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  1. This all reminds me of the old Onion headline, "Denis Leary Drops By Comedy Club to Try Out New Ford Commercial."
  2. Thanks for posting this! I clarified this here a month or so ago and still see “they dropped the belt because Brodie was sick” from time to time here. Add Gallows to the vignette, too!
  3. I was in town for work (corp HQ is in Philly) and I got the roast pork at DiNic’s at the Terminal Market after seeing it featured on Delicious Destinations. The smoked provolone tasted like straight up vomit. I threw the whole thing out and went to the soul food buffet instead.
  4. I was in town for work (corp HQ is in Philly) and I got the roast pork at DiNic’s at the Terminal Market after seeing it featured on Delicious Destinations. The smoked provolone tasted like straight up vomit. I threw the whole thing out and went to the soul food buffet instead.
  5. Sure, and you're not wrong at all. But wrestling doesn't do nuance. Remember how Hassan and Daivari went from being two American-born Muslims angry about their treatment post 9/11 to straight up terrorists. I think the number of fans who saw Danielson and thought "his message is correct, but he's a prick" were far outnumbered by the one who were just like BOOOOOOO DIRTY HIPPIE! HOW DARE HE TELL ME TO RECYCLE! I like the thought exercise of imagining any other "progressive" or "liberal" cause being portrayed as heelish and see how it would look. Thinking about Keith Lee showing up in his BLM ring gear, giving a speech about how cops should maybe be a little more careful about shooting unarmed black people or choking them out, and then being booked as a heel. Or Jake Atlas promoting LGBTQ rights and the company booking him a way to be booed. That shit would be fucked up.
  6. I love the wooden belt but I didn't like WWE taking something Danielson cared about and making it a heel trait. But he did go along with it, so I just don't even know who to blame here. In the awesome/annoying TV commercial thread, we were discussing the concept of "selling out" and as much as I like Danielson, the idea of a hardcore environmentalist going along with a far-right septuagenarian portraying him and his sincerely-held beliefs as something evil is definitely up there.
  7. I don't necessarily agree that "selling out" is a pretentious, hippy concept. I think there are degrees and I think the term can be wielded correctly and incorrectly. I think it's really subjective and is probably a spectrum. I don't think agreeing to have your song in a commercial for an innocuous product so you can finally make some money at music is selling out. But letting your song be put into an ad for something against your beliefs, because a few bucks means more than your beliefs, likely is. I think musicians who change their whole sound to be more commercial might be somewhere on that spectrum closer to selling out. I think musicians who discover an exact sound that works for maximum crossover and commercial airplay, and then make only that sound instead of the stuff they actually want to make, are closer to that end. But all those things are just my dumb opinion and it's really in the eye of the beholder. Ah, beaten to it and said more succinctly by @Log
  8. Yeah, the last season was weird for all the reasons you mentioned. Time jumps are a really delicate, tough thing to pull off and the serial killer thing was pretty far out of left field. Also, they moved the show from I think NC to PA and it was just a little off. Which is funny for a show that takes place in PA. But I agree they pulled it back together pretty spectacularly. I loved Brock's "yeah, I just blew up your fucking truck." I really liked Bunker as a character but I'm a sucker for redemption stories. I always laughed at his prepared speech, "now I realize my appearance may be disturbing to you." Especially the time when the station was under attack from the Redbones and there really wasn't much time to put people at ease, but he launched into the schtick for a second, then just said "ah, fuck it." The actor who played the role played a good, but really frustrating and maddening, character on Ozark last season. Bonus points for the blink and you'll miss him turn for Stranger Things' and Black Widow's David Harbour as Hood's evil black ops mentor.
  9. I was at the gym once, a few years ago, when a song called "Safe and Sound" by a group called "Capital Cities" was airing on one of those programming packages made specifically for commercial buildings. They'd have little factoids before or after the videos and the factoid here was the duo "Capital Cities" were both pretty successful commercial jingle writers before taking a stab at pop music. It wasn't long before I heard the song in a bunch of different commercials. So to summarize: Two ad jingle guys decide to make pop music They make a hit That hit becomes an ad jingle The whole industry is just a snake eating its own tail.
  10. I keep forgetting to mention that I like Myron Reed but his gear is so awful. Chest protector is a midcard gimmick you do away with after the babyface exposes your non-injury. It's not something you make permanent to the point where you wear it in other promotions. My favorite things are virtue signalling and talking about gear
  11. You're right, I probably should more strongly specified A listers selling stuff. Lower level guys always did TV spots. I mean I actually met Bill Sanderson in the mid 90s because he was at an agency lining up commercial work and he had already been in Blade Runner and was famous from the Newhart show. Lower-level celebs never shied from doing commercials, while the bigger names had to covertly jet off to Japan to hawk cigs and booze for that sweet commercial lucre. Now we got bonafide Oscar winner Jamie Foxx shilling a gambling app every other break.
  12. I watched this 46 times trying to figure out whose boobs are bigger. For science. "Kenny Omega was in the third row that night and stole the V Trigger from me, brother!"
  13. Somehow this is going to circle all the way back to John Heidenreich as an unfrozen Nazi managed by Paul Heyman.
  14. I mean how many people have owned both? And if we count the XFL (both times) as a sports franchise, then it was absolutely run worse than WWE.
  15. Cool. I'd love for it to be weekly. I haven't had beIN since I swapped Fubo for Sling a while back and I don't want another show I need to go find on YouTube. It's not like Vice doesn't need the content. Dark side of ___________, Vice News, and "take popular show concept, then add weed" is about all they have right now.
  16. So is MLW going to have weekly or any kind of regular shows on Vice or is this a one-off?
  17. Same! I just re-listened to both a few weeks ago, right around the time Punk came back. Like you said, they sounded so tight, and it was so sad to listen to. I think Punk told Colt that he had nothing to worry about as far as paying for the defense went, but then Colt had to hire his own lawyer for some reason and both guys had different ideas about who would pay that guy, then Punk blew up because Colt visited friends at a WWE show, and then somehow they sued each other maybe? I can't even remember but it ended up with Colt in a ton of debt. My only guess is that Punk was just mentally in a really bad place and probably acted in a way that I hope he regrets now. I sincerely hope they work their shit out. As far as episodes to check out, I just relistened to the Tommy End episode (Malakia Black) and that was decent, especially the parts about essentially growing up in a weird religious cult. Off the top of my head, I also recommend: Any episode with Cliff Compton Pac (great episode with a great story behind it. Pac did a whole interview with Colt and afterwards, they talked and Pac felt bad about not really opening up and suddenly started talking about all his insecurities, so they went back and re-did it) Tommaso Ciampa Kevin Steen: pre WWE back in the day before WWE went on the indy hiring spree, where Steen says he knows what he needs to do to get there (lose weight and get jacked), but isn't so sure he really wants it Marty DeRosa: discussions about comedy and wrestling, and some really fun stories. Truth Martini, just for the amazing story of Truth frantically trying to get into Canada for a show I'm sure there are tons more I'm forgetting. I'll update as they come to me.
  18. References to Logan's Run and DC Cab? I love this thread. Any guesses how Vince fucks up Walter? At the least, I'm guessing they cover up his physique and change his name. They'll keep it to one name but make it something menacing and German-sounding, even though he's Austrian. GOD DAMMIT PAL KRISTALLNACHT HAS A NICE RING TO IT!!!
  19. That's like luchadores who have more fancy, "dress-up" versions of their masks for special non-wrestling occasions. This is the makeup Abadon wears for family reunions, job interviews, PTA meetings, etc.
  20. On the "actors are much more shameless than they use to be" tip, I got Ray Donovan out here selling mattresses. We had a brief discussion about how crazy it is how times have changed and now actors with fucking Oscars are out there shilling shit. But music made that jump, too. I remember that it was huge news when Nike bought the rights to use the Beatles' "Revolution" in a shoe commercial. "Selling out" was a legitimate concept back in the day that people were worried about. Now it's this quaint thing that cynics scoff at and you have bands like Imagine Dragons who have had so many songs featured in so many commercials it's hard to think that's not their core goal, and being actual musicians or artists is a distant second or eighth. They're not a band; they're jingle writers who happen to tour.
  21. 1) I think he said "House of Black" 2) Yes, which is kind of hilarious
  22. Reminder to self: add “virtue signaling” to that list, next to “pc” and “sjw,” of terms where, when you see them, it’s a dead giveaway the person using them is straight up garbage.
  23. Also, it’s called the “Darkside” theme because that’s the MX’s kayfabe hometown.
  24. Lol I kind of alluded to it but my joke fell flat. No way he calls it that. Cody’s absolutely a “blue lives matter” type, all the way.
  25. LOOOOL @ Jade’s chairshots. Either weak as shit and needing Dunn-esque camera cuts OR she straight up smacks Rosa in the spine with the back of the chair, the legit hurty part. Fuuuuuck.
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