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  1. AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, WrestleKingdom 10 Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, NXT Takeover: Dallas Kenny Omega vs. Tetsuya Naito, G1 Climax Tomohiro Ishii vs. Kazuchika Okada, G1 Climax Katsuyori Shibata vs.Tomohiro Ishii, WrestleKingdom 10 DIY vs. The Revival, NXT Takeover: Toronto
  2. Does this guy know how to party or what?
  3. I really hope no one is naive enough to believe these adderall stories. Do you really think all of these guys/girls are ADHD? I mean, there's a good chance many of them get dirty doctors to fill them scripts for adderall (among other pills), but even still why would do many make the mistake of letting their scripts expire? Its just the latest excuse for getting popped for getting high. The only source for knowing the adderall excuse is from the people getting caught, we never hear confirmation of what drug it was. So that could be bullshit too. I mean, why has there never been a single suspension for a wrestler having no/expired script for pain pills? Are you telling me that not a single worker is popping some pain pills?
  4. Well, ya gotta lock the door. Poor form by that person. I used my fair share of fast food bathrooms, though I never stooped to the level some do in actually using the toilet water. a man has got to have principles.
  5. Doing coke is a lot easier than fixing up heroin to shoot. Fast food bathroom is a pretty common place.
  6. This is my favorite part: "She goes to ECW, where she claims Paul promised to pay her 20,000 more than she was making in the WWF. Sounds dubious." I'd be willing to bet you that Tammy's book would probably fit better in the fiction section. You get that sense from a few of the stories she tells. Also, she spends like 5 pages talking about her HOF induction and all of 1 talking about Candido's death. That was sad to me. Hell Damien fucking Darling gets ten times the space as Candido does. But that's because Damien SENT her to jail, it was never her fault.
  7. He liked to bend me over the bathroom counter and watch as he did me from behind, while I was applying ruby red lipstick, over and over again, just applying thick coats until I looked like the Joker from Batman. I never really understood what he got out of it, but it turned him on something fierce and got him rock hard.
  8. So, I feel ashamed to have added to her bank account, but I bought Tammy's book. I posted a review of it here: http://jojomellon.blogspot.com/2016/02/a-star-shattered-rise-fall-rise-of.html Inbox me if you'd like to read it. It's basically a glorified blog. And she claims it took her SIX FUCKING YEARS to write. Amazing. Some of the book is even fluffed out with just some random journal entries she claims to have written while in jail, feeling like she was just trying to make the thing a bit longer. She honestly says nothing she hasn't said in her endless serious of Shoot interviews. That is, save for TWO previously untold stories. The first is a revelation about what REALLY happened between her a Bret Hart. The second is an absolutely creepy, David Lynch-like fetish that Shawn Michaels liked to do while he was fucking her. It's a must read and you will never look at HBK the same way again. And for fun, here's my review of her 'movie': http://jojomellon.blogspot.com/2016/02/sunny-side-up-pornographic-film-from.html
  9. I reviewed Sunny's book (and her porn, the review of which was heavily praised by THE BOARD over at f4wonline.com) You can check em out here: http://jojomellon.blogspot.com Spoiler: The book sucks, but does contain one HILARIOUS story about HBK and a certain fetish he had.
  10. Watching this Daniel Bryan's Greatest Moments on WWE Network. And I know it's probably been discussed to death by others but.... watching his return at Summerslam vs. Nexus. What a fucking waste that angle was. Now, I don't pretend that David Otunga or Michael Tarver were going to be stars, but fuck what a hot, exciting angle that was in a pool of complete and utter monotony that the WWE has been the last 10+ years. With Wade Barrett as the leader, he along with Justin Gabriel, the Ryback, and maybe even Heath Slater or Darren Young could have gotten over so much more than they did. Their sum was definitely greater than that of their parts. You had this group of 7 guys who may have been green but at least felt like new blood to the show and had a storyline behind their respective characters. How do you mess that up?
  11. I remember a story from, say, 1998? Of Harley Race going backstage and telling Chris Benoit to stop doing the headbutt. Maybe it was an Al Isaacs creation but thats a pretty odd story to invent.
  12. Her book would confirm this. That came out in what, 2000? That book clearly classified her as batshit insane.
  13. if the Freebirds go in and its the Jimmy Garvin/Michael Hayes version, I'm going to go on the internet and complain. I'd bet anything it will be. I hope Im wrong.
  14. Understand the feeling. It's so fucking good though. The insanity of those guys in making a mobster hollywood film is amazing.
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