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  1. This all reminds me of Chuck Taylor’s list of made up names, like “This Is” Howie DeWitt and “No Gimmicks Needed” Steve the Samurai.
  2. Thanks to @Craig H I Googled "Arthur Ashe Stadium winterized" and wow, the place seems like a real shithole. No surprise they want AEW, or really anything that can make money in tennis' offseason, as often as they can get it. It's built to essentially be an "outdoor venue." The air circulation system doesn't even work if the roof is open, so tennis players are sweating their asses off and hate the place.
  3. LOL holy shit. Rebranding WWE Films as a bizarro mockbuster studio where they do thier own versions of arthouse films would be amazing.
  4. In what world is Bobby Cannavale the backup plan in case you can't get HHH for your movie?
  5. That is a god damn legendary deep pull. Bravo to you, sir. If anybody needs to up their DVDVR STATS~! with a Like or a Thanks, an Achewood reference will always do it for me. Now if you excuse me, I need to pour myself a Ketel One and get back to watching videos of ladies squashing sheet cakes with their butts.
  6. Is Basketball City still around? I saw Danielson/Joe vs KENTA/Marufuji there in 2006. OR Orange strolls out nonchalantly for his title defense with no belt, then, seconds later, Chuck comes frantically running out with the belt like a parent trying to catch their kid before they get on the bus without their bookbag. That reminds me of the first (or one of the first) Joey Janela PWG appearance. He did a MONSTEROUS front flip senton to the apron as his opponent got out of the way. Just a GROSS thud, and then he slid off the apron to the floor. Chuck, on commentary, said something like "don't even worry about counting him out because that man is DEAD!"
  7. One time I was high and listening to "Flashlght" by Parliament, the 11 minute version, and I swore I'd been listening to it for hours. Everybody's got a little light under the sun.
  8. Same here! I admit I was a few beers in, though.
  9. Ah, cool. Thanks. I forgot to mention MJF's Burberry entrance ramp was tremendous.
  10. God damn, what a show, what a time to love PRO WRESTLING Ever hear fans absolutely blow the roof off the place for an opening bell, and again for a lockup? God damn Fan sign: "Is this real life?" Right there with you, man. Are they keeping the LED ramp? Because that shit was amazing. MALACHI BLACK HAS SPEWED FORTH THE CORRUPTION FROM DEEP INSIDE! Fucking Excalibur, man. The best. I've seen Rick Knox ref matches in community centers and VFWs. So happy for him to be working in front of 20,000 people. Danielson and Omega are two of the best in the world. Holy fuck what a match. Awesome booking at the end with minimal time calls and then the Bucks jumping in to take over the heat instead of the fans booing the draw. Nice. I'm not caring much anymore about whether Cody is playing 4D chess and working a gimmick of heel who swears he's a babyface, or if he's just a lunkhead who doesn't exactly get pro wrestling, but bringing not one but TWO seconds to the ring to face a lone opponent, and having those seconds interfere, is a heel move. If Cody is truly following the Cena path and staying a face forever, then he's definitely on that path with regard to being bood out of the building. Was it Deadlock who was making fun of Arn's Waffle House Menu, like Arn was showing it to Cody and all it said was, "watch out for that kick?" You know Brandi thought jumping in the ring, hitting Black's pose, and flipping him off was going to get a babyface pop. Poor Arn eating shit on that walk around the posts. You could tell that was going to go bad when he was trying to do it. I didn't dig Black going back to the 4" inseam gym shorts look. But dude was raised in a Dutch cult, maybe he's not exactly up on haberdashery. I was there when Sting won the NWA title! I'd love to go back in time and tell 14ish year old me that 47 year old me would be still watching him wrestle on TV. "Reba's on the apron! What is she doing?" "GETTING KICKED IN THE HEAD!" CATTLE MUTILATION! Loved Punk saying something about this being the first time NYC had PRO WRESTLING in years. Watching MJF/Pillman, I just said to myself, "this is pro wrestling and it's so simple and easy and great" Announcers saying they'll do a quick ad "before to we bury MJF some more" was amazing
  11. Oh shit Jake the Snake is the Shelly Miscavige of AEW
  12. Don't steal Danhausen's gimmick! I'm surprised Vince didn't have him keep his name, really lean into "End," and give him a proctologist gimmick.
  13. Still waiting on the rumored sequel where Vernita's daughter comes back for revenge, using the same actress who played her as a kid. Pretty sure that's up there with the speculated Vega Brothers movie in the "yeah, that ain't happening" department.
  14. Oh lord, now I need Darby hitting a guy with his skateboard while yelling THAT'S MY PURSE! I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!!!
  15. Ric's first step in rehabbing his image will be changing "kiss stealin'" to "consensual, monogamous, gentle smooch getting."
  16. Thank god. I don't want her hopping around the ring and pooping everywhere. Though that may get over in some circles. Now that Plane Ride From Hell has aired and we're all understanding all things misogynistic and whatnot, hey, maybe we can go after gendered insults next. Unless he's complimenting Cage for being flexible, able to take a pounding, and good at giving life to the world.
  17. They were pretty pawsitive about it but it wasn't exactly what they're looking for right meow.
  18. The greatest trick wrestling ever pulled was convincing the government and media see it as a joke, not to be taken seriously.
  19. I love the part where the 30 for 30 producer is a habitual liar and you can't trust a thing out of his mouth, except the one thing he said that defends Flair. What a fucking goof. I hope this finally keeps Flair off everyone's TV for good. His gimmick was already gross and retrograde before we found out he was a rapist.
  20. Bearcat Lee…Crews running around with a spear…I thought it was supposed to be AEW setting the business back decades.
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