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  1. I preferred it when the opening game featured the holders, not the hosts. I guess they changed it when they got rid of automatic qualification for the holders.
  2. England's performance today against India was among the best Twenty20 innings I've ever seen.
  3. I don't think I ever realised how little Hogan and Savage actually teamed during their 17 month long pairing as the Megapowers. 2 six-man matches, one with one with Hogan, Savage and Steamboat, vs Bundy Rude and Race, one the Mega Powers and Duggan vs Honky and the Hart Foundation 1 handicap match with Hogan and Savage vs the Hart Foundation and Honky The main event of SummerSlam '88: The Mega Powers vs the Mega Bucks The main event of Survivor Series '88: Hogan, Savage, Koko, Hillbilly and Hercules vs Bossman, Akeem, DiBiase, Rooster and Haku The main event of "The Main Event II" with Hogan and Savage vs the Twin Towers. Six matches in total, only two of which were traditional two on two tag matches.
  4. The first "WWE Novel". Click on image for the beginning of the first chapter.
  5. Dies, comes back to life and then dies again 2 days later. A showman to the end. RIP Killer.
  6. Reunited after all these years, and they both look great for their age.
  7. I think Patera saw how much money Paul Orndorff made during that 85-87 period he was in prison and thinks that should have been his spot. Which it wouldn't have been he'd have been low down the Heenan family pecking order, below Orndorff and below Bundy. He'd have been the designated jobber in tags and 6 mans against Hogan and partners. Maybe he'd have got a few matches with Hogan. Going to prison did cost him several hundred grand at the end of his career though. He might as well be honest about the McDonalds incident at this point, since it's not like putting a rock through a window sent him to prison, he'd have only been fined for that. Him and Saito beating up 13 cops and breaking the leg of one of them was what sent them to prison.
  8. I think the regular suplex was originally one of the five but over time people replaced it with the Sharpshooter instead.
  9. What are the chances that Andy Kaufman and Dan Shocket, the heel writer from the Apter mags were one and the same? Kaufman died in May '84, Shocket was reported as having died in the January '85 magazines so the timeline matches up. Kaufman famously knew Apter. Their heel personas were pretty much the same.
  10. Dale "TNT" Mann apparently killed at least one person:
  11. Polynesian Pro is only getting an episode because of who the producer is, and it's inexplicable that Georgia, the most viewed territory of the late 70s/early 80s that these shows are mainly focused on, doesn't have an episode. If they are going a 5 man roundtable of notable stars from that territory for each show, they are really going to struggle with Portland, Stampede and World Class.
  12. Honestly, Flair bleeding at WMVIII, as even though it made a great match even better, he had to force a kiss on Liz in the aftermath.
  13. Was Ron Simmons vs Butch Reed at SuperBrawl 1 in the Thunderdome cage? I remember they billed it as "Thunder Doom".
  14. Anyone ever heard of "Bonecrusher" Dan Sileo? He's listed as a former CWA (Otto Wanz) World Champion on Wikipedia, beating Road Warrior Hawk for the belt, but I've never heard of him and every other source has Rambo winning the title on that date.
  15. The trauma of being involved in the WrestleRock Rumble strongly influenced young Curt Hennig's muslcal tastes.
  16. Davey Boy won on all the UK shows, including winning the prestigious Samovar battle royal at European Rampage '91, and the European title in 1997.AFAIK his only loss in Europe after leaving for Canada in 1980, was to Michaels at One Night Only in 1997.
  17. Tajiri's book is expensive and only 132 pages. I'll give it a miss.
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