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  1. Man, if I were one of Charlotte's co-workers, I wouldn't be in any hurry to make her look any better than the repetitive and out of touch booking already dictated. Someone said it above me, but she's sucked out loud since she came back. I'm SOOOOO glad they cut Nikki ASH off at the knees so we can get another interminable, monotonous title reign from the most overpushed WWE employee of the last 20 years. I mean, Nia sucks too, but it can't be much fun to be constantly told your career welfare doesn't matter so long as Shoehorn Charlotte continues to look unstoppable...
  2. Except then they'd be in ROH, which is unwatchable crap outside of Gresham.
  3. AEW has enough “good hands” in their women’s division. Cassie & Jessie would bring something they’re way short on; promo ability and charisma. I have no idea why people think they wouldn’t fit in AEW.
  4. Cassie & Jessie are a package deal. Plus, it’s fitting for them. And, in some neighborhoods, there’s a Big Joker and a Little Joker in spades. I’m guessing TK has never played that version, though…
  5. I don’t think she’ll be the Joker. I think Cassie & Jessie will be the Joker. Ruby will be in the battle Royal, though, and has to be a favorite to win it…
  6. So, is it worth worrying about FTR leaving AEW with all this "one more ride" and "top guys out" stuff? I'd be shocked if they went back to WWE ever, but they're making it sound like they're leaving. They're still in the Pinnacle, but that might be winding down...
  7. Feels like Riddick Moss is a right answer, too.
  8. Hard to believe TK can’t outbid Vince for anyone he really wants, seeing as how the Khans are worth way more than the McMahons. Besides, the E already got a look/offered most of those guys, and for one reason or another none of them ended up there. I think this is a case of “making up a problem where there isn’t one.”
  9. I don’t think any of those guys, other than Hobbs & the Bears, would leave AEW unless they aren’t offered extensions. Why on earth would you go somewhere away from a friendly owner & locker room full of likeminded talent to go play Nicky Budgets’ Reindeer Games for a couple years before they cut you loose? None of those AEW stalwarts are going anywhere, and idk why people would think they are…
  10. I’m assuming this Taya/Bunny thing is gonna lead to Anna Jay coming back to team w Taya. I hope so, anyway. Big fan. Kinda feels like it should’ve been Jurassic Express in the All Out match. TK has built up enough goodwill to give him the benefit of the doubt, though…
  11. Nah, I like Red Velvet too. I thought she did an admirable job as Brandi’s stand in last year and improves every time she’s in the ring. She seems at ease in front of the camera and her stuff with Swole & KiLynn King on the Darks has been really fun…
  12. This popped me. I’m more of a swirlie specialist, though. Takes serious leverage to dunk a head that doesn’t want to be dunked/ Also, @NoFistsJustFlips, Foley says almost verbatim in his book that "Vince picked up the tab for every superstar and their family's hotel Wrestlemania week." Why would he lie about that? Tony Khan can absolutely foot that bill, and already has at least once during the pandemic. I don't know why that's hard to believe. To answer your other question; ranch or bleu cheese. Eater's choice.
  13. Yeah, Adam Scherr’s not gonna give AEW anything that is gonna make him worth the price tag. Would I think it’s hilarious if he and John Silver were doing funny skits and shit? Yeah, but it isn’t worth what it would take to sign him. Rowan is slightly more interesting, Bc you can get more from him, but unless you have a really good plan it’s just not worth it.
  14. I mean, for a long time wwe paid people’s trans and hotel for mania week. I just wondered if, since they were already in Chicago, and they’ll be in Chicago next week, if it makes sense to keep everyone there. Also, I’m not sure what I did to deserve that level of condescension, but kindly eat a bag of dicks.
  15. I’m not sure anything’s cost prohibitive at this point. That doesn’t make it smart, but it isn’t cost prohibitive.
  16. They might not want to truck everyone from Chicago to Milwaukee when they’re back in Chicago next week.
  17. This is a good idea, especially Bc ROH is less of a threat to break out than it’s ever been. You can make a talent happy and not look like you’re helping a competitor. Also, Schiavone saying “Billy Bob Thornton” as the answer to the sling blade question popped me hard…
  18. Bruh, don't get me started...
  19. I was a technical director a few times for some local things, and I cannot imagine trying to call that segment. I think I’d just take over the board and deal directly with the camera ops.
  20. I know I've seen screenshots of Moxley entering the TNA arena, but idk if KK was still there.
  21. I thought The Solie was a double tall Scotch & soda...
  22. Road Dogg. Got Schiavone in WCW, Kelly, Cole, and Ross in WWE, and Tenay in TNA.
  23. You and I disagree on Sasha Banks' place in the business, but damn if this doesn't read exactly like what I would say. How many footballs have to get pulled out of people's path before they stop falling for it? I used to LOVE WWE. At some point it's just enough. That's why I roll my eyes at the folks on twitter who seem to think Vince has some grand plan for Bianca's redemption. I think it's much more likely she's feuding with Eva Marie on who the "Est-est" member of the roster is within six months. The Old Man and Nicky Budgets got their "Black Girl Magic" Wrestlemania main event, so now it's time to cling to the same six performers until the build to the Rumble. Life is too short to be made to feel stupid for caring. If I ever get too demonstrative in my puzzlement as to why folks still watch WWE, y'all please tell me. As we saw with the Young Bucks Tirade a few weeks back, I don't always see that I'm doing it until it's done. I also don't live under the illusion that AEW is perfect. I'd love for all 4 of the EVP's to drop their titles and go on extended, extended vacations. I wish they'd feature the women a bit more and let finishes be finishes. But Tony Khan gives a shit about his audience. He wants every show to feel like the night of Dark Order/Hangman vs. the Elite. Vince and co. would rather we just not be here.
  24. Second this. It was aided a bit by the whitest of white hot crowds, and the Hangman/DO entrance video was SUPERB, but the Dark Order guys really raised their in-ring game to match Omega & the Bucks and they worked circles around Gallows & Anderson. That shit felt like a big deal from beginning to end, and Stu Greyson may have put himself in a new tax bracket with his performance in that match. It's also remarkable to me how insanely over John Silver is, and good for him.
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