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  1. If you are talking in ring then you have argument, however if you are talking over all then no. guys like Flair and Savage where great in ring as well, did better character work, great promo's worked heel and face and were bigger draws.
  2. This was actually a thing in the Gawker v. Hogan trail where he claimed he was on the Howard Stern show as Hulk Hogan not Terry Bollea, the closet thing I can think of is musical acts like Spinal Tap, Steel Panther, maybe some rappers like Snoop Dog who appear on shows and such in charecter.
  3. The only time I've felt embarrassed to be a wrestling fan is when watching some of the excessively cringe, like The Dr. McMahon skit (although I can laugh at things like Snitky punts a baby its the problematic shit that makes me feel bad). Although It might not be the first thing I would want people to know about me seeing as some people view it as childish entertainment. Also I've gotten used to the ridiculous of a fictional world where as Ron Funches would say "disputes are settled via bodyslam"
  4. Looks like Sam Kinison A few thoughts on Eddie Kingston. Eddie Kingston reminds me of Paul Heyman's description of the Tommy Dreamer character "the man oppressed". He's the ultimate underdog character so he should lose most of his feuds. He the hero in the greek tragedy who continually reaches beyond his grasp, if he ever went on a long winning streak he'd lose all that. And I think if he ever does win the Big One, he should immediately lose to MJF
  5. @SturmCRFI totally agree with this. I don't hold Vince personally responsible for Eddie's death BUT I do hold him responsible for creating a toxic environment where you get juiced to get noticed by the boss, get on pain killers to deal with injuries, self medicate to deal with the grind of the road. Hopefully AEW continues to move away from that. And Brian Cage can do all the Steroids he personally wants if AEW is willing to put Darby over him
  6. yhea but we are still masked up (at least in LA) and who knows for how long. I'd imagine its wait and see
  7. I would imagine AEW is waiting for California to fully open up (and stay open) before comitting to running shows out here, anyway here's this
  8. https://www.menshealth.com/trending-news/a38225563/adam-page-hangman-aew/?fbclid=IwAR0E_zvkA2-nFqeY0_RtC4sKmQ_2NMHdgdSuZd21EY17UtQjtKaOWZFSIeY
  9. I still feel that we need a new Lucha Underground. One of these studio with a streaming service should build a set in a sound stage, find some writers who are fans and sign some of this talent.
  10. To throw it back to the Dream Matches this is mine one and only... a Cinematic Match which starts off with Mox puliing up to Yano's crib in a some sort of Dr. Seuss mobile, Yano looking terrified as he peaks out the curtains, he escapes out the back door into a neighboring bakery ony for Mox to pop out of a cake
  11. She's fairly new , only wrestling about 2-3 years (and a good chunk of that time was in the middle of the pandemic) so she's probably a bit aways from being a ring general.
  12. He's a professional curmudgeon who hates fun, see also rap music and sports betting
  13. I've always felt it should be treated as two different disciplines. It looks different because the rule set is different, just like wrestling and boxing.
  14. My only issue with Lambert is that its getting redundant, this is kinda an issue with AEW where you have the feuds that tread water with people doing the same thing every week.
  15. This was about the perfect wrestling show. I kinda wish we never see Bryan doing headbutt spots again. I have no problem with Eddie losing because he's got the golden tounge and sure enough one backstage segment and he's got his heat back, That table is All Elite
  16. Its one of those gimmick where I would worry that if you took it out of the indies and put it on the big stage people might see it as homophobic
  17. One wrestler I really wish would jump is Big E to 2005 TNA just for his debut... Mike Tenay: OH WE KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!! Don West: HE'S HERE TO SLAP MEAT IN THE IMPACT ZONE!!!
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