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  1. From the MMAFighting article above: From Junkie
  2. Hopefully, Nate watches this fight back and realizes this fight wasn't trending in his direction. When they stopped the fight, he seemed a little broken up. Maybe he realized they could justify stopping the fight. Either that or he really thought he would do better. He just doesn't need to chase this rematch down. Lets hope he's that self aware. I think the crowd (or at least the pro Nate contingent) at MSG was a bit deflated everytime he was getting pummeled which was 85% of the fight. There are a bunch of entertaining fights out there for Nate that aren't Jorge Masvidal. He probably and most likely won't win most of them, but I think Nate's following would believe he had a chance in those fights rather than fight Jorge again. If you're a fan of Nate, how do you see Nate legit beating Jorge in a rematch? There were on the ground (after Nate got dropped) two or three times and Nate was nowhere close with any submission. Jorge slowed down a little bit in the third round, but Nate was getting his ass whooped to the point where he wasn't going to have the energy to summon up anything in round 4 and likely wouldn't be able to do in round five on the small chance he made it there. He was getting busted up bad and his vision likely would have been compromised as well. Lord knows his corner isn't going to stop it. Nate slapping strikes won't really doing anything to affect Jorge, and he certainly wasn't landing enough of them do that over the course of fifteen minutes. Having another fight like this where he isn't competitive against Masvidal doesn't do wonders for his image.
  3. Besides a few fights here and there, boxing is kinda dead in Southern California. Plus, I don't get why people continue to do fights at Dignity Health Sports Park (fka the StubHub Center) when it's empty for most boxing events nowadays. When Robert Guerrero had an afternoon fight there for a PBC event years ago, I thought it was pretty damn empty. Lately, it's like that or even worse for every fight because they just bring any fight there. Moreover, Top Rank just did a card at Banc of California stadium which is a very nice venue. However, it was empty that night because Emanuel Navarrete was fighting some no hoper. Here you had Jason Sosa, who no one would believe had a chance to win, against Miguel Berchelt who is not really that big of an attraction. I found it amusing that ESPN before the fight (because Molina vs. Okada went super short) showed clips of Vazquez-Marquez III which had a full, energetic crowd at the same venue. Then, we go back to the live feed where you have the ESPN boxing crew virtually sitting in front of a dark backdrop because they couldn't move tickets. Why would you remind people of how far boxing has fallen in many ways? That seems like a major production blunder even though I know what they were trying to do.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the motion picture remake of the documentary.
  5. I am still surprised the UFC didn't strike while the iron was hot and make Edwards vs. Masvidal. Granted, we got the Askren fight instead which led to this fight. I wouldn't go as far as to say Nate is a very good fighter by virtue of something you brought up. I think he's a good fighter who is capable of having very good nights depending on the opponent and the style matchup. However, if he gets bedeviled by someone doing simple defensive moves and gets hurt through accumulation, he is way, way out of his element like you rarely see from many fighters at this level. We saw it here, we saw it at points in the McGregor rematch, and we saw it years ago when he fought Josh Thomson and Dos Anjos. When he gets hurt and can't stop someone's best strikes (remember when RDA chewed his legs up with those low kicks?), he visibly retreats within himself. If you're another good fighter and get past that first veneer or layer of toughness he displays, you can take Nate Diaz to the woodshed and it won't even be close. It's a miracle Nate has been around this long without having the strong athletic prowess that closes that gap. However, we should understand that's the reason he has never been considered to be a legit championship threat.
  6. I dunno if it's pride and honor as much as he won't have an easier fight at this level that is this high profile unless McGregor has slipped tremendously (or imo even more) since the Khabib fight.
  7. Well, the loser of this fight has a built in excuse now.
  8. Kovalev looks like he is absolute comatose during the US national anthem.
  9. It would be different in that if it was in a different jurisdiction, Nate would end the fight on his back in a bloody heap instead of waiting for the fourth round to begin.
  10. I expected Masvidal to win but he absolutely put it to Nate. Those body kicks look like they suck.
  11. That's the thing. The more aggressive he is (like this fight), the more susceptible he is to getting hit on the button. However, when he opens up, he is a fantastic fighter to watch.
  12. Early in his UFC career, he would just win fights based on being the better athlete. In the Magomed Mustafaev fight, he came back and just willed himself to a win just based on that. However when he stepped up in competition w/ the Chiesa fight aside, it never really clicked. Maybe Tristar is a great place to help him do that. Like I always said, as much as I like Dewey Cooper as part cheerleader/mascot, part trainer, he isn't a real top tier trainer whether it's boxing, kickboxing, or MMA.
  13. I'm gonna say the ref did us a favor.
  14. Unfortunately, Osiris Maia and Eduardo Herdy are considered the best and the brightest in Brazil for a reason.
  15. So the prospects on the ESPN2 portion of the card are 3-0 with three impressive stoppages. You got next, Mr. Walker.
  16. Makwan Amirkhani must owe Keith Peterson some money because Peterson let him take a hellacious beating in that third round. That was bordering on 10-7. Fuck a 10-8.
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