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*Some or all may be replaced by international tapings*



Week 2

- Tye Dillinger def. Eric Young by DQ after Nikki Cross interferes. The winner advances to a "Number 1 Contender Fatal 4 way". Big Damo lays Dillinger out afterwards.

- Andrade Cien Almas def. No Way Jose in a "Number one contender Fatal 4 Way" qualifier

- Roderick Strong def. Elias Samson in a "Number one contender Fatal 4 Way" qualifier.

- Bobby Roode def. Oney Lorcan in a " Number one contender Fatal 4 Way " qualifier.

- Peyton Royce ( w Billie Kay) def. Sarah Bridges (Possible dark match)

- Shinsuke Nakamura def  Patrick Clark (Possible dark match)



- Tye Dillinger defeated Eric Young via DQ in a number one contenders fatal four-way qualifying match

Four matches will be taped with the winners advancing to a number one contenders fatal four-way later. Nikki Cross jumped Dillinger from behind to cause the DQ. After Dillinger cleared the ring, Big Damo came from the crowd and destroyed him.

- Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated No Way Jose in a number one contenders fatal four way qualifying match

Almas was no nonsense and hit his leg sweep DDT for the win.

- Roderick Strong defeated Elias Samson in the third of four qualifying matches

The crowd was all over The Drifter, telling him to drift away and drift forever. Strong won with the sick kick.

- Bobby Roode defeated Oney Lorcan in the final of the four qualifying matches

This was a hard-hitting match with Lorcan delivering uppercuts and Roode scoring the win with an impaler DDT.

- Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay defeated Sara Bridges (the former Crazy Mary Dobson)

Royce won in a quick match.

- Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Patrick Clark

Nakamura hit the Kinshasa to cap off an entertaining match.


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Did they turn Roderick Strong face already?

You see face vs. face matches sometimes, but you rarely see heel vs. heel and the final would have  a weird dynamic, too, with three heels and only one face.

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Yeah I mentioned in the Melbourne thread that the Joe/Nak match has been edited. Bit of a letdown as it doesn't do justice to how hard they were hitting each other or the involvement of the crowd. They also cut out Joe's call of "coward" as Nak was leaving the cage and went with the story of "Nakamura wants to finish Joe and end this rivalry".

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"No Way" Jose Estrada would be fine by me.

He can reform Los Boricuas with the Shining Stars and start another generation of "Gang Warz" with New Day, Balor Club, Shield, Wyatts...

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I would love at least six months of six man tags between The Shield, Wyatts, New Day, Club, and any other trios they could throw in, like Sheamus/Cesaro/Tommy End, bring up Sanity, Nak/Tozawa/Tajiri, put Dolph back in the Spirit Squad, 3MB reunion with Rhyno in Drew's spot, Cena/Hype Bros, American Alpha and lets say Babyface Rusev, The Miz/Breezdango, Samoa Joe and the Usos, ohhh the possibilities.

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American Alpha and Jack Swagger could actually do some serious work as a trio. Swagger's best in ring work was part of the Real Americans and he has the balance of goofy/serious that would mesh well with Gable and Jordan.

Throw in a nostalgia run from Book the Golden Truth (go watch Table for 3) and it could be a pretty amazing tournament on the network.

Shield, Miz/Spirit Squad, Ziggler/Hype Bros, Lucha Dragons/Gran Metalik, Perkins/Swann/Alexander, Usos/Joe, AA/Swagger, Sanity, Wyatts, Balor Club, Book/Golden Truth, New Day, Cena/Cass/Enzo, Sheamus/Cesaro/Henry, Jose/Shining Stars, Gallagher/Vaudevillains.

That's 16 teams with a good mix of young and old as well as a big range of styles. Not sure who to pair up with Sheamus and Cesaro. Went Mark Henry for the "Strong guys who want to beat people up" theme but you could throw in Sami Zayn just as easily.

Hold that tourney over a couple of nights at the end of December and it'll rate better than Roadblock. The winners get a trophy, a 'cash prize' and all 3 members are locked in for the Royal Rumble so there is a reason to work together. Could even say they get spots in the Rumble after #15 or #20 as an incentive - Work together and you could win the Rumble. That way if a team gets thrown together by a GM (Miz and Ziggler have to team up! and their partner is Baron Corbin!) there is a reason for them to not immediately walk out.

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