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  1. I emailed mine to Caley, so I hope he saw it. I really hate that I didn't have time to see so much else. Although, I really like the ballot I submitted, so if it's a partial one... it's a good one.
  2. FSW revealed as The Iron Sheik, ladies and gentlemen.
  3. I started playing FFXIII again, so I can get it finished. I am in Chapter 5. I forgot how frustrating the mechanics of this game can be and that I had to reteach myself how to actually play it. Also, not being able to control your party members commands can be frustrating especially when you're having to cycle through Paradigm shifts to find the right one. I just got destroyed by a feral behemoth.
  4. I'll post this in a couple of threads but Sony just launched the FFXIV beta for the PS4. I may try it out, but I am against paying a monthly service for MMOs especially with my backlog.
  5. I'll post this in a couple of threads but Sony just launched the FFXIV beta for the PS4. I may try it out, but I am against paying a monthly service for MMOs especially with my backlog.
  6. I'll post this in a couple of threads but Sony just launched the FFXIV beta for the PS4. I may try it out, but I am against paying a monthly service for MMOs especially with my backlog.
  7. X-7 and XIX are easily my top two. I am not sure what my third one would be. I would probably go with 23 or 24 as has already been mentioned elsewhere.
  8. I used the Network to watch Wrestlemania 2 for the first time. We are in the middle of a Wrestlemania Retrospective series at the moment. I'll share it on the board once we get a few more episodes under our bet. Today was the third episode to hit iTunes. EDIT: The Bulldogs/Dream Team match is far better than I remember it being when I watched it during the DVDVR '80s WWF poll before I gave up on having time to watch all 100 matches.
  9. Y'know, I will say this. The streaming channel working like a champ at least shows that they might be able to handle the Mania 30 volume. It's just sad I can't get my wrestling nerd on with the app. I hope the 360 app is functional. The splash screen for logins is a lot better than the PS4 one.
  10. I really do not like how limited the PS4 app is so far. I guess there's no search function and I guess you're supposed to be able to skip to certain chapters. Also, I'm in buffer hell whenever I try to watch archived PPVs. I have a feeling the 360 app will be better if it will ever start working.
  11. Are they putting any of the live content on Demand after it airs? I guess I missed that initially.
  12. I haven't finished XIII or XIII-2, so I'm waiting for this to drop in price, which if this is like XIII-2, it will pretty quickly.
  13. ROH just tweeted that NJPW talent will be working their May Dates in New York and Toronto. I'm interested in who they end up bringing and if anyone carries over to working the June DBD in Nashville.
  14. I really wish there weren't multiplayer achievements. I don't play online enough to chase them and some games have no multiplayer presence whatsoever by the time you want to play them.
  15. I'm leaning towards watching Summerslam 98 as my first show. It was one of my favorite PPVs as a kid and one of the rare ones that I ordered and watched live.
  16. PS4 until I one day get an Xbox One.
  17. I could force this year to happen financially, and I really want to go, but I'm still on the fence as to whether I am going. I've told people I would love to assume this is my annual pilgrimage until I have kids.
  18. Without trying it, I'd guess it would be "[ twitter] [ /twitter]" and whatever the link to the tweet is without the spaces.
  19. What I've read seems to imply that it ain't worth the extra $30. Yeah, I have a strong suspicion it'll be a PS + offering in the near future. I'm guessing Knack will be the first "disc game" to get that PS4 treatment.
  20. I'm hoping for a strong headliner. The top billing now appears to be: Kanye West * Elton John * Jack White * Lionel Richie Vampire Weekend * Phoenix, * Avett Brothers * That's all acts that I will see. Some I really have been meaning to see, but it's nothing that gets me super excited like "hey, Bonnaroo really did something special this year!" A lot of the stuff rumored for the under card sounds really good, but a strong middle in the undercard just means conflict hell. I guess I'll day pass Hangout to get the Outkast fix unless they get announced for Forecastle and even maybe if they get announced. Also, JT at Lolla might make me make the 13 hour drive just because that's cheaper than seeing him anywhere in the area. Tickets for his show are absurd.
  21. Amazon has the Definitive Version of Tomb Raider on PS4 for $39.99 today. Is that worth it? I held off on buying it on 360 a couple of weeks ago for $10 because this version is supposed to be gorgeous.
  22. Inforoo trying to bargain "please don't be Kanye" is pretty great. I really hope we get some out of left field big announcement like Daft Punk or Prince or even something weird like Justin Timberlake to beat Lolla to the punch. I seriously doubt it.
  23. I know this is beating a dead horse, but this show does not understand pacing, character development, or how to properly do a character study for that matter. I think a couple of weeks of the characters having to survive split up and help the audience develop some empathy would have been good, and then BAM! We're rushing to the next location for everyone to be at for the next few weeks.
  24. I am beyond ready for the Mike Dubose/Mike Shula era to return to the Capstone. If Kirby sticks around for Saban to retire, I have already nicknamed him Dubose Jr. I also am happy knowing that we at least win the rivalry in my lifetime.
  25. This coming from a Bama fan trying to sugar coat something that Saban is probably a major player behind the scenes in on this rule change. I thought about this today. Four out of Bama's last five losses have come against teams that hurried up against them. The only team that didn't was LSU and two of those other four losses were to Auburn (the other two were TAMU and Oklahoma). I will agree with you that this might not be as big of a deal as people are making of it, but it is still significant.. Auburn this year ran fewer plays per game most of the season than Malzahn expected, and the difference is the simulated snap situation prevents the defense from substituting when the offense doesn't substitute. Plus, there's already a rule in place to allow the Defense to make personnel changes if the Offense changes a single player on its personnel. I'm rambling, it's late, I'm tired. You get the point.
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