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  1. I have Control downloaded, but haven't tried it yet. I will give it a go.
  2. After reading a bit more about Days Gone, it has definitely gone on my must buy list. Thanks!
  3. I think I will give Witcher 3 a try. Thanks.
  4. I'm not a fan of "Our settlement needs this, and this and this and this". I'm okay with having to forage for materials to upgrade weapons and whatnot, I just don't want to build whole villages. I'm not Jimmy Carter.
  5. I have a PS4, Xbox One, Switch, 3DS, and a PC that doesn't balk at most games. Ghosts of Tsushima is a game that interests me, but I game on a budget and it hasn't dropped in price enough to warrant my buying it. I do definitely want to check it out though.
  6. I haven't tried Village. I was fairly deep into RE7 and enjoying it until I hit a no ammo hiccup while battling the mother. I haven't revisited or restarted it. I agree on the other two Tomb Raider games. I especially liked Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  7. I played through a bit of Judgement and liked it; but then it went off of PS Now, so I haven't had the chance to finish it.
  8. Here are the last 10 games I have completed. Fallout 4, GTA 5, Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider, RDR2, Resident Evil 4, Yakuza 0, Those Who Remain, Evil Within, Evil Within 2. I do have a couple caveats. I don't like co-op games ("I'm a rebel Dottie, a loner") and I don't like crafting or settlement building if it is a major component of the game. I welcome any recommendations based upon this list and my crotchety caveats.
  9. There are certainly flashier teams, perhaps more physical teams; but I will knife fight* anyone who says that FTR is not the best team in the world, at the moment. (*Plastic knives taped to the end of 10 foot poles...I don't know where some of you have been).
  10. Today while trying to determine if she trains regularly with anyone competent, I learned that Jade Cargill is married to one of my all-time favorite Cincinnati Reds players (no, it is not Chris Sabo).
  11. Rabid watcher of BTE...probably an apologist for a lot of the stuff on there that gets shit on. Having said that, the Nick Jackson answers unknown callers skit is easily one of the worst things I have ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. It is not funny in the slightest. I have been wrong before, but I get an asshole vibe from Nick that I don't get from Matt. The last few minutes of the latest episode were perfection, though.
  12. Awesome PPV! My top 3 matches were MJF/Darby, Punk/Kingston, and Hangman/Omega, though every match had at least something compelling or entertaining about it. I'm not stoked about the Jay Lethal signing, but if he is being brought in to help train younger wrestlers in every aspect of pro wrestling except tight finishers, I'm good with it. I'm convinced that Tony (Schiavone) and JR have legitimate beef. Hopefully it doesn't come to an ugly head, because I know who does more for the company and who would be out of a job Sooner (see what I did there) than later.
  13. Great song...little heavy on some words that might not be conducive entertainment for all ages, though.
  14. So, it is he said, they said. Who to believe? If Keith Lee was being disingenuous, he had to know it would come to light; but by the same token, why was it notable enough for WWE to respond? They have been accused of much worse explicitly and said nothing, but Keith Lee simply says that he paid his own medical bills and suddenly WWE is all "Hold on hoss!"
  15. I say this with full love...King "sprinting" after Punk reminded me of my toddler when he picks up something he shouldn't and I call him on it.
  16. If this has been covered, apologies. Does AEW require its wrestlers to be vaccinated or simply to test negative? I think the answer to this question might play a factor in which wrestlers released by WWE are pursued by TK. I have sneaking suspicions that a few of the people that pique his curiosity are not vaccinated (Not talking about Nia Jax...TK wouldn't do that to his locker room).
  17. I would be willing to bet every cent I have that Mox's replacement is Ricky Starks. Thankfully, I'm poor as the proverbial church mouse, so not much to lose.
  18. Put me in the camp of those who would love to see Danhausen, Brody King, Rok-C, Dickinson, Amy Rose, and the Briscoes in AEW.
  19. It is not even that he sucks. He has all the components for success except the ability to make anyone give a damn either way about what he does. Complaining by proxy about his position with the company when he was given every opportunity to get himself over didn't help matters any either. I still say the best use for him would be as MJF's silent enforcer once Wardlow's inevitable face turn happens. Stick him in a suit with a Masked Assassin style mask and just make him as mean as the person 12th in line at a Black Friday sale.
  20. Dammit, it really does look like it says "Hos Champion". Also, welcome back Hangman, and well done.
  21. The last part of this aged like a jug of milk on a beach.
  22. I am not given to hyperbole, and I trust TK's booking. Having said that, if Hangman is not the Joker, I will flip a damned table like Jesus. The new BTE drops momentarily, and I would hope that there is a bit where Adam Cole tracks down Hangman to catch up and he convinces him to return.
  23. Yeah, the Yuta heel turn practically writes itself. I hope it happens sooner than later so we can get Danielson vs. Yuta on Dark or Elevation. I am fine with OC being Boogie Woogie in this scenario, so long as I don't tune into BTE and see any glass coffee tables.
  24. It appears that Jake Roberts' health continues to decline. I'm not sure how long his COPD has been so severe, but 40 to 60% of people with severe COPD die within five years. At least I feel confident he is in the right place to get the best possible care for his condition. Say what you will about Tony Khan and AEW (and many of you will), it is indisputable they take VERY good care of their employees and employees families. Lets send some positive vibes his way.
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