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  1. Joe/Nakamura was such a great match. I feel bad for seeing it live but I don't. Should be even better when the run it at Full Sail for TV or the next takeover. Joe held his own and was awesome. This show also featured 3 women's matches and a crazy WAR type 6 man tag with Tucker kNight, No Way Jose and Manny Andrade vs Dylan Miley and the Revival. Seeing Manny and Dawson together was a treat.
  2. Jeff Hardy basically no selling a piledriver on 5 chairs was hilarious. The finish to that cage match looked nice though. Also nice to see Jade win the knockouts title. Too bad the only person she has left to feud with is Gail Kim and Rebel. The camera work during the EC3/Bennett backstage brawl was god awful. Worse than Kevin Dunn at Mania. Speaking of backstage, Billy corgan's cue card reading during the Al Snow segment. Just awful. Matt Hardy is bad as a top heel. His first couple weeks weren't that bad but it's just draining. Especially when he brings his Authority lite group out. Poor spud
  3. As always, my go-to recommendation is this Bull Pain wrestling in a women's prison
  4. It's his gimmick. The revival did the same thing to poor Patrick Clark and Kenneth Crawford in the ring. OK show tonight with some good matches (Tye/Manny, Alpha/BAMF and Asuka/Aliyah vs Daria/Billie) some ok matches(Drifter/Apollo , Finn/Moss and the Revival match) ZZ/Giard was atrocious and it wasn't Chris's fault. ZZ's lost weight since Tough Enough but all he did was a headlock and an out of nowhere roll up. Giard was brutal just laying in chops and European uppercuts. Bayley also had one of her worst matches I've seen vs Mandy Rose. It wasn't as bad as the ZZ match and Mandy has potential but she sells like Eva. Next show is April 15th if you want to go Grizz. I'd buy tickets early on the NXT tickets website cause Orlando usually sells out weeks in advance.
  5. This is for DEAN. Some extreme lucha from Monterrey featuring a finish that knocked a guy out for about 45 minutes.
  6. This is about as Puerto Rico as you can get in wrestling. Blood, hot crowd and awesome brawling. Best match on the island in a while.
  7. Which women's prison was this at? Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center in Memphis Tennessee.
  8. 2/3 falls was at full sail. First match of the taping too. The ending to the Joe/Zayn match really got people angry which hurt the third hour. I mean, it was the match that the whole taping was built around along with Bayley/Carmella and Neville/Finn. They got better for the final hour with the Finn match and the debut.
  9. Went to the NXT Orlando house show tonight. It featured Apollo Crews vs Manny Andrade, a 4 way tag team elimination match with Enzo/Big Cass, Vaudvillans, Blake and Murphy and American Alpha, and a main event "intergender" match with Joe/Nia Jax vs Finn/Bayley.The shocking moment of the night was how bland Crews/Manny was. It was good but just had not much heat. Also Manny is so much better than Crews it's crazy. Tag team elimination match was to determine who faces Revival at the Largo show tomorrow. Alpha won in a very good match. Enzo/Cass were the first eliminated and felt like after thoughts. I feel this is the final NXT Orlando house show they will be on. Main event was amazing. Finn/Bayley have such awesome chemistry and it's fun to see Joe in this environment. After the match, they did another Finn/Bayley skit. They danced to "time of you life" from Dirty Dancing. It was amazing. I want to see a wedding that is interrupted by Karl Anderson and DOC. Sami Zayn also got a good match out of the Drifter.
  10. What about a dead pimp? Moolah's already in the HOF.
  11. Josh Matthews call of the Spud turn might have been his worst yet. So wooden and without any emotion at all. The crowd didn't even boo, they were just silent. The end to Drake/Grado was so bad that Pope was laughing on commentary.
  12. Todd Morton does his best Ric Flair impersonation in a women's prison in 1999..
  13. Bull Pain wrestling in a Tennessee women's prison in 1999.
  14. How much can an armory normally hold? They might only set it up to hold like 200 max (I know that folks often talk about the Florida shows not "drawing" but on the little bit I see from them - it always seems like they are set up to be small shows (possible to save on the cost)) I know the Orlando Amory can only hold like 250 tops plus some standing room only. I'm sure some of the armories/buildings they run are smaller.
  15. I really want to see Michael Cole defend his undefeated Wrestlemania streak vs Kevin Owens at Mania this year. It's the best booked feud in WWE today and I'm almost positive Cole doesn't even know. His reaction to Owens tonight was classic. I know that Reigns is probably winning at Fast Lane but the booking so far makes it look like Ambrose will win and face HHH at mania. Whoever is writing this show really doesn't seem to trust Reigns at all. The political hit is real.
  16. Apparently Ty Dillanger got injured tonight vs Sami Zayn. Looks like a knee injury. Hope he's ok. On the Drifter and Crews. It almost like they are purposly making the Drifter boring as a troll job on Full Sail. Kinda like the male Eva Marie. I've seen him on house shows and he's not that bad. He was actually getting babyface heat before they debuted him on TV. His house show theme music was really good. As for Crews, I still think he would be better as a smart ass heel. He's over at full sail but not in the league of Finn, Sami or even a guy like Enzo Amore or the Vaudevillans.
  17. Balor/Swann was awesome for a short match. Greg will probably hate it but Swann rules. I think he'll be a bigger star in WWE than Crews. Asuka/Emma was good but really long. Crowd was pretty dead for it at times. Emma is my favorite woman competitor now. Her squash with Deonna was just brutal. Drifter is the worst. Worse than Bull and A-Ry. My favorite chant of the night was "Drift away". Screw that guy.
  18. I just can't see how anyone could hate Zayn/Joe. Joe was on fire in that match just beating the heck out of Zayn. First fall felt like an old NWA title match from the 80's. The "no selling" I mentioned was in the second fall where Zayn "hulked up" basically. Then he got destroyed in the third so it was all good. Best match I've seen in Full sail since the Sasha/Bayley matches.
  19. Williams/Riddle was amazing live.MOTYC for sure. Riddle is such a great talent for a guy that has been in the business for less than a year. The match told a good story and wasn't a overbooked broadway like that main event. I enjoyed the main but man that went on forever. Not as long as Ciampa/Konley felt like though. I liked 54 better than 55 but both shows were really good.
  20. The show was far from a sell out. I would say about 4-5 thousand maybe. Lot of sections were tarped but I think it will look good on TV. No spoilers except the pop Bayley got for her title match with Carmella was amazing. Easily the biggest pop of the night and it almost gives me hope of what she can do on the main roster.
  21. Thatcher is out with a Staph Infection and is replaced with Sami Callahan. That really sucks..
  22. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ln4kx_lawler-vs-fujinami_tv
  23. Athena wasn't in the battle royal. The pop Carmella got when he eliminated Eva was the loudest pop I've ever heard in Full Sail. Way bigger than Sami Zayn's return.
  24. That show featured: I don't know how Rippa wants the spoilers anymore so I'll wait till he makes the threads. Lots of building to the UCF show on the 22nd and the main storylines were
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