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  1. Yeah Takumi Soya! That's great. I'm glad he chose AJPW because I like their product though their roster is very limited. Now we just need Yoshihito Sasaki back as well.
  2. MrMoonlight

    2016 Yes/No NJPW

    That's great GOTNW, yes/no votes are finally back here. I'll say no to Okada vs Tanahashi. The decided to focus on the moves in a 35min + match, proof of that: Okada's decision not to sell the leg to jump everywhere. To me they could have built a lot of intensity with Okada in peril because of the leg injury. Moreover, when Tanahashi went back attacking the leg, it had no impact because of the absence of selling before, I really wasn't into it at that point. It felt as if we were just suppose to enjoy that match for the moves, which wasn't that good on that level. And lastly, i didn't like the transitions from big kick outs to the stun guy coming back. It has been done with no concistency, I'm ok with Okada kicking out of 2 frog splash, but it makes no sense (and it broke intensity again for me) that he just gets up for the 3rd one and gives a standing dropkick. Oh and when people are saying it was another episode in the big Tanahashi vs Okada, I have to say one of their biggest failure is that we can't really understand why this time Okada won. As for the other two, I'll rewatch it soon, so I'll get back here then.
  3. Hidaka Ikuto I think fits the description. Now I let you check his tributes to find the move, but he does it in most of his match anyway.
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