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  1. Since we're airing our grievances everywhere, I feel like there are too many table spots lately, especially in relatively meaningless matches. Why did we need a corner post to table spot for Andretti and Sammy, especially just a few days after a similar table spot in the PPV title match where it was such a huge deal? It cheapens that huge moment in that huge match to have a lower-midcard feud that hardly even counts as a feud have such a big spot. Build to that shit.
  2. The only interesting thing Jade has done in months and an angle that made the belt and the matches actually fresh? More of that please.
  3. I feel like they missed a great opportunity to sell the ROH weekly streaming show with the tag titles. Instead of a huge ladder match at the PPV, they could’ve run a tournament with 8 teams spread out over 2-3 weeks with the final match at the PPV.
  4. Three televised women’s matches a week? Is the world ready?
  5. Opening match had a lot of moves. I don’t think the crowd loves Andretti as much as Jericho and AEW does. There were a few too many very long setups for movez, they need to work on flow and timing. It was oddly nice to see a true squash, and it was a way for the Acclaimed to do all their crowdpleasing stuff and, well, please the crowd. I’m sure they’ll have a fun comedy match with 2.0. Vance is green and it shows. I thought he had superstar potential for a while but he’s just really stiff movement-wise and it’s still clearly thinking/going through the match layout in his head. Takeshita is my fave and he had to try and carry this and it wasn’t quite there, but at least he gets a TV win over a “name” wrestler. Riho-Nyla was good but not near the level of Riho-Emi. Crowd loved Riho a lot, and she does throw out some impressive stuff but I also think that being that small she really needs to throw some nasty Meiko-level shotgun drop kicks. Crowd kind of died for the Outcasts. Backstage stuff was fine. Mark Briscoe was great. Maybe they should think about moving Top Flight down to ROH and letting them actually get a title run.
  6. I get what you’re saying but at this point the AEW house style allows for huge moves that used to be deadly finishers early in the match. I mean 20 years ago the piledriver was one of the most protected moves in wrestling around the world and now it’s just a setup. Or, by wrestling logic, it’s not his finisher, so when he does it he isn’t able to do it in such a way as to finish his opponent. I see it kind of like the progression of professional sports, especially football. In 1985 William Perry was a superstar because he was a moderately athletic 300 pound guy. Now you have 6’2” 350 pounders dunking basketballs and running 4.6 40s. Today’s NFL linebacker was a 1960s offensive lineman. You have 6’8 point guards in the NBA.
  7. I like Philly or Buffalo as landing spots because I would love for Bijan to be a starter for a Super Bowl contender, and also because I would get an Eagles shirt with Bijan's jersey and pretend to be an Eagles fan. Roschon Johnson is going to be your late Day 2 early day 3 steal.
  8. Staying steady through the first 45 minutes when it was almost all action and no real commercial breaks, then starts cratering once the show goes talk heavy. Killing the BCC heat and pushing the Dark Order as more than beloved jobbers isn't popping numbers either.
  9. Nah, we can get Goth Phase part 2! https://youtu.be/_roALEXFv_k
  10. the shitty British "chef" from Restaurant Impossibe?
  11. When Ruby said “outcasts” I wondered if that was the name they were going to settle on. Makes sense and plays on the “Outsiders”/NWO ripoff.
  12. The matches were all very good. OC-Lethal working body parts was a nice touch and Lethal’s miss of the Injection because of the shoulder looked great. We’re finally getting OC-Jarrett which I didn’t know I needed a couple of months ago. After my skepticism, they really did a good job of retconning Ruby’s heel turn and making total sense, and she gave a great promo. Fun match, glad it got competitive because I’m a big fan of Skye Blue. Apparently Britt and Jayme can’t be arsed to make a save for the young originals. People were clowning AEW on Twitter for the International Women’s Day post showing a bunch of women who rarely make TV because they never show more than one women’s match. Glad for FTR to be back. We really need secondary mens tag belts. Jade made me Google who on the AEW roster is from Canada and Bunny is the only one I could immediately find and they’ve already wrestled this year. Maybe if Jade could lose she could actually move up the card. Trios was fun enough, AR Fox is amazing, but probably the least match of the night. Top Flight are a perfect example of why they need a secondary tag title. Why make a 3-way trios instead of a match for the #1 contenders? We’ll miss ya, Bryan. Hope your family convinces you that you want the title for a bit. I guess beating up Dark Order is the only way to kinda sorta turn BCC heel. Not sure why they need to be, already lots of heel factions. Hellacious beating administered, and some nice feats of strength from Silver. I guess Evil Uno gets a win over Mox in Canadia. Starting the match in back with a car really had me thinking that the break-in was an angle with Hobbs. Big bump on the windshield by Hobbs. Some perfectly fine clobbering and throwing dudes into things. The top rope to table swanton by Wardlow was amazing stuff. Finish was one of the most deflating ways to end the match that I could have imagined.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I’m basically the Jaguars Fan gif right now.
  14. sorry, just laughing at a wrestler named Ben Dejo, that's clever.
  15. I saw Cocaine Bear last night and was losing my shit laughing at the red band trailer for Strays. It's going to be another incredibly dumb outrageously funny totally random movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5uKGfRzvk4
  16. Yeah, black metal ass-kickers and their goth girl acolyte works just fine.
  17. Dragon's second fall came as a result of a DQ on MJF's low-blow. Bryce made the sign but then MJF did the pins so fast they didn't have time to discuss it until a couple of minutes later which made it seem like a fudge
  18. Ok, Zoey Dubois is back which means I have to find time to watch this.
  19. His sister says he wasn't at the house at the time, but a kid was shot while playing out front of Joe Mixon's house and the shots allegedly came from inside his house. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/sheriffs-deputies-enter-joe-mixons-home-after-shots-fired-call-no-arrests-made-per-reports/
  20. I just assumed they realized that they have like 5 big guys better than Luchasaurus at this point and let his contract run out.
  21. This is interesting to think about, but to me the storyline has always been about Mox gleefully trying to drag Page down to his level because he hated how Page tried to put himself as above it. And now we're going to get Page having to reckon with what he's done.
  22. Following the rules of the angle: Being someone who didn't watch wrestling for quite a long time, isn't Athena the only woman wrestler on the AEW/ROH roster who would be "well-known" as a former WWE wrestler? So unless this all leads to Mone showing up (as a heel) you're going to have to sign someone like a Micki James or act like a Marina Shafir or Tay Conti was a WWE superstar. For the originals? Jade is the obvious AEW original. Then someone like Bunny or Anna Jay who has done some street fights and can also eat a pin. I'm going to presume that Rosa is a no-go.
  23. Using this post as my outline since I agree with all of this (although I don't hate The Elite and I don't care about HoB). Glad to see Starks get the big win in a good match, like the codebreaker-spear reversal. Also glad it was clean and Andretti was minimally involved. Hopefully they can actually move Ricky up the card. Jungle Boy-Christian didn't do much for me, other than Christian's turtleneck gear. Having this on the same show with a higher card Texas death match meant that this was relatively tame. I guess if I had been watching since 2019 I would be really bought into Jack Perry as a future star, but I didn't and I'm not. I don't know, needed more true hate and less wishy-washy. The Trios title is almost as meaningless as the TBS title at this point, but it was a very good match in the sense that everyone got to do their best work, and I enjoyed it especially when Brody King got to just maul people. Women's three-way had some moments but never fully clicked. Ruby as "the third way" was super interesting, we need more stories where someone says "No, I don't have to choose a side, I choose myself and the title". Her turn makes no sense to me and felt very much like some of the dumb NWO turns that really killed people's heat, but hey, at least she was able to eat the pin to protect Saraya's undefeated record. Texas Death Match was just a great all-out brawl that made good use of the barbed wire and felt like Page's graduation from the BCC training fights except this was about hate, not respect. The bricks were a new thing for me. I don't actually remember much about Joe-Wardlow other than Wardlow not hitting the symphony and instead beating Joe with one of his own moves (a theme for the night). Other than winning the Face of the Revolution match, I'm not sure Hobbs has really shown enough to earn a title run so we'll see where they go with this. I like the idea of this as a hoss belt, maybe we can get Keith Lee involved. Tag match had lots of Memphis, comedy, and fanservice but once OC and Danhausen were the 4th team it was obvious who was going to eat the pin, only minor doubt was whether it would be Gunns or Triple J. Glad FTR is back, but feel like Acclaimed are getting kind of screwed. I was very into the main event, there was actually a lot less stalling and chickenshit hiding from MJF than I expected. It's funny because after Danielson won the first fall my immediate thought was "he should immediately go for another pin!" and then that came into play a couple of minutes later. Lots of hardway blood in this, still not sure how MJF got that huge knot on his head but he was about a .6 Ruby after that. The table spot almost went really bad, some of the metal frame was sticking out right by Danielson's head. Like many, I was surprised Chekov's water bottle didn't pay off (but not surprised Max needed water after dehydrating himself for his thirst trap photo). MJF impressed me as a wrestler, but also did a lot of the things that make me hate him as a heel in the "I don't want to see this asshole have any success" way more than the "I hope some good guy really sticks it to this bad guy". Punk, Mox, and now Danielson have put MJF over. I'm not sure he will ever pay that forward. I was fully expecting Punk to walk in at the end. Finally, if this is Danielson's last run, you really need to give him a short time with your main title to have his name be a part of that lineage.
  24. That's what I fully expected and I was a little disappointed. I hope he comes back.
  25. Yeah, I feel like they used to have 4 matches!
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