, I don't have so much the problem with. You can't avoid that. With problematic political stuff, I might. If they turf 145 in favor of 105, they might as well bring my avatar sake because she knocked out Jinh Yu in ROAD FC. They can't have a division without the best fighter. Another name they COULD possibly built around (if they decided to do an atomweight division) for the future is LFA's newest signee Tabatha Ricci. She's at strawweight now, but she's basically five feet even. That way you can have the best girls in the division, but fall back on "Okay, we do have basically Brazilian Gina Carano" if we need a drawing card.
  9. I thought things couldn't get weirder than Don House being a QAnon supporter, but now we have an inference of "my family made me support Candace Owens". MMA is slowly taking NASCAR's place as the most right wing sport.
  10. Is Flair's Shadow trying to spell Tesseract or Tessa? This is a consistent misspelling now.
  11. Would Iroha come to the USA or is she more comfortable basically being Chigusa's surrogate daughter?
  12. If we're not using rumors as fact, yes.
  13. Thing is...Dave (and Bryan to be fair) also has (have) WWE sources so I mean he could easily verify if she is bullshitting or not.
  14. I was fucking around because I know Dolfan means Tessa, but I think Tully is just on screen talent AFAIK.
  15. FMW Presents "Flash Gordon miniboss and Woman Ten Years Too Late to Her Own QuinceaƱera" Live at Yokohama Stadium.
  16. I don't think Tony Khan has kids yet. Or Cody/Brandi.
  17. Two years ago, DAZN: PPV is dead A year from now: And you can order this fight exclusively for $59.99 on DAZN PPV!
  18. You can use your laptop as a paperweight now.
  19. Funny that you say that because it was actually Flair who thought he was off because he was very self conscious about how he looked physically and not very confident going into that match. Ric fucked up his signature flip over the top and go on the apron spot. Then, Taker went in the corner as they were about to redo the spot, leaned in, and told Ric, "Lets do it one time, kid" and Flair nailed it on the second try. I dunno...I really like the match but I think the crowd played a lot into as well as the blood.
  20. I could see that because it wouldn't make sense to close shop and then tell everyone they're willing to pay for them to relocate to Ronaville, Florida, USA. That would be way too costly and wouldn't go over too way. However, either way, that would probably spell the end of Walter in WWE/NXT. If I had to guess, it would be a code of conduct as Eivion stated above and at worst, an indefinite hiatus to allow for restructuring (mean more layoffs/furloughs).
  21. Since I don't follow many wrestling people maybe you guys know something I don't know. However, doesn't get rid of this one brand interfere with their plans for global domination? Edit - I mean it doesn't sound like they got rid of superstars that would force them to blow up the whole thing.
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