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  1. I'm late to the party on this but if you like hard hitting hate filled wrestling, go out of your way to see Sami Callihan vs. Low Ki from AAW Homecoming. MOTYC violence.
  2. Finished it tonight and they're close. Enjoyed both of them a lot and it seems like they're starting to cycle in some different guys now too. Only Kings: I thought Trevor Lee vs Cody was great. I loved the Trent/Fenix match with Trent not wanting to do any of that lucha shit. Riddle/Cobb vs Elgin/Cage was a hell of a heavyweight tag. The Young Bucks match was pretty damn good. And I thought ZSJ/Chuck told a great story for a PWG match. Nice Boys: The three way to open it was fucking nuts and the main event was just as nuts in a different way. I dug the Best Friends vs Marty & Zack match too and commend guys whenever they actually try work more of a normal match in PWG and get the crowd to go along with them.
  3. Only Kings Understand Each Other was excellent. Probably one of my favourite PWG shows from start to finish in years.
  4. Fandango has always been like that even on Total Divas and Swerved. He never breaks.
  5. It's an experiment. Smackdown has always been more of an experimental brand.
  6. Wrestling fans do this weird thing where they assume wrestlers are friends because of their workrate.
  7. They should just pay the money and have the dancers for Jinder every week. Main Event started a bit slow but really got good by the end. I liked how they're teasing Nakamura vs Styles for down the line. AJ's jealousy will build and build until he finally snaps on Nakamura. The women's tag was much better than expected. I wish their were more people around for Becky and Charlotte to have tag matches against because I liked the formula of Becky selling and Charlotte doing the hard hitting hot tag. Carmella was even good in it! I was hoping they might actually put the belts on the Fashion Police. I'd be down with another match at the PPV without any comedy.
  8. The reason the Jinder deal doesn't upset me is because I like when a promotion goes all-in on someone. I hate wishy washy booking and trying to please everyone. Whether this Jinder thing works or not, I appreciate them putting all their effort into it. At worst they'll pull the plug in a few weeks and someone like AJ or Nakamura will get a huge pop for defeating him.
  9. Booker telling Rowan he was looking real jacked about 10 times during the pre-show last night was something else.
  10. Mickie's comeback sure has fizzled out, huh? Pretty nothing show this week again. I liked Goldust and Titus but that was like 5% of a 3 hour show.
  11. My favorite Sons of Anarchy deal is that Stephanie finally watched the show years later on Netflix and presumably made Hunter do a motorcycle entrance at WrestleMania so she could cosplay Gemma.
  12. We'll see what happens but this might be what Nakamura is now. Sell, sell, sell, comeback, nearfall kickouts, finisher. It might be all he's got unless someone great pulls something special out of him.
  13. Mop 3:16 ... I just tripped your ass.
  14. I don't think Jinder makes it to SummerSlam as champ. I think them being able to say "Jinder Mahal, former WWE Champion" in the press there is enough.
  15. A few other random observations: Saddened they're not gonna do anything with Aiden English. Good wrestler and that's a good midcard gimmick. Nakamura should have squashed Ziggler or at least they should have cut out 75% of the stuff before the spit spot. No one paid to see Dolph methodically control a match. Fandango is a sneaky good athlete. His dive was nicer than most of the cruiserweights. A bunch of the women seemed to have new gear. Becky's hair mohawk thing was awesome. The match wasn't much at all. Just slowly advancing the storyline. Tamina still throws a hell of a superkick so she's got that going for her. I felt like AJ/Owens was them on auto pilot until the big spots. AJ's so much better at leading the match than KO is but the fans want AJ as a face so I guess we'll get lesser matches out of it.
  16. Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship and it was probably the best match of night. A real sentence.
  17. What else is there for them to do as a team, though? If anything, I think it was probably a few months too late in terms of maximum shock value.
  18. Owens turning on Jericho was pretty great. Bate vs. Dunne was an instant classic. MOTY for sure in WWE. It was already a MOTYC and then it just kept getting better. The rest of the card was enjoyable enough. I thought a lot of the matches were pretty average but had hot finishes which always helps.
  19. Also, Heenan was so good whenever someone would leave the Family.
  20. I feel like Orton/AJ or Orton/Owens is the SummerSlam match and they're just killing time in the usual post-Mania lull. As cheered as AJ is, I feel like he'd be better off positioned on the heel side of Smackdown.
  21. When is New Day actually supposed to come back?
  22. Really? I thought Orton/Corbin was a decent TV match. Clean finish too. Plus Orton started out by trolling people with a headlock. AJ/Jinder was as nothing of an AJ match as you're going to see. Jinder may be huge now but he still wrestles the same way as a he always did. Ellsworth is turning into such a great heel manager. I loved his freakout when the ref tossed him out. I want Naomi to succeed but she's gotta spend less time watching Speedball Mike Bailey tapes for moves and more time studying Ricky Steamboat's selling. It's the main thing holding her back as a face. She dies too easily when she's selling. Fashion Files was good again and Usos have something going with their insane promo style. It's different.
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