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  1. I was thinking him for a minute, but he’s too flashy. Tangentially, I am a little confused by his recent spate of appearances. And Daniels for that matter as well. Both very good wrestlers and I suppose their names make them credible jobbers, but I’d rather have guys like Silver and Reynolds. Then again, they’ve decided to bring back Anthony Ogogo after 2 years where no one even remembered or cared that he was gone.
  2. Ok, so good hand, vanilla wrestler. His Rampage comp would be maybe Kyle O’Reilly? Except he’s not a jobber. How about Alex Reynolds?
  3. I’m going to be Pennsylvania archaeology networking (read: drinking beers at hotel bar) during Collision and possibly even BotB. Probably won’t be able to catch up until Monday.
  4. Butcher is maybe the closest to The Gambler. I don’t remember Frankie Lancaster.
  5. Gonna be honest, I saw a couple of people online asking where they can go that’s not the Twitter/Reddit/normal websites and I didn’t share our fortune.
  6. Ok, but hear me out, can we have that as well because it would be awesome?!?!
  7. She had a match with Red Velvet where the crowd totally turned on RV, which actually ended up with her becoming a Baddie. And then she had one of maybe 3 good matches with Jade, to the point the crowd turned on Jade. Excellent match a month or so again with Skye Blue, they’re close friends and work really well together, it was probably Skye’s best singles match.
  8. It’s like people forget Vince spent weeks on the Billionaire Ted skits, and that it was USA Networks who told him to knock it off.
  9. Neither side seems to be able to move on and let it go. But AEW/TK had more to lose by not being the bigger party at this point in time.
  10. Stardom head: “Coach Tony, a group of our workers will be in the US for Wrestlemania and NJPW in April. We know you love working with Japanese companies and have some of our former gaijin stars. Would you like some of our women to be on your shows?” Tony: “Absolutely, I’ve been wanting to make this happen for a few years!!! Now let me see where we have our shows that week...West Virginia...(deep sigh)...Kentucky...(deeper sigh)...fuck it, our TV fans will care at least”
  11. Cope and Penta had a banger, Dustin bled buckets, May and Jay had a solid match, Willow got put over BIG TIME, but none of that is going to matter.
  12. Whoa, did not know about Joe and forgot about Hero
  13. I only know one and the one out of frame.
  14. I haven’t had the time or energy to even watch Collision from Saturday (or the main from Rampage), and all the online discourse about what this clip might be has been kinda killing my excitement for that and tonight. Plus I really am fine without any Jack Perry.
  15. My wife and I have been trying to find old episodes of 120 Minutes on YT, there are a few but most have had to trim videos out because of copyright claims.
  16. I went down to the Suplex Vintage Wrestling store block party last Saturday afternoon. I didn’t get out of the house early enough for the Nick Wayne vs. Marcus Mathers match, but I caught a main event of Joey Janela vs. someone named Jimmy Lloyd who based on his arm scars is usually a death match guy. Anyway, I went over to get a beer from a tent that said Pilger Ruh Brewing, which turns out to be co-owned by Tony Deppen, who was there serving the beer. He commented on my 7 Seconds jacket and we talked about punk rock shows while waiting for the foam to settle. Nice guy, and it was a solid Keller pils.
  17. I definitely assumed that in the moment live!
  18. And you know, I think that’s bullshit and don’t respect that he hooded back up. He made the decision, he lives with it.
  19. I just finished watching that whole segment and match and yes, they included the pre-match interview, and he came across like a fired-up young guy looking to make the most of his shot. For a hot minute I thought we were going to get a London Lightning Kid moment.
  20. Also forgot to include how amazing Willow’s promo was. They totally dropped the ball back when she was feuding with Jade and actually got the fans to turn on Jade and root for Willow to win. If nothing else, Jade should have also had a farewell match where she put Willow over. She is just pure genuine babyface positivity and has an infectious energy. It sure if they’re trying to book Mone as a narcissistic heel, but that’s how things are starting to go.
  21. I’m in the same bizarro-verse with you then. I’m not an Archer fan so I’m biased but that was a slog that IMO did nothing to help Bryan and felt like a callback to his WWE formula (beat down by plodding big guy who no-sells most of his shit until Bryan finally does the “yes” limit break in the corner). Otherwise, I enjoyed the show even with some spoilers. Rosa’s best matches in AEW have been the street fights/cage matches and her matches with Toni Storm, so not surprising that going against Toni May brought out her best. Very stiff, pretty crisp, good pacing, good character work, good selling. Bucks actually pulled out the super kicks, but still mostly wrestled within their new heel style. Very sad about Trent, even if it’s been teased for weeks now. The contract signing was awesome, it’s going to be HUGE when Swerve gets that win. Maybe it’ll be a no-DQ and he chokes out Joe with the chain.
  22. I just finished watching it and those killed me. I love that part of her character is being your unfiltered aunt saying the most inappropriate shockingly raunchy things out of the blue.
  23. So you’re saying Tony Tony TONY has done it again?
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