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  1. How much can an armory normally hold? They might only set it up to hold like 200 max (I know that folks often talk about the Florida shows not "drawing" but on the little bit I see from them - it always seems like they are set up to be small shows (possible to save on the cost)) I know the Orlando Amory can only hold like 250 tops plus some standing room only. I'm sure some of the armories/buildings they run are smaller.
  2. I really want to see Michael Cole defend his undefeated Wrestlemania streak vs Kevin Owens at Mania this year. It's the best booked feud in WWE today and I'm almost positive Cole doesn't even know. His reaction to Owens tonight was classic. I know that Reigns is probably winning at Fast Lane but the booking so far makes it look like Ambrose will win and face HHH at mania. Whoever is writing this show really doesn't seem to trust Reigns at all. The political hit is real.
  3. Apparently Ty Dillanger got injured tonight vs Sami Zayn. Looks like a knee injury. Hope he's ok. On the Drifter and Crews. It almost like they are purposly making the Drifter boring as a troll job on Full Sail. Kinda like the male Eva Marie. I've seen him on house shows and he's not that bad. He was actually getting babyface heat before they debuted him on TV. His house show theme music was really good. As for Crews, I still think he would be better as a smart ass heel. He's over at full sail but not in the league of Finn, Sami or even a guy like Enzo Amore or the Vaudevillans.
  4. Balor/Swann was awesome for a short match. Greg will probably hate it but Swann rules. I think he'll be a bigger star in WWE than Crews. Asuka/Emma was good but really long. Crowd was pretty dead for it at times. Emma is my favorite woman competitor now. Her squash with Deonna was just brutal. Drifter is the worst. Worse than Bull and A-Ry. My favorite chant of the night was "Drift away". Screw that guy.
  5. I just can't see how anyone could hate Zayn/Joe. Joe was on fire in that match just beating the heck out of Zayn. First fall felt like an old NWA title match from the 80's. The "no selling" I mentioned was in the second fall where Zayn "hulked up" basically. Then he got destroyed in the third so it was all good. Best match I've seen in Full sail since the Sasha/Bayley matches.
  6. Williams/Riddle was amazing live.MOTYC for sure. Riddle is such a great talent for a guy that has been in the business for less than a year. The match told a good story and wasn't a overbooked broadway like that main event. I enjoyed the main but man that went on forever. Not as long as Ciampa/Konley felt like though. I liked 54 better than 55 but both shows were really good.
  7. The show was far from a sell out. I would say about 4-5 thousand maybe. Lot of sections were tarped but I think it will look good on TV. No spoilers except the pop Bayley got for her title match with Carmella was amazing. Easily the biggest pop of the night and it almost gives me hope of what she can do on the main roster.
  8. Thatcher is out with a Staph Infection and is replaced with Sami Callahan. That really sucks..
  9. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ln4kx_lawler-vs-fujinami_tv
  10. Athena wasn't in the battle royal. The pop Carmella got when he eliminated Eva was the loudest pop I've ever heard in Full Sail. Way bigger than Sami Zayn's return.
  11. That show featured: I don't know how Rippa wants the spoilers anymore so I'll wait till he makes the threads. Lots of building to the UCF show on the 22nd and the main storylines were
  12. Pope busting out laughing when Josh mentioned Schitz creek was the best part of the show. It wasn't bad but just normal boring TNA with no fire or sense of direction. Just so sad seeing Beer Money reunite in TNA and not NXT. Mike Bennett's character is useless with EC3 as champ but at least Maria will make tv weekly. The knockouts match was a total mess. They need some new blood bad in that division but they probably won't last the year on Pop so it doesn't matter.
  13. Looks like Will Grier is going to be leaving the University of Florida and transferring to another school. I guess that means the Gators are stuck with Treon Harris for another year. God that's gonna suck. They will be lucky to win 5 games with that shitty offense. Hopefully the big time freshman that is coming in 2016 will be better.
  14. I've always been a fan of Emma since she started in NXT but man, she's on a whole different level now. Until Sasha gets to be in a showcase match on the main roster and Nikki comes back, I think Emma is right up there with Asuka as the best women's wrestler in the company. She's got really good offense and brought it vs Asuka. That was my favorite match of the whole night. Every match was at least good to Excellent. That tag title match was a breakout performance for both teams. I've seen Dash and Dawson kill it on house shows for what seems like years so it's nice to see team get a push. Enzo/Cas really should have won the titles in Brooklyn. As much as I'll miss seeing them on NXT, it's time for them to go to the main roster. I can't wait for the Big E vs Enzo promo battles on UpUpDownDown. I enjoyed Bayley/Nia but the finish shocked me. I thought it would be a DQ and I was surprised Eva Marie didn't show up. Nia reminds me of Havok a little bit. She's got potential but I think the loss will help her more than hurt her. When she turns on Eva, that's gonna be a joy. Finn/Joe was good thanks to Joe. I kinda wish he won it cause I just can't get into demon Finn. Nothing is really different from regular finn and demon Finn. As for the crowd, I enjoyed the chants. As a guy that goes to Full Sail shows regulary, it's nice to see everyone get involved instead of 15 or 20 people on the hardcam side do chants all night long.
  15. I really enjoyed the Series Finale of the League. Can't go wrong with Larry David as grown up Nick Kroll. I'll miss the show but it was time to end it. This last season was way better than the previous 2 seasons. Went back to the basics even though the DraftKings spots were brutal.
  16. Dillinger is basically what Big E was when he was in NXT with the "5" gimmick. The crowd just likes chanting numbers like the main roster crowd likes chanting "yes". I'm not a big fan of Tye but he's been around for so long that the crowd likes him. Plus he hangs around after shows like Lance Hoyt did with most of this crowd when they were in the Impact zone. Even at the same Ale House.
  17. Went to the final NXT house show in Orlando for 2015 tonight. Not a lot stuff happened. Rich Swann had a fun opener and even did that standing jumping 450 he usually does. Main event was fun with some new blood getting a shot like Riddick Moss. He hasn't debuted yet but he has improved a lot since he first started on house shows. Big news of the night was the debut of 2 Tough Enough competitors. Josh did a god awful promo challenging anyone and how he has 250,000 reasons to be the best. His new name is Bronson Matthews. Daria had her first match vs Nia Jax. Daria was doing a promo but Nia just walked out and challenged her. Daria got off a triangle on Nia which looked nice. I think she's the first one out of the Tough Enough people signed that has had a match on the NXT roster.
  18. I do hope that Eva wins the title cause once that happens, the heat will die down like what happens on house shows. I went to one last week where she teamed with Nia and she got a pop for her entrance and then she wrestled and no one cared. I will say she's better than Aliyah or whatever Nhooph's NXT name is. Alexa/Bayley was better on tape than live. Glad they muted some of the awful "hey we want some Bayley" chants. That was cute at first but got really annoying like most chants.
  19. I wish they would release house show matches for extras on those DVDs. Like at last nights show in Orlando that I went to, the main event was a Survivor Series match Team Crews(Crews, Vaudvillans and Gable/Jordan) vs Team Corbin(Corbin, Dash/Dawson and BAMF). I know they taped it cause I was standing next to the camera. Great match by the way. Aiden did the 3 amigos to a huge pop.
  20. I'm interested in how Friday's NXT show went because I think it was the first time NXT ran two shows in two different cities on the same day(Dallas and in Florida). I know the Florida show had the tag champs feud while the Dallas show had all the big stars minus Bayley and Finn who were in Europe. I guess it was a test run to see how the Florida shows will draw while the main tv guys are on a national tour if they go that route.
  21. Kane in Puerto Rico vs Chicky Starr and Victor the Bodyguard from 2001 Kane as Doomsday vs the Spellbinder. This was the last "live" USWA match that aired on WMC TV-5
  22. He became Psicosis when Nicho left for Promo Azteca/WCW. AAA claimed they owned the Psicosis name so when he left, he had to change his name to Reaper/Ripper. He won a court case where he can use the Psicosis name on the indies but not on TV hence why he's still Ripper on CMLL tv but working as Psicosis on the indies.
  23. I can't stand Aiden English as a babyface so I'm glad the Vaudevillans lost the titles. Aiden is a good heel as the Cass feud proved so hopefully he turns on Gotch and they feud for a while. Gotch is a good babyface so he should be fine. Alexa actually left with the belt when the match was still going on, not after. Dawson/Dash are not really over at all. The squash they had to week after this was just brutal live but I think it will be good on tv. I guess they are transitional champions till Enzo/Big Cass get back for London. Like I mentioned in the other thread, Athena is the new Sasha for this group. I can not wait to see her vs Asuka or Bayley.
  24. Tonight's NXT tapings were pretty newsworthy. Some set up to UK takeover and and epic main event for the 11/19 tapings. Also the crowd was at it's absolute worst, at least the 20-50 hard cam annoying ones.
  25. Wait, what? Crowe was going for his ddt through the ropes thing and Corbin caught him. I guess it wasn't a springboard but it looked cool
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