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  1. Not that it wasn't in the first film, you can definitely see the Chinese domestic action pic influence of "you know what? Fuck logic....let's just go nonsensical and insane to the point where it borders on right out of a Sci-Fi channel original".
  2. Yeah, that's still very much MSG. They call the arena the "big room", but I love that every since it's been built, it's one of the reliable (in terms of good crowds) and intimate settings you can hold a boxing match. But yeah, all the upfronts are going to be in notable venues. The Fox upfront is at the Manhattan Center.
  3. Here is the lineup for UFC 290 on International Fight Week (Card Subject to Change):
  4. But imagine the headline in 1998 of Bret Hart giving a 10 year old the five moves of doom. That would have been worth more than the actual autograph.
  5. When Shida grows a Fu Manchu and prowrestlingmadeupshit.com reports she's been causing a rift backstage, you can start blaming RJ City.
  6. Since we don't have a GIF thread anymore and there is NO WAY I can choose the best out of all these to just post one, here are several dozen GIFs of ARSION from what appears to be the start of the promotion in 98 to the end when it transitions to being AtoZ. There is also a cameo from Hikari Fukuoka. She will be the one moonsault stomping people's guts out. Enjoy! To tie this back to AEW, I remember Oyaji/Jiri bringing up several months back now when the AEW women's division was struggling a bit the idea of bringing in more savvy vets. Just by looking at the GIFs, you can tell if you don't have folks who can be a good base like GAMI, Aja, the Apache sisters, Reggie Bennett, and Yoshida and know what they're doing, your women's division is probably going to have a few issues. They're working with a bunch of women are are extremely young (Ayako was fresh out of high school) and have less than a year's experience.
  7. Goddamn this match is good. Mary Apache being the hoss of the match was fun. I will find another match that's not on the internet yet (probably the other CAZAI vs. LCO match but it's LCO bleeding buckets instead of the faces). It's crazy that Billie Starkz (no diss) has been wrestling for almost five years. Ayako here had only been wrestling for 20 months here. AKINO was at 21 months. So was Ai Fujita. To be that smooth in under two years is ridiculous. This is also four months after that infamous first match with LCO and maybe 2-3 months after the rematch. So they were putting on true MOTY candidates with a shade over a year's experience.
  8. Now you're going to make me upload a match I have somewhere on DVD that was a six person tag with Hamada, Mary Apache, and Linda Starr vs. Candy, AKINO, and Ai Fujita. If someone wants to get a sample of what ARSION was and should have been, it's that particular match. AKINO (Mika Akino) is another one you chalk up as someone was a great her first year in wrestling. She also had a fabolous back kick finisher when she was noki-A. It's crazy that's she in OZ Academy as this older woman taking part in whatever crap Ozaki can cook up and she's the champion. I guess Ozaki has to beat someone. She cannot possibly beat herself. But once that technology is invented, she'll be on it. Speaking noki-A, I will also add in Baby A who would was the prototype for what became the High Speed stuff:
  9. There was a video of Tanny Mouse and Tamura going to Misae Genki's restaurant just to bother her. That's essentially a quarter of their content, which is just bothering other retired and semi-retired wrestlers. That reminds me...Etsuko Mita has a drinking problem. And her problem may be that she cannot consume enough alcohol. But yeah, Candy is a great choice. I know she was good in JWP but her in ARSION early on was also great. ARSION is a great example of what happens if politics and bad booking along (looking at you Rossy and Miss Lioness Asuka) with not enough exposure at possibly the worst time for joshi can do to a promotion. There is a match where Candy is Tiger Dream and she's proves to be a better Tiger Mask than Kanemoto and the dude's who been portraying Tiger Mask for last almost three decades. However, it doesn't last long much like a lot of the good stuff in that promotion. Ai Fujita is another person even though she kinda falls in that YMMV Ospreay doing spots for the sake of spots without selling territory. Still, in 1998/1999, she was better than perhaps 95% of the folks at the WWE PC. So was Ayako Hamada in her first year as well. Lucharesu was going to be the wave of the future, and utter incompetence and the waning popularity of joshi puroresu snuffed it out.
  10. This is your reminder WWF spent close to 10 years trying to get Bull Buchanan over. I totally forgot there was a short time where post Callis dumping Sniper and Recon that Buchanan and Poirier were a tag team called Armageddon. First, they came out in Assassin's Creed type hoods and then they didn't (cause they looked stupid).
  11. I see you and raise you Yoshiko Tamura (whether it's AJW/NEO/J'd youngster era or early to mid 90s Hot Girl era) and Azumi Hyuga (when she was working on her real name in JWP would also be fine). Hell, it doesn't even have to be necessarily be just against Hayter. I would take Athena, Toni Storm, Ruby, Emi (she already had an absolute slugfest with Tamura).Shida (Tamura is credited with training her along with Emi), and maybe even Britt. If there was any two women that were well before their time even by Joshi standards, it's definitely those two. Sidenote: On Yoshiko Tamura and Tanny Mouse's Youtube channel, for some reason, Tamura and Hyuga recreate the opening moments of their infamous 2006 60 minute draw while blindfolded. All this takes place in Tamura and I believe Tanny's place of business as well, a very tiny studio. If someone who knows the language can fill me in, that would be greatly appreciated. I am going to hazard a guess and say they did to prove they can still do after 16 going on 17 years. They also have a video of those two (Tamura and Hyuga) now in the Ice Ribbon gym playing Twister while trying integrate aspects of their match. That one I am not even trying to guess on.
  12. Something that made me laugh: A couple weeks ago now, Schiavone and Conrad did a watchalong of the Memphis show from 1986 with a show long angle around Dundee and Landell attacking 19 year old referee Jeff Jarrett that prompts the return of Lawler after losing a loser leaves town match. That isn't the story as much as the week after Conrad and Tony did the show, some of the listeners complained about Conrad talking about the crazy number of rental commercials (whether it be furniture or appliances and everything in between) and how stupid that is. The listeners were not with Conrad dissing renting furniture. To be fair to Conrad, the shows of various southern territories where the commercials are still in intact do feature an absurd number of these ads and even more closeout/going out of business sales. They clearly know their target audience.
  13. Can we get Merab in pro wrestling? Please.
  14. I think tonight was a combo to Sterling being too sharp and too quick and Cejudo being hella rusty. For a smaller guy, three years is way too long not to be fighting. The dudes you come back to fight...it's going to seem like everything in the fight is going in fast forward. He lost a lot of timing and explosion, which makes a ton of difference going against the best the division has to offer.
  15. His squashes on the syndicated shows were always fun, which is why the sleeper was over at a time when it was becoming passe as a finisher. It became clear you have to keep him in short matches. To be honest, he wasn't the best worker before WWF. Once he got put in the tag team with Valentine, he could be hidden and didn't have to carry a ton of the workload. The great face turn and the barber gimmick (which got him away from the strange male dancer/gigolo gimmick from San Francisco) gave him the momentum to do something different other than have job cause he's Hogan's boy/lackey. He was able to parlay it for a little while.
  16. The Gracie curse is starting to become realer than the Armstrong curse. That said, you cannot be coming into fight week talking about how the UFC should be switching to 15 minute rounds with no rules. My man been spending his time away from the octagon hitting that sticky icky.
  17. It wasn't everyone, but many folks thought he would be done as soon as he fought a wrestler. He didn't look so hot early on against Mendes, but you have to remember that was when Team Alpha Male was still a premier camp full of smaller guys who could wrestle their ass off and were pretty well rounded. As soon as it got back on the feet, he beat the dog shit out of Mendes.
  18. There is a guy calling out Paddy on every show. This definitely reminds me of early on Conor McGregor back when everyone was still 50/50 on if he could fight or not.
  19. Ed Leslie is probably the biggest case of if this dude ever learned how to work, he would have been a bigger superstar than he was. There was a stretch where he was scary over for a guy who is way down on the undercard. Funny that we bring up Zenk as well cause the other boys hated Zenk cause of his contract and being pushed above his level of skill. I think Zenk was talented, but he got stuck as that plucky heartthrob underdog when that era was over with. He had a good thing going in WWF and his tag team with Rick Martel was over as hell. He never got back to that level in WCW no matter how hard he tried.
  20. Nothing too important. We got a small upset of Jandiroba dominating Marina Rodriguez, but that's it really.
  21. You can say that for most of his losses. In another life, maybe Hawes' chin would not be made of paper mache. It's like a 7.5 on the Jonathan Goulet scale.
  22. The performance vs. Sandhagen is what really impressed me. That's what sold me on Aljo.
  23. They kept Yoko under contract around for a LONG time after he couldn't get cleared to wrestle. I know they (WWE) in the time since kept some folks when they were having issues outside the ring, but the mid to late 90s is back when they weren't doing that all. That tells you how much they liked him.
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