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  1. I watched this last night and enjoyed it (although, maybe not as much as others in this thread). Was the Harley escaping scene Gunn's attempt at doing his version of the Winter Soldier elevator scene or the hallway stuff from Daredevil with a little extra stylish (CGI'd) oomph.?
  2. West Virginia opting for the Big 12 will be one of those moves that gets quite the oral history about it in a couple of decades if they can't get back to the ACC or the B1G. That Big 12/Pac 12 partnership (if it happens) would do them ZERO favors.
  3. Cousins doesn't want to lose his "YOU LIKE THAT?!" energy!
  4. That escalated quickly. From, "we've worked out a new deal" to "there are some speed bumps but we're certain a deal will be done," to "well, actually..."
  5. Yeah, they telegraphed it perfectly for me, which I'm not one to do the WWE comparisons even though I'm about to do that, but it was refreshing to how WWE does beat down segments.
  6. Gamefly had a preowned copy for $17.99 A couple weeks ago, so not too far off.
  7. I'm a little surprised that Gane is a heavy favorite here. I know he's undefeated and has looked impressive lately. I'm guessing the oddsmakers are looking at it from the perspective of if he gets Lewis to the ground and can grind on him, then this is his fight to lose. I'm also just frustrated that this isn't just a contender main event and is for the interim, and it sounds like UFC mostly did this because they wanted the stakes as big as possible due to Lewis being a hometown kid.
  8. Yeah, I Gamefly'd Valhalla, and the controls are definitely frustrating especially when it comes to climbing stuff or getting on and off the boat. I'm up to the big encounter in the Prologue, and I'm not sure if I want to wrestle with it much more.
  9. In a group text I'm in, I pointed out that ActivisionBlizzard from a revenue standpoint will probably not take significant hits over this outside of sponsorship losses. Your average WarZone player is oblivious to this, and WoW has done a fair amount to alienate its core base for years now. Plus, it does sound like Overwatch was on the downturn and the issues with getting Overwatch 2 out have added to that issue.
  10. Jacoby might be the Phins starting QB by the mid-point of the season due to either a) Tua's known health history or b) Tua's lack of performance. It was a backup option I was pleased with if they couldn't keep Fitzmagic.
  11. PFF Tweeted that FSU and Clemson now have both inquired about SEC membership.
  12. With this Tennis game being PS+, if any of you PS peeps want to give it a go online just to see what it's like, let me know. I probably should be more active in the Discord. I haven't looked in there since I joined.
  13. I bought the other Tennis game AO Tennis 2 or whatever it's called over the holidays and haven't put much time into it. I'm also bad at it. I really miss Top Spin. Those games were the best. Quarantine made me yearn for golf and tennis games, and so I bought both smh. I'm curious about Tennis World Tour 2. It seems like a mixed response critically, but it doesn't have near the creation tool that AOT2 does. Kind of need EA or 2K to do a proper licensed tennis game with a lot of the famous courts.
  14. I think this old school mentality of bitterness and blocking of schools (think FSU/Clemson/Ga Tech) from joining mentality died about a decade ago once the revenue started coming in a major way probably changes things. I think these schools no longer care about old school bitterness. They care about dollar signs. Texas and Oklahoma exponentially improve the SEC's botom line (as if it already needed it).
  15. Man U finally switching to a sponsor on their kit that hasn't been a giant Chevy logo might be enough for me to finally snag one.
  16. I think the Fort Worth crowd was just a weird one in general last night. You could hear it was a bit of a younger crowd too. I think the lack of RAW viewership in general showed last night in crowd reactions. It's also what happens when you're basically a year and a half sans normal fan reactions. I think the crowd stuff is going to be weird for a few weeks for WWE.
  17. I have a weird question for everyone. How is Civ VI on consoles? Is it worth even dabbling with. I've always wanted to check one of those out for a few hours but think of them more as a PC game. Closest I've gotten is I played a little of Tropico 5 on the PS4 when that was a PS+ game. Also, if it's worth touching. Is it better on normal console, or is it a more enjoyable Switch experience?
  18. I had the show on in the background and spaced out for large swaths of it. I started mid-way through the opener. It seemed like a fun spring, but man that finish was not good in a "this is a tired, lazy WWE booking trope" kind of way. Grimes/Knight seemed kind of there, but the finish looked sort of botched to me. I didn't really pay attention to the women's tag, but I remembered I read Tegan Knox was cleared to come back when the battery charger graphic popped up to end that match. I hope she can stay healthy and go on a decent run. That many ACL injuries is tough luck. Cole/O'Reilly was more noise than attention. The crowd was super into it, but I'm not huge on Cole, and I don't know that a match needs multiple panama sunrises. This was your grumpy, mid-30s, curmudgeon, and I've been watching wrestling for way too long (26 years now, yikes) recap of the day.
  19. This feels a bit reactionary. Interim bout seems unnecessary and a bit petty on UFC's part. https://twitter.com/espnmma/status/1409612914504392713?s=20
  20. I reupped Gamefly a couple months ago and forgot to cancel after the first month. I should have Mario Golf hitting my inbox today and am hopeful that will make for a fun Monday night.
  21. He was really upset that Knack wasn't used as the initial tech demo for the PS5.
  22. Is Nick Khan the most power that Vince has ever openly ceded to an executive? The guy is definitely very savvy and is probably viewing WWE similarly to how someone that comes from the Hollywood/Sports world would view any other property, but you've never really heard this much about a guy influencing this company like he has this last year.
  23. This can't be good for Diamond Mine on NXT either as that stable is supposed to be CW Title focused.
  24. I saw one going around with the last set of cuts that they were a little over 300 and the cuts got them to like 285 or something like that. They definitely have more talent signed than they can use consistently, and even with touring starting back, it doesn't sound like the 5 days a week touring schedule is ever coming back (which is probably a blessing for roster health). Although, you have to worry about the string of injuries that are bound to happen even with the current touring starting up in a couple weeks.
  25. I've had a couple of UA's IPAs, and they're kind of the same thing in the one offs and they kind of let you know through numbered variants. I've been the total opposite on the drinking front, and I'm not super proud of it. I probably drank more frequently during the pandemic (keep in mind, Alabama didn't go as extreme on the lockdowns as many. The craft beer bar I go to was even doing drive through service for growler fills and to go cans), but I've had a lot of life things happen and haven't coped the best in the world. I'm also the heaviest I've ever been in my life as a result (never thought I'd break 200 and am pushing 225). I'm no the mend even if things are still as stressful as ever.
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