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  1. I'm pretty sure airport etiquette only requires Sasha to "talk" to fans until the taser batteries go dead.
  2. I've seen quite a few comments from critics & players that suggest Twilight Princess is the better game. I've gotten the impression that Twilight Princess is regarded as a much better game. That's all second-hand though. I don't own a Wii, so I've never played Skyward Sword or read a lot reviews of it. I did play through Twilight Princess on the GameCube and thought it was great fun. Honestly, it's Zelda. Either game is probably worth your time.
  3. Completely forgot it came out on Wii. Oops. Yeah, Klonoa as a Nintendo game makes too much sense. Dark ending aside, it's the sort of charming, cutesy platformer Nintendo used to do so well (or, more accurately, Rare used to do so well for Nintendo). I feel like I've really underestimated the PS1. Never owned one until recently and my general impression of the PS1 has been clunky 3-D graphics and a 2D graphics engine that couldn't compete with the Saturn. Bought a number of PS1 games I quite like lately and started going through the catalog to come up with a more thorough want list. There are a lot of games that don't hold up well graphically (lol, every 3D fighter) but their are an awful lot of good games in there. My want list for the system is going to be kinda long.
  4. Finished Klonoa: Door to Phantomille tonight (PS One). Yeah, i was not prepared for that ending. That turned dark in a hurry. Great game. How Klonoa did not end up on a Nintendo platform, I dunno.
  5. It's hilarious that not only did that crowd refuse to boo Becky, she's got a stronger babyface reaction than she's gotten the past three years. She's miscast as a heel. Charlotte is miscast as a face. So I assume WWE will continue to book the feud that way. I half expected Big E to turn heel last night. Weird stuff from him. I'm probably in the minority but i won't miss the Bludgeon Brothers. They seem pretty limited to squash matches (Rowan is awful in the ring, neither one can talk, etc.). Much prefer to see their tv time given to the Bar, Usos, whoever.
  6. To each their own, but I really don't think those PS2 import fighting game compilations are fairly good. The PS2 versions of King of Fighters 98 and 2002 (Ultimate Match and Unlimited Match) play pretty well and generally are very well-reviewed. I don't think KoF '94 Rebout and the Orochi Saga compilation play well, but I also don't think the original games hold up well either. Beyond that, I enjoyed the Darkstalkers comp a lot, the Hyper Fighters Anniversary Collection was much nicer in presentation that the SF 15th Anniversary Collection released in the US, etc. Really, I pick up those PS2 games because I want them for my collection. I usually have the same game for whatever Sega system it originally came out on, and I play that version and buy the PS reissue because it's something unusual to own. There were a lot of fighting games re-released on PS2 fairly late in the system's life cycle (2005-2009). Generally, those games were Japan exclusives and had low print runs. Nice copies are fairly scarce these days and get good money. I'm a huge PS2 fan and I really don't need too much prodding to pick up a PS2 import if it's in great shape. Passed on Last Blade. Probably regret it later, but I knocked a number of imports off my list and the same guy came up with a nice copy of Klonoa: Door to Phantomille and Sonic CD, both of which set me back a good bit. I love the Klonoa platformers but really wish they were Nintendo games. Finally acquired a Japanese version of Mario 64 today - the re-release with rumble pak support (Super Mario Shindou Edition). Kind of interesting pickup.
  7. Any fighting game fans out there familiar with a SNK game called The Last Blade? Buying some PS2 fighting game imports and trying to decide about a few games not on my want lists. I've heard good things about Last Blade 1 & 2, but never actually seen the game in action (other than Youtube) much less played it myself.
  8. C) Pull Becky off TV until her contract expires?
  9. I kinda want to know what exactly is going on here.... but I'm also afraid someone might tell me. I'm going to assume the answer is "It's Japan" and call it a day.
  10. USA's original programming has become such a train wreck. I'm kinda surprised they didn't just admit defeat and throw money at the WWE to keep both RAW and Smackdown.
  11. It's cute y'all are acting like Vince McMahon's mouth doesn't move when Tye Dillinger speaks on this issue.
  12. At the time, New Foundation struck me as a very "Creative has nothing for you" team.' Really, they probably just had a lot of unsold Hammer pants to get rid of. There was a phase when Vince really seemed to love goofy outfits (his own and the wrestlers).
  13. Yeah, I logged in this evening and realized I was about seven pages behind in this thread. I read two or three pages then jumped to page 26. The pages I did read were a slog. Jesus, I leave y'all alone for 24 hours and the thread goes nuts. I don't even blame Meltzer. Anyone who's followed him on Twitter realizes he shouldn't be left unattended for a full day. Alvarez should probably be grateful that Dave stuck his foot so far into his mouth that it reached his ass 'cause right before that Dave said something about not personally finding Peyton as attractive (Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!) as he used to and Alvarez said something hilariously awkward like "Well, yeah, not everyone finds her unattractive (Dave was trying to emphasize that he was speaking for himself, not everyone on the planet. Good thing he clarified that or we would have all been confused). I get Dave's point, but the whole tangent should have been avoided. It could be worse. Coach could have managed to finish explaining the difference between men and women a few weeks back on RAW. No doubt that would have turned out well.
  14. Anyone ever played any of the older New Japan "Toukon" games? At the moment, I'm wondering if Toukon Road 1 or 2 for the N64 is worthwhile, but I'm also wondering about the later Toukon Retsuden games for PlayStation and Dreamcast. I'd guess I'll pick up at least one or two of the PSOne/Dreamcast game. Are the N64 games still worthwhile? The other N64 wrestling games are kinda hit and miss with me at this point - more miss.
  15. I honestly had no idea that Buffy comics were still being published. I'm not super into the hobby these days but I do go down to the lcs once a month or so to pick up my small reserve pile.
  16. I know Vince is almost always willing to whore the company out for mainstream publicity (and Saudi cash), but I still don't think giving David Coverdale a title match was the way to go.
  17. Is Hank really regarded as unsalvageable? That's news to me (though I admittedly stick to the outer fringe of the hobby and am often not up on current news and trends).
  18. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/intermittent-explosive-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20373921
  19. I had no idea this many people on the board Punk and Cabana personally and knew enough about their relationships and personalities to have insight into what caused their falling out.
  20. I think I preferred the "delusional heel still think he's a babyface" gimmick when it was Atlantis was doing it.
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