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  1. I wonder if he ran way long? It seemed like Jimmy and Dave were legit trying to get him to stop at various points throughout his promo. That said, it was pretty great.
  2. This is legit the worst major awards show broadcast I have ever seen. I stopped watching about an hour ago, after I saw Michelle Williams win a well-deserved Emmy. The joke about being blind and messing up all the names was deeply disrespectful to the nominees and their work. Also, who TF is writing that material for Thomas Lennon? If he's writing it, I want him blackballed from Hollywoo forever.
  3. JFC, that bump to the floor from the balcony was ridiculous. Even ECW would have put a table or three in between.
  4. Watching now. Nothing was going to keep me from slashers and Emma Roberts.
  5. The more complex that moves have become over the years, the more it looks like choreography. Doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining, but it’s definitely a lot less like an actual fight.
  6. Cute when she's angry. What's happening here? Why is she on NXT? This is not a throwback pic, I don't think. (Or is it?)
  7. You'll find that it's not the end of the world to stop watching for a few months or a year or more. The only thing you lose is the current stuff, and it's easy enough to catch up. Memphis and Georgia and NWA-WCW and ECW and 90's AJPW and anything else you might like aren't going anywhere. Only the new stuff is affected. And in fact, it occurs to me that there's something to be said for letting other folks sift through all the junk on new TV, leaving behind the best recommended matches and angles.
  8. Wow! I wonder what AJ's bodyfat % is there?
  9. Just watched this one, based on your comment. Hardcore Title matches are probably my least favorite "popular" WWF match. But this one was pretty damned awesome. Rhyno bumped like a fiend. They made creative use of the ring steps and the shopping cart. (seriously, someone needs to GIF that spot where Rhyno gores himself into the cart) Plus, both dudes rocking that sweet sweet facial hair. So many unprotected headshots, though.
  10. You had me at Mandy Money. Love her on The Flash and Max Headroom. Don't think I have ever seen her in a film.
  11. I have about 3 days left on my AMC Stubbs Membership before it expires. So I can see 3 movies. Rambo will be one. Looks like there's a Keira Knightley film, Official Secrets. That one. I'll see movies just for her. But this one has a helluva cast alongside her. Matthew Goode, Matt Smith, Rhys Ifans, Ralph Fiennes. Some of my favorites. Just did my tickets for a triple feature this afternoon. The third film is Brittany Runs A Marathon, which I have not heard of before but is getting great reviews and looks solid on the trailer.
  12. The most fun I have ever had at the cinema was probably Endgame on opening night. I went back two more times, including the next day, to try and recreate that experience. But it didn't happen.
  13. He's Mary Poppins, y'all! Michael Rooker makes everything better.
  14. ETA - there's nothing in the spoiler box, in case you were looking for Erika. I don't know how to erase it when using only a partial quote. I recently watched BOOGIE NIGHTS with my parents. It's no easier when you're grown, is it? I need to rewatch those others one you mentioned.
  15. Who knew we suddenly had a jean shorts theme going on? Nicely spotted!
  16. Just watched Under Siege for first time in years. Yeah, it’s awesome as ever. Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey are having a ball, and Stevie-boy could act a little, back when he cared to try. And Erika is my Baywatch connection.
  17. Wish I could like this pic more than once.
  18. *obligatory “your post is blank” comment*
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