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  1. On the flip side of Caley, I have a hard time understanding the praise for Interstellar. I don't want to hijack the thread because I assume this discussion has been done to death on the board elsewhere, but while it looks fantastic, the plot/characters is so by-the-numbers in the worst possible way. Not meaning it had to be super original or mind-blowing, but there's nothing surprising about it at all. Maybe my expectations were too high cause of Nolan/2001, but I was left bored and wanting more. The fact that the message of love was able to get to so many people's emotion is kinda surprising
  2. I thought the stuff about him trying to go back to WCW as a job guy was interesting.
  3. Agree that the Jackrum reveal was a shame. It was inevitable after a certain point, but I felt it took away from his role rather than add to it. Maybe if (almost) literally every other major character didn't have the same plot twist, it would have been acceptable.
  4. And I certainly would try another one of his books. There seems to be a lot of topics covered and some sound very intriguing. Like the Mort stuff for instance. Maybe sometime down the line.
  5. Sorry to say I didn't love this. Took me two weeks to get through the last half as I just had a hard time reading it for extended periods, especially once I realized nothing surprising or at least that interesting was going to occur after a certain point. The comparison to Whedon is perfect. I can respect the smart writing, but I don't think I like it very much. It gets kinda cutesy at times which totally took me out of it. Yes, it's intelligent, but it doesn't flow well enough for a non-fan. As for the plot, I was digging it until the main theme started to become overly intrusive. By the en
  6. Looks good. I'm aware of the series, but have never read any of them. I assume they are not meant to be read in order, considering each book sounds so wildly different?
  7. Going to the used bookstore Sunday so would love if we had a September pick before then.
  8. Yes. If you find various articles about greatest teams of the 90s, they are usually mentioned near the top. They're record was comparatively better than any team this year so far, with most teams just hitting their number of wins as of now, with about twenty or so more games played. I just didn't realize how great they were until this book.
  9. Bill Murray was so bad his first year on SNL, he actually did a sketch where he spent the entire time apologizing for how unfunny he had been. Eh, that was on his sixth show out of like 100 so I wouldn't put too much weight into that. His overall legacy on the show is pretty solid. On his side of the 75-85 bracket, I'd say only Radner and Belushi have arguments over him.
  10. Hell, I'd say Hooks/Dunn/Jackson is better than Fey/Poehler/Rudolph or any combination of females from the past ten years.
  11. Curtin shouldn't be losing to Short and Hooks shouldn't be losing to Schneider. That's the biggest drawback of opening this up to the general public who usually vote based on name recognition. Despite the rules specifically stating the voting should be based on "work done on SNL".
  12. What's up with the intro to the quote basically being the same as the quote that follows?
  13. Finished this already since it's a subject I enjoy and I was able to get through it quickly. I didn't realize how stacked those late 70s/early 80s teams were, which makes it all the more surprising that they didn't have more success. I had a harder time getting through the rest of the book knowing that 1981 was their peak. Even though Keri at times tries to play devil's advocate or take the less popular opinion on things like Jeffrey Lauria, I still think the entire Expos franchise history is a collection of very poor decisions and lack of foresight, but I enjoyed reading about them. I als
  14. Already started reading it. Yes, I am a fan of baseball and its history, but this is an incredible book so far. What an interesting topic and very well-written. Really happy with this pick.
  15. Not sure what the rules are here regarding downloads, but if you type in "up up and away jonah keri epub" on Google, you'll find the book immediately.
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