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  1. The long awaited two hour long "making of WCW Slam Jam I" video.
  2. Did Ross Hart ever wrestle in Stampede? Only match of his I've ever seen his he and Owen vs Fit Finlay and Rocky Moran in England, and I've heard Bret refer to him as not having been a wrestler. I know Dean never wrestled, Wayne only refereed that I know of. BJ Annis married into the family and I've heard him described as a bodybuilder who wrestled occasionally which makes me think he was pretty bad. Ben Bassarab was another in-law, he wasn't really bad, just unremarkable.
  3. The Bellas married into the Laurinaitis family so they should be frontrunners. "King" Carl Fergie was another Lawler cousin who was worse than Honky or Sexay. Not sure that if he was worse than Kevin Christian. some others that come to mind: Jamie Dundee of the Dundee/Eaton family. Fred Ottman of the extended Rhodes family Horace Hogan of the Hogans/Awesomes
  4. Group E is shaping up to be the Group of Death this year.
  5. New Zealand beat the Solomon Islands and will play the 4th place CONCACAF team (almost certainly Costa Rica) in the other inter confederation play-off.
  6. Where is the best place to buy high quality Lucha masks?
  7. Italy fail to qualify for their 2nd World Cup in a row, having lost 1-0 to an injury time North Macedonia goal.
  8. If Bret wasn't in the World Title scene for political reasons, a feud with Lawler was about the best thing he could be doing. Not that Bret really did much in that feud. It was almost entirely based on Lawler insulting Stu and Helen.
  9. Who inducts Vader? Mick Foley might be the most likely. Sting is with AEW. Flair is out the outs with WWE, Who else is there? Cornette? Ken Shamrock?
  10. Or Missing Link, or Ken Patera. Or Ric Flair for that matter, but I don't think he was ever part of the official Heenan Family.
  11. If it was Joey Maggs in the 6 man, there's only 8 wrestlers on the card, I assumed it was Eddie, Doug and DWB as the Memphis Mafia. Was Memphis running a split crew in 1991? Lawler is conspicuous by his absence on this card but maybe he wasn't working all the small towns at this point.
  12. 2 notable wrestler/actors meet on World of Sport in 1988 as Pat "Bomber" Roach meets "The Mighty Yankee" Sky High Walker aka Tyler Mane aka Nitron/Big Sky from WCW, (who played Sabretooth in the X-Men, and Michael Myers in the 2000s Halloween films).
  13. That's impressive, 7 big matches (including a 6 man and regular tag match) with only 9 wrestlers on the card.
  14. 28 year old Vince McMahon interviewing Professor Toru Tanaka Pedro Morales and Stan Stasiak in 1973. Not especially great promos but I think this is the earliest footage I've seen of Vince Jr. on camera, certainly the earliest in excellent VQ.
  15. RIP Leo Fong. Star of many 80s and 90s B-movies such as Killpoint, Low Blow, Blood Street etc.
  16. Jim Breaks vs Adrian Street, in both of their primes. Jim Breaks vs a young Dynamite Kid. I don't think I ever realised how short Breaks was, he's significantly shorter than Dynamite here. Maybe 5'3 or so.
  17. I think Dynamite was announced as being from Wigan, Davey from Leigh (which is between Wigan and Manchester) which them somehow morphed into being from Leeds (which is a different place entirely) during his 90-92 singles run. Davey had been living in Canada for over a decade at that point and likely didn't care.
  18. If they'd reversed things and had Hogan eliminate Sid and then Sid pitch a fit and pull Hogan out from outside the ring, that might've worked. But as it was done,Hogan just looked like a sore loser. Sid had been a total baby-face in the WWF, there was no tease of any dissention. Them editing the commentary and crowd noise on the TV recaps of the finish just made Hogan look even worse to the people who watched the PPV
  19. I am still convinced that they booked Hogan's elimination of Sid knowing that the fans would side with Sid over Hogan. There's no way you can do that spot at that point in time and not expect Hulk to get booed.
  20. How many PPVs did Vince commentate on in the 80s? Just the NYC portion of WM2? Who did Survivor Series '89? I know Gorilla Monsoon was ill around the time and Tony Schiavone did SummerSlam '89 and Royal Rumble '90 but not the Survivor Series in between.
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