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  1. He became Psicosis when Nicho left for Promo Azteca/WCW. AAA claimed they owned the Psicosis name so when he left, he had to change his name to Reaper/Ripper. He won a court case where he can use the Psicosis name on the indies but not on TV hence why he's still Ripper on CMLL tv but working as Psicosis on the indies.
  2. I can't stand Aiden English as a babyface so I'm glad the Vaudevillans lost the titles. Aiden is a good heel as the Cass feud proved so hopefully he turns on Gotch and they feud for a while. Gotch is a good babyface so he should be fine. Alexa actually left with the belt when the match was still going on, not after. Dawson/Dash are not really over at all. The squash they had to week after this was just brutal live but I think it will be good on tv. I guess they are transitional champions till Enzo/Big Cass get back for London. Like I mentioned in the other thread, Athena is the new Sasha for this group. I can not wait to see her vs Asuka or Bayley.
  3. Tonight's NXT tapings were pretty newsworthy. Some set up to UK takeover and and epic main event for the 11/19 tapings. Also the crowd was at it's absolute worst, at least the 20-50 hard cam annoying ones.
  4. Wait, what? Crowe was going for his ddt through the ropes thing and Corbin caught him. I guess it wasn't a springboard but it looked cool
  5. Went to the NXT house show tonight in Orlando. HIghlights include Asuka destroying Eva with a knee to the face, the awesome Finn/Vaudevillans/Bayley vs BAMF/Dillinger main event and Gable/Jordan vs Dash/Dawson bringing the house down. The Asuka match was her and Gionna Daddio vs Emma and Eva. I like seeing Asuka teaming with the younger girls. Daddio has potential as a scrappy babyface. The undercard featured guys that aren't on tv and Apollo Crews. The non TV that looked the best were Levis Venezula Jr and Hugo Knox. Levis is taller than I thought but he plays a babyface like Carlos Colon so I can live with that. Hugo is gonna get over huge at Full sail with his dancing. Oh and Solomon Crowe now looks exactly like HAVOK. Down to the mask, mascara and hairstyle. It's freaky. Corbin beat him with a springboard end of the days which looked awesome.
  6. Pirata Morgan El Dandy and Octagon vs MS-1, Vampiro and Fuerza Guerrera Pirata/Herodes/Gran Markus JR vs Solomon Grundy, Ringo Mendoza and Atlantis
  7. Storm's pop was insane. Second only to Chad Gable. He seemed generally touched by the reaction. After the match, the fans chanted Beer Money which made me sad that Bobby Roode is stuck in that hellhole called TNA. He should be in NXT. Fun tapings tonight, some new feuds started and a lot of women's wrestling
  8. It was very unfortunate that the ref basically had to tell her every single time to celebrate. It was like a weird puppet show, you'd think she'd get the hint at the first time he told her to celebrate and keep on doing it but she turned on then off immediately. Eva's not the only one they do that with. When the Vaudevillans won the match, off camera, Drake was basically jumping up and down telling them to smile at the camera. I'm glad I was wrong abut Asuka. They didn't show her grinning on the tron when she looked back at Dana/Emma. That was pretty bad ass. If it's not Dana/Emma vs Asuka/Devin at Takeover, I hope Asuka's partner is Jax. Eva wouldn't be so bad on tv if it wasn't for Corey Graves commentary. He's just awful during her matches constantly praising her. I get he's the heel commentator but he goes overboard.
  9. Greg, if you hate Gargano and Ciampa, I would skip the next 3 weeks of NXT tv. Tapings were fun as usual, The full card for Takeover is a little merky but I think it will be: Some thoughts on the tapings
  10. Noah Kekoa trained by Afa the wild samoan. I've only seen him do security at live events. He wasn't too bad.
  11. At tonight's NXT house show, they taped a first round Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament match The show was good with Bayley beating Emma in the main event. No Balor or Enzo/cass. Bayley and the Vaudevillans were really over. Vaudevillans has a real good match with Gable/Jordan. Gable/Jordan are so awesome. I think Gable can overcome the height issue. He's an Olympian. Vince gets off on that. My favorite match was Breeze vs Corbin. They did a comedy match and didn't even lock up for 5 minutes. They even did the under the ring chase gimmick with Drake. Also the finish was beautiful. Breeze turned to end of days into the beauty shot.
  12. It's a bummer that the Coach revival got canceled cause I was looking forward to it. I've been binge watching the original series because it's going off netflix on the 15th. Up to the beginning of Season 7 and it's still funny. The Orlando arch is starting so I'm figuring it will jump the shark then. Luther and Dauber rule.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLwKq61SIv0 British Ambition vs Wyatt Family NXT tag title tourney finals. I remember being there live and the pop Grey and Neville got when they won was crazy. Good match almost ruined by WWE's all time worst announcer, Tony Dawson.
  14. The absolute lack of heat for the GFW run in at the end was hilarious. TNA doesn't even try to put in fake crowd heat anymore. EY/Melendez has to be in contention for most disgusting promotional tactic this year. Just awful all around.
  15. Dillenger's been over for months doing jobber matches and on house shows. I doubt his new gimmick will work but it's worth a try. As for Corbin, the crowd turned on him once he stopped having matches where the crowd could count how short it was. Then they went back to it and the crowd didn't care. The majority of the crowd isn't bad but the vocal minority can get on my nerves. It's the same people that go to TNA shows or are just there to chant non stop. And when I say non stop, i mean it. When Owens did the promo calling the crowd the "John Cena of wrestling fans" it only made them get louder and more annoying. They took it as a badge of honor. Case in point the Corbin match that I think will air in 2 weeks.
  16. I haven't been to many major arenas but mostly been to armories cause they are a lot of them in the Orlando area. Orlando Arena/TD Waterhouse center( This used to be the big arena in town where the Magic played. Went to a few Raws/Smackdowns there, I also had my high school graduation there which was cool. I miss that building sometimes) Amway Center(this replaced the Orlando Arena. Been to a few Raws and the Rumble is going to be there this year so I'll probably go to that) Full Sail Studios( Basically a tv studio with bleachers for NXT tv.) Orlando Armory( Been to about 50 FCW/NXT shows along with a Evolve show. It's a National guard armory so it has no heat/AC. It gets ungodly hot during the summer with about 500 people watching wrestling. Frank Goodman also runs his USA pro shows there but I've never been to one) Downtown Rec center( This is right next to where the Arena used to be. Been to a few Vintage wrestling/Evolve/Chikara shows. It's my favorite of the rec centers in town but not many promotions run there. It's got AC and is huge) Barnett Park center( This is Gabe's new building for Evolve that is by the local fairground. It's way in the back so you can't really see it from the major highway in town. Very small as the building is split in two with a small gym and a bigger one. Gabe runs the small one and can fit about 200 people. Trinity Prep school gym( Gabe ran Evolve once in this building. I liked it cause it's right by my house and is a bigger building. Seeing prep girls go nuts for Timothy Thatcher and Biff Busick was the highlights) Citrus Bowl( Wrestlemania 24. This was before the renovated the building so it had holes in the seats where you could see under you and bunch of leaks.)
  17. Super Parka is one of my favorite characters. Especially as a sassy tecnico.
  18. Rikishi in his short run as JR Smooth in 1999 Memphis vs Michael PS Hayes for the Power Pro title. He was only JR smooth from April-October 1999.
  19. My favorite piece of Fred Ottman trivia is his son now works for WWE as he took over for Mark Yeaton as timekeeper.
  20. Bayley worked the WWE house show in Sioux Falls vs Sasha. I guess it was to practice the takeover match. Man NXT losing her is gonna be rough. Especially house shows where she is Austin 1998 level over.
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