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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/16/23 - Chicago, IL

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Impact Wrestling - Airing November 16, 2023 from Chicago, IL

*ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)(c) def. Kenny King & Sheldon Jean (7:18) after the 1 2 Sweet on Sheldon to retain the tag team championships.

*Moose (w/ Brian Myers) def. Heath (5:52) with the Spear after interference from Myers. After the match, Moose & Myers attacked Heath until Rhino made the save. 

*Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, & Juventud Guerrera def. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz, & Myron Reed) (11:55) when Taurus pinned Reed after Destination Hellhole.  Konnan did commentary.

*Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace def. Steve Maclin & KiLynn King (6:54) when Grace pinned King with the Juggernaut Driver. After the match, Bully shook Jordynne's hand and raised her arm.

*Trinity def. Sonny Kiss (8:05) after the full nelson bomb

*Will Ospreay def. Josh Alexander (26:08) after the Storm Breaker. 


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Ospreay/Alexander was absolutely epic and delivered to expectations. So many amazing counters and reversals. Liked Ospreay's leg selling during moves in the middle portion of the match. Josh seemingly took everything Will had til the end. Definite PPV quality.

The lucha trios tag was an incredible spotfest and a total blast. Pretty great debut performance for Myron Reed. Definitely would like to see Juvi stick around more. Also always good to see Konnan back in Impact. 

Opening tag was solid and I guess the farewell for Kenny King.  Trinity/Sonny was fun and the mixed tag was nice while it lasted. Good episode.  Next week I think they'll just do the Turkey Bowl match for Thanksgiving special and then I guess there's IPWF episodes filling after that. 

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Yeah, I need to see that main event a second time, but I want to see Shelley vs Gresham from last week before that!

Yeah, Shelley vs Gresham was fantastic, but holy shit did Ospreay vs Alexander rock! Yeah, wherever Ospreay ends up next year, he's bound to take over! I'm so glad to see him testing the limits of IMPACT's finest!

But this also gave me an idea: Gresham vs ZSJ! The visual alone would be something else!

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Yeah, that was awesome!
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Haven't watched Impact in a while but this episode sounds promising with the Ospreay visit. Plus Final Resolution will be a couple of bus rides away and has MCMG vs Alexander and Zach Sabre Jr so I wanted to tune in and see if I should check that out

King and Jean/ABC was good stuff. Bey and Austin were not a team last I watched but they worked well together here. I like that Ace has found a better way to integrate his high spots

MK Ultra controls the Knockouts division?! Our governments used to be subtle

Moose/Heath was okay

The Rascalz have Myron Reed now, still skipped them

Maclin and King/Ray and Grace wasn't great, I'm not a fan of the dudes in this match. Bully now comes out to a version of Sabu's Huka Blues but with a bomb sound and no horns. I read somewhere Grace got into bodybuilding, she hasn't lost any speed in that effort but she nearly dropped King on her noggin with her finish so she might want to work on her strength next. Not the best action but smartly worked for an intergender tag, good to see Kylinn do her thing

Sonny Kiss/Trinity surprised me tbh, I barely saw anything of Sonny's AEW run so I didn't know what to expect. Dueling chants and some cool counter wrestling to start. Kiss' forward flip axe kick into the corner looked great but Trinity gets the duke in the end. Solid TV match and title defense

Ospreay and Alexander was suitably dope. Crowd wasn't working with them early on but got into it more as they went along. Ospreay's leg gave them something to work around even if the selling came and went. I managed to check out Ospreay/Mike Bailey from BFG and this match didn't reach those heights purely because the atmosphere was different. I'm a little bummed the Storm Driver '93 has been killed off as a finish already since both Alexander and Speedball kicked out of it, it's not quite the Tiger Driver '91 in terms of a head drop so it's not totally egregious I just like wrestlers to have multiple viable finishes

Good show overall even if the audience was rough at times, I assume that's because of the taping schedule. Still not sure if I'll check Final Resolution out but this was a good argument to keep it in mind

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Well I watched Alexander vs Ospreay 2 and decided I should watch the first one. I don’t know if it’s because I watched the second match first but while I found this match to be good I didn’t find it as good as the second match. The 2nd one was more fast paced and hard hitting. Both men seem to be a little more reserved in this one. That could be just me watching the second one first and knowing what these two are truly capable of together but I felt they were holding back. Not to say this match isn’t any good if you look at it as two guys who have never wrestled each other before feeling each other out it’s really good. Id watch this one first then watch the 2nd one of you want the full experience cuz like I’ve said I may have done myself a disservice watching this one second. I will give them this it’s different from the 2nd match which is a compliment they didn’t just go out there in Vegas and give us a redux they put on a completely different match. There’s action on the outside of the ring but they stayed in the ring more in this one. It’s more grounded and mat based here. That’s not why I prefer the second one over this. I enjoy shoot style wrestling Minoru Suzuki is one of my favorite wrestlers. Maybe there’s just more of a sense of urgency in the second match. I don’t want to match this match seem less then cuz it’s not like I said it’s really good in its own right. Id just watch this one before I watch the second one. 


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