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  1. Second this. It was aided a bit by the whitest of white hot crowds, and the Hangman/DO entrance video was SUPERB, but the Dark Order guys really raised their in-ring game to match Omega & the Bucks and they worked circles around Gallows & Anderson. That shit felt like a big deal from beginning to end, and Stu Greyson may have put himself in a new tax bracket with his performance in that match. It's also remarkable to me how insanely over John Silver is, and good for him.
  2. I keep forgetting All Out is as soon as it is. You're probably right.
  3. If there’s an open spot I’ll take it. Otherwise, good luck everyone…
  4. I feel like Mox/Miro might be on at All Out. Mox was supposed to get Tanahashi(?) or another njpw star, but that appears to be on hold. I could see Miro/Kingston leading to Mox getting involved.
  5. He should just show up in the audience and not wrestle. When Schiavone goes and asks him why, he should say “my wife has two high paying jobs. Why would I work?” Then she gets pissed so he wrestles exactly enough to honor his contract & make $. Make him the Jefferson D’Arcy of AEW…
  6. They got my wife through her second trimester. We probably paid off that Teal dudes student debt with all the salt we went through…
  7. I'm still not 100% convinced that Nick Khan isn't a sleeper agent for Tony. TK loves his Attitude Era tributes, so it would be fitting if his biggest one yet is having someone infiltrate the opposition from within, like Vince did with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan. In three years when WWE gets sold to Disney/Fox, Tony is gonna bring Nick out at the beginning of Dynamite and reveal that his evil plan worked. Also, aliens killed JFK.
  8. Why have a women’s division, then? If it’s just gonna be Charlotte getting pushed over the top of everyone? She doesn’t have the fan interest any of the other horsewomen do, and “good matches” are pointless if there’s no direction around them.
  9. I tweeted earlier that the difference in AEW and WWE is that AEW made me care about Jake Hager & WWE made me stop caring about AJ Styles. I have never seen any entertainment property so hell bent on punishing their audience for giving a shit about characters as WWE is. Why would I invest any time or energy into any up and coming female superstar while Charlotte is on the roster? Why should I have any faith that there is some long term story being told with Bianca? WWE got what they wanted; their "black girl magic" Mania main event. I feel bad for Nikki, too. You could start a pretty decent Indy Fed built around just the folks who's careers have been cut off at the knees so Roman Reigns and Charlotte could collect brass rings. It's just sad. WWE was a big part of my life for a long time. Now I have trouble caring about any of these characters, knowing that the man pulling the strings is an out of touch Boomer that loves dick jokes.
  10. So, another cool thing I saw on twitter was that some news anchor or sports guy in the Midwest tweeted something like "kept watching when I just wanted to see Punk, and the next match has a guy named Luchasaurus! No first name, no last name, motherfucker's a dinosaur!" Which led to a whole comment thread about how he had a degree in medieval literature and how his tag partner was Dylan Walsh's kid. I imagine this happened a good bit. Lapsed fans tuning in to see Punk and liking what they saw when they stuck around. THAT's how you build a company...
  11. I’d keep adding people to Andrade’s entourage. Ric Flair as his “drip” consultant, see if the guy who plays Dario Cueto will come in and be his “financial advisor,” Melissa Santos as his personal ring announcer, and keep Chavo. He can be in the background yelling about how they’re spending too much money. Maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but Andrade needs to feel like the biggest deal possible at all times.
  12. As a newish father myself, I’d be living vicariously through them. Also, once I figured out what “ftk” stood for I had a REAL good laugh…
  13. 4 AM feedings make a man surly fast. Working Mox doesn't look like much fun on a day when he hasn't been changing shitty diapers and staying awake for days on end. That baby is the biggest heel in the business now...
  14. I can't tell. I think I want Wyatt to be somewhere where he can create characters to his heart's desire so bad that my mind might be making that guy look more like Wyatt than he does...
  15. I wonder if Mox will be one of the "scores to settle in the locker room" that Punk has. Punk named him specifically as a guy he wants to work with, and I'm sure Punk's friendship with Renee bolsters his desire to work Mox, too...
  16. Rumors are abound on the twitter machine that TAFKA Bray Wyatt was in the audience last night. His 90 day running out the week of Halloween seems too good to be true...
  17. I do wonder if now they move up Bryan's debut to get him on the All Out card. Idk. Might be flavoring the tequila. I suspect at the very least Ruby will debut in the Battle Royale, along with Cassie & Jessie. Might want to save some good shit for later.
  18. I don't understand the "SCSA tribute act" talking point. Mox is far more versatile in-ring. I would recommend a playthrough of his stuff in Japan. He also carried the WWE Smackdown live events for two years, outdrawing the stacked, Reigns-led Raw roster. If you're saying Mox isn't "the guy" because no one is, then that's true. I would also point out the obvious about how a lot of folks are "cord cutters" and don't watch Dynamite as it airs. Mox has hung right with, if not surpassed, Reigns (and Rollins, fwiw) for years as it pertains to fan response, ticket sales, merch, and other metrics. The responses he was getting were so much better than Reigns that I wonder if it hurt his prospects in WWE. If they ever do "What If: WWE Edition" after Vince sells to Disney, I would want one to be "what if Dean Ambrose wins the 2016 Royal Rumble and main events Mania with HHH, while Reigns gets the Undertaker before 'Taker's body starts breaking down." But with fewer words in the title because that would be too long.
  19. Why are we slandering Mox? Dude was "the guy" during a pandemic last year and I hope his promo this week means he's gearing up for another big run. I could see Miro/Eddie leading to some good shit with Miro & Mox this winter. The only issue I have with Roman saying what he said is that no superstar before or since has been coddled like Reigns has. They tried to make him the top babyface no less than four times, even going so far as to reform the Shield on two separate occasions and firebombing Braun Strowman's push to try to get there. WWE fans told the company through their actions every time that they didn't want Roman. Rather than listening, WWE simply pushed Roman to the moon while the fans weren't around. It's pretty rich that Roman would talk about "seizing opportunities" when he's been handed every opportunity he's gotten. I like this version of Reigns, but unless he's doing a character bit those remarks were pretty tone deaf.
  20. I forgot to say this earlier. When did Shawn Spears turn into a better than average promo? That was well delivered and effective. He’s finally justifying that payday.
  21. Jungle Boy is scalding hot at the moment. Think you gotta put JE in the cage with Young Bucks. Cannot wait for the day when there’s no more cringey Elite bullshit on these shows. They aren’t nearly as cool and subversive as they think they are. Take the belts off of them and send them on a ling excursion. Ugh. Miro is so cool. Mox too. Two best promos in the company. MJF/Jericho had some good moments, but it feels like they’re gonna do this one more time with Jericho’s career on the line. Woof. Solid show. For any other American company this would be an A show. For Dynamite it’s a C+.
  22. I thought this too. Darby’s in the ring waiting for the reveal. The Acclaimed come out and rap about the audience being morons for wanting cm punk when the real stars are right there! “Cult of Personality” hits, Punk & Darby clean house. There’s your first little mini program.
  23. There’s something to the idea of Bray coming in to “take up his brother’s sword” and leading the Dark Order in Brodie’s stead. If you want to get back to them being heels, spin off Jon Silver & Colt Cabana and replace them with Rowan. Have them get back to recruiting people & stuff.
  24. The 10 man tag was well booked, but I still think Page/Omega is the endgame. My guess is they use Rick Knox being crooked to give Page another opportunity or something. Maybe he wins a battle royal under a Dark Order hood. Punk & Bryan aren't gonna be at tv every week, and I would hope that TK isn't dumb enough to repeat the mistakes we've seen WWE make. Punk/Omega wouldn't need the title to be awesome, especially if Punk is involved in the finish to Omega/Page. That Page/Dark Order opening video was THEE. SHIT. Ricky Starks is so damn cool. I like the dynamic with Christian & Jurassic Express. I figure Christian is turning on them at some point but it's fun as hell. Thunder Rosa rules. Glad she's "All Elite." Julia Hart is gonna be really good when she gets some more experience. She adds a lot to the Varsity Blondes act. That Gage/Jericho thing was brutal. In a good way. Juvy will be fun next week. Tony Khan must be having a ball. He can book whatever weird shit he wants. Solid show.
  25. Man, TK getting Paige Van Zant to come in and do something after all the overtures wwe has made would be some shit. I’d lol.
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