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  1. Our first theme in this new version of the Movie Club is - RED, WHITE OR BLUE Us Xenophobic Americans will honor this country by loving it or getting out. Or whatever the fuck it is the kids say these days. Watch something that has either Red, White or Blue in the title please Of course... I probably should have figured out what I was going to watch BEFORE picking the theme...
  2. So I binged all the episodes I hadn't watched last night (like 4) and now am all caught up. I love Sexy Star, but wow those backstage bits with her are so bad. I know LU has a shoestring budget, but they can't afford a real spider? My favorite match in the Battle of the Bulls had to be Mariposa vs Killshot vs. Dante vs. Jeremiah. That match was great. When Mariposa busted out the Butterfly Effect on the chair she should have won it right there. I'm surprised that Jeremiah won it, but I guess his character has big things planned as seen by him apparently used to play at the temple when he was a kid with Katrina. Cage vs. Texano was such a great damn match. I really wasn't expecting Cage to win after all of that, but it should be fun to see him become this super being now that he has The Infinity Gauntlet.
  3. Ravens are bitching that their game got moved to 4:25 pm so that makes me happy Other than that - this season can't end soon enough
  4. The Aaron Sorkin is gonna reboot West Wing story is back in the news FYI
  5. Good Time is bat-shit crazy. It's like an hour and fourty minute anxiety attack, but in the best way possible. Those of you who live in big cities will probably be somewhat immune though. Also, if you ever wanted to put a stake in Robert Pattinson's heart, hold back because his role here might change your mind. Oh, and Necro is in it, who I identified by the lisp
  6. So they have announced the Briscoes vs. Young Bucks 2 out of 3 Falls match for Honor Reigns Supreme
  7. So I figured I had to start the new thread when I saw this
  8. Finally starting a new thread. Not starting it on a happy note Oklahoma City
  9. It is close enough to Jan 1 in the UK anyway so I start this thread. This is for the non-WWE UK stuff. The new World of Sport has started. UK Wrestling Twitter immediately starts bitching. God save the Queen
  10. If you haven't noticed - I tried to write what the movie is under the trailer (if one is posted) as that way folks can find it if they are using the search feature For Example Going In Style
  11. It seems that the things of note for January are Dragon Quest 8 (for the 3DS) Gravity Rush 2 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard I guess the first "big" release of the year is For Honor in Feb
  12. I can't believe I had to start another thread for this fucking fed. Anyway - their marathon taping week begins on Thursday with a quasi-live Impact
  13. RIPPA

    2017 CFL SEASON

    The Jags hired Scott Milanovich to be their QBs coach so the Argos need a new head coach
  14. I don't remember seeing this posted in the October thread (it probably was but fuck it)
  15. WWE posted video of the Halloween battle royal
  16. More shows should raffle off food. Talk about knowing your audience.
  17. This technically should be in the box office thread but I need something to start off a new thread http://deadline.com/2017/10/regal-plans-surge-pricing-movie-tests-2018-1202194773/ http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/26/media/regal-cinemas-dynamic-pricing/index.html Regal theaters are going to start testing "Surge" Pricing in their theaters next year (or I guess the industry term is "dynamic pricing" Basically - Blockbusters will be what we are paying now (let's just say roughly $15) while regular movies (clearly more like dramas, Oscar bait things, indie films, etc...) will like say $7 Also - Regal seems to be the ones trying the best to embrace the changing marketplace as they are working with that new Movie Pass service (while AMC is apparently suing Movie Pass)
  18. Nathan Fillion is going to star in an ABC crime drama named The Rookie I am assume this show will eventually be the one that delays the start of ROH every week for me (Currently it is Castle)
  19. Split crushed everything this week as it made just over $40 million. And since it's budget is a reported $9 million - M Night just got his mojo back The xXx sequel finished 2nd with only $20 million (it made an additional $50 million worldwide) Rogue One officially passed a billion dollars Moana passes $500 million worldwide. 4th straight Disney movie to do that
  20. This is will the after show thread since the other thread is already 10 pages deep. Hopefully the board won't dick me over.
  21. For some reason this came up when I searched wrestling halloween
  22. Lord this is going to be a long fucking month
  23. So last night on a pretty stacked Florida show - they had the Street Prophets beat AOP via pinfall Was not expecting to read that result
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