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[1001 MATCHES] 2018


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I really wanted to finish this project up by the end of the year (that ain’t happening) so what better way to pad… errr…. make meaningful contributions to the list than by selecting matches from this year. By no means should this be viewed as a “Match of the Year” list.

And for those wondering – I only had picked three matches from this year so far

Kenny Omega vs. Jay White
Io Shirai vs. Meiko Satomura
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kazuchika Okada
(And this again doesn’t count matches where I might have already picked a previous matchup. (Ex: Omega/Okada))

Also – since I again set weird rules for myself, I only picked 1 WWE match per “program” (ie: only 1 from NXT, 205 Live, etc…)


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Hey, in any case thanks for this because I really need to play catch-up on some of it, and what better than New Year's Day? 

Started with Casas/Aramis because why not. Only about a minute-thirty into the first mat exchange and Negro blows me away with the simple act of raising his leg backward at the knee to avoid an arm sweep from Aramis. It was the smallest thing and so fucking perfect. Then seconds later Aramis takes off his shirt and Casas goes for his waistband as if he was going to take his own pants off, telling Aramis basically "why did you bother doing that?" ?

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So, I had actually only seen four matches off that list: Walter/PCO, the two NJPW ones, and the Zeus/Miyahara match. Now I've burned through: 

- Casas/Aramis (simply amazing)

- Fuerza/Demus (I like Demus/Wotan better but this was just as grimy)

- Miyahara/Marufuji (Zeus match was superior)

- Aja/Shida (what a fucking sudden bloodbath!)

- Meiko/Mercedes

and the best of all of those eight, and I would include all (ALL, even Ishii/Ibushi) of the other New Japan stuff I've seen this year, is Meiko/Mercedes. Hands down, no question. Nothing is going to beat that. Nothing. Going down the Segunda Caida list and the stuff I've seen off there too. WWE, Japan, Mexico, Indies. It's simply the best. If you haven't seen it watch it. And if you have seen it watch it again. 

Now to go watch Almas/Gargano and watch it not stand up haha (unless it's a miracle)

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Then instead of the NXT match I'm going straight for that BJW match cause I haven't seen one in like five years

EDIT: *sigh* RuTube better not fuck me up this time

EDIT II: Well, I seem to be in the clear. I also did not expect Suzuki/Nomura to be contested under UWFi rules -- at all. Can someone explain that to me? Is that part of Strong title rules that I never noticed because it was always Sekimoto, Okayabashi, etc. clubbering and suplexing guys?

EDIT III: I've seen Almas/Gargano, it was just right after it happened. Hell. Great match, great closing angle, but I think I'm going with Meiko/Mercedes.

Something else I forget seeing is Sombra doing anything in CMLL back when it was still on Galavision. Huh, weird. He's so good as Almas...

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