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  1. This month is basically my "cramming for Greatest of All-Time" month Oh yeah - hint hint
  2. CBS announced debut dates for some upcoming shows Ransom - January 1 (after football ends). It's normal time slot will be Saturday 8 pm EST Training Day - Thursday, Feb 2 (10 PM EST). It will be taking Pure Genius' time slot after it finishes its season. Doubt - Wednesday, Feb 15 (10 PM EST)
  3. Dolfan already posted this in the other thread but I got nothing else to start this thread with
  4. The year is pretty much over, so what's the best stuff you played? Stardew Valley - My GOTY by a comfortable margin. Combined Harvest Moon-style farming simulation with some shockingly good writing and characterization. There was just a hint of darkness lurking beneath the surface, which was thrown into sharp relief by the cute, pixellated art. Grim Dawn - It did Diablo 2 better than Diablo 2 did. Both deep and sprawling with a seemingly infinite number of potential builds and playstyles. Stellaris - Did some things well, but didn't quite live up to the Crusader-Kings-In-Space hype. Suffers from a really dull midgame and some weird difficulty spikes. Firewatch - Best dialogue of the year. The plot really petered out towards the end but it was a hell of an experience. No Man's Sky - Super disappointing, but I still respect their ambition and I had quite a bit of fun with it. I just wish they could have actually finished it before release.
  5. I will get the taping spoilers up soon. Folks are flying out today for the Australia/Japan shows - so will shall see who is going. I do know the following people are advertised for Florida on Friday (so they definitely are missing at least the Osaka show if not the whole trip) Authors of Pain Roderick Strong Rich Swann Big Damo No Way Jose Also - this show in Crystal River has sold HORRIBLY and they are still pushing tickets hard. I have a feeling they won't be returning there
  6. This is what WIKI has for all the upcoming releases
  7. Fox has ordered a 2nd season of Lucifer And apparently there is going to be a Good Wife spin-off called Good Fight. That will be out Feb 2017 and will air on CBS All Access deal
  8. NXT sucks and only the untrained wrestlers should be on it and if someone isn't called up it is the world's gravest injustice But don't have any expectations when they get called up because everyone should start at square one I mean I am still pissed we didn't get Bobby Heenan introducing Flick Rare - World Champ on WWF programming
  9. God I was doing everything in my power to not watch RAW so I ended up watching Return of the Jedi (always the right decision) SWAT (not great but I have watched way too many times) Hotel Transylvania (which lead to me having to listen to my wife tell me about how one of her students dressed up as Selena Gomez's character. So I regretted my decision)
  10. I have spent far too long trying to figure out the context for this and still have no idea
  11. It's here. Let's do the thing. Toronto rolls out Rocket Ismael, Damon Allen, Joe Thiesman, and Pinball Clemons to help launch the new season. Atmosphere already clearly a lot better.
  12. I always get messed up when months start on the weekend. At least I paid rent
  13. Designated Survivor has been picked for a full season. So has Speechless This is Us also had more episodes ordered So there are some of the early Fall successes
  14. 9/30/16 Orlando show results
  15. I was looking at TCM's schedule and was deeply amuses that the Frankenstein marathon (Frank, Bride, Son) is immediately followed by The Wizard of Oz
  16. How the fuck did no one tell Rude that was a bad idea?
  17. Somehow I managed to pay rent this morning but not remember a new month started. Carry on
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