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Show flew by really quick. Love seeing Jazz in there and Killer Kelly always impresses every time. Joe Doering's look always reminds me of Bart Gunn. too bad Swinger had to get taken out by them this week. the Deonna/Su feud remains a highlight here. Solid opening tag and X title matches. Pretty good main event as well. Surprised Mack won if they are going with Bey challenging Swann anyway. 




Impact Wrestling - Airing December 1, 2020 from Nashville, TN

*The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) def. XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) (9:23) when Sabin pinned Larry after the Skull & Bones

*Jordynne Grace & Jazz def. Killer Kelly & Renee Michelle (12:16) when Jazz pinned Renee after the Jazz Stinger to advance in the knockouts tag title tournament.

*Johnny Swinger vs. Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake) went to a no contest.. (0:50) when Eric Young & Joe Doering destroyed both. Afterwards, Eric Young cut a promo saying they are the cure and the world belongs to them.

*Deonna Purrazzo came to the ring with Kimber Lee for a promo on Su Yung. Deonna said if Su wanted her mandatory rematch for the knockouts title, she would come out now.  Su came to the ring but Deonna & Kimber left the ring as it was a set up for Father James Mitchell to come out. Mitchell said Su had been a thorn in his side for too long and tonight she would pay for her sins. The legion of Undead Bridesmaids then came out and surrounded the ring, allowing Deonna & Kimber to attack Su in the ring. Deonna laid out Su with the Cosa Nostra piledriver and then the Undead Bridesmaids carried Su Yung to the back.

*Rohit Raju(c) def. Crazzy Steve (12:19) via sitdown on a sunset flip attempt while holding the ropes for leverage to retain the X Division Championship. 

*Willie Mack def. Chris Bey (14:06) after the Stunner. After the match, Moose ran out and speared Mack. Rich Swann ran out for the save and knocked Moose from the ring. Chris Bey then laid out Swann and held up the world title.


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I enjoyed the Su/Deonna/Kimber segment. Nice touch with the Undead Brides and Mitchell. 

Nice to see J2 advance in the Knockouts tournament although, much like with the Sea Stars, sucks to lose Killer Kelly and Renee Michelle so early. 

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I feel like the order of the Su story segments is weird. Like, the idea Josh put across today was that they wanted to get rid of Su and bring back Susie. But Susie was there last week, and when Su Yung made her appearance last week everyone made a big deal of her being "back" even though she hadn't really gone anywhere? It's like they had the story beats on note cards and shuffled them up.

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5 hours ago, Hail Sabin said:

The Big Deal last week was somehow Susie was on Stage with her back turned while Su was in the Ring. 

Oh, I got that, but they were also saying "Su Yung is back!" repeatedly. And the whole intro was Susie saying "My friend is back." I feel like that would have made more sense if it came after Su Yung was abducted back the Undead Realm.

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