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Found 8 results

  1. Takes place next week on RAW and Smackdown Live. Now there's a thread so we can speculate and then find out where wrestlers go. Last year Smackdown Live won in a rare event, let's credit Paige ;). Smackdown Live's great so I hope it's not damaged. Looking ahead to when the WWE returns to the UK in November, it should be Smackdown Live where I am so that's another reason. There's more wrestlers I'm a fan of unlike RAW.
  2. Since WWE brought the brand split back in 2016, RAW and Smackdown Live wrestlers only come together in the Royal Rumble match and Survivor Series. The original brand split enforced the separate rosters as well, you had RAW vs. Smackdown Royal Rumble match and sometimes interpromotional matches at WrestleMania. This means where a wrestler goes means something. Next week's RAW and Smackdown Live will host the 2018 Superstar Shakeup and I thought we could speculate moves in a catch all topic. The one that comes straight to mind is the Miz going back to Smackdown Live, he never should ha
  3. This era of TV matches is something that doesn’t get talked about much so I tried to come up with a fun way to revisit some ‘classics’ and find some hidden gems on the Network. To start, I’m watching one match from each year of 2000-2007. To help narrow down the choices, I’m taking one person from the match and trying to find a match of theirs from the following year. I figured the easiest place to start was the Main Event of the first RAW of 2000… WWF RAW #345 - January 3rd, 2000 DX (X-Pac, Road Dogg & Mr. Ass) vs. The Rock - 3-on -1 You’re Fired Match The firs
  4. WWE just announced that Smackdown is going live on Tuesdays starting July 19th. Two live shows on back to back nights is going to be weird.
  5. Most of this show sucked. Charlotte looked like a moron losing to Paige clean before a tag match not involving Paige. Cesaro lost again in a short match to Sami - which was at least good. Steph buried Dean a bit, and then we got a corny Shield meeting on the Asylum. At least Dean was made to look strong. AJ vs. Cena remains the best thing on Raw by leaps and bounds. They're pressing all the right buttons to make this click and it does feel like a big match - but they're rushing it now, and it seems like it should be a Summerslam match instead of just an MITB one. Everything going down between
  6. Opening segment didn't eat up too much time and made matches for tonight and the PPV. Roman Reigns beat Barrett, and then, no it's not Christmas - STEPH AND HHH ANNOUNCED ANOTHER ROMAN REIGNS MATCH! AND WE GOT A RYBACK PROMO TOO! I know WWE is such a giving company, in part because they do such a fine job alerting the fans to every good deed they've ever done, but could they please hold some things back? If they keep delivering supercards like this, then WrestleMania might be less special. Big Show vs. Ryback will be a thing. Kofi vs. Dolph was nothing, but the six-man tag was a great showca
  7. So.... Yay. Raw tonight. Also, are confirmed for appearances tonight.
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