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  1. I love the crazy masks Muta started wearing. Remember a couple of years ago, when that picture of 'Taker with the short hair started circulating, months before he came back for the HHH rematch? I was hoping he'd steal the idea of wearing scary-ass masks in the ring to cover up the haircut. Instead he just came back with that terrible fauxhawk. Wasted opportunity, man.
  2. Does anybody know how Bobby Eaton feels about pornography?
  3. Maybe none of those guys wanted to be a whiny little dirtbag like Kliq-era HBK? That's pretty much the only reason I can come up with for why they weren't running things. Because I'm pretty sure any one of those BSK guys could whoop the entire Kliq on their own if it came down to it.
  4. On what planet are people " mildly enthused" with Orton? Because on this one, he was pretty damned popular.
  5. Seeing as how all his non-Goldust work has been awful since 95, I hope he keeps the gimmick.
  6. I get a "99/00 ECW midcarder" vibe from Amore.
  7. This week's match was the first time I'm ever seen Rusev. Ye Gods, what a beast. Is it worth going back and looking for some of his previous matches?
  8. 92 Nikita? What the hell? When did that become a thing?
  9. I hope Goldust gets another run after that terrific match with Orton on Monday. I really hope that at some point in the coming weeks, Dusty gets involved in the storyline and cuts a good old fashioned American Dream promo on the McMahons. And I really, really want all of this to happen so we can get a Rhodes family vs Wyatt family feud someday.
  10. I still think Riley is just one great gimmick and an adult hair cut away from being a star. Dude's got raw skills, he just needs to figure out how to put it all together. No one would have given a shit about Steve Borden without the facepaint and neon pink tights.
  11. It would be hard to see what's happening in the ring through all the cigarette smoke.
  12. They're just trying to reach that cross-section of fans that are both marks and Bronies. Bronies love fedoras.
  13. Who the fuck are the Dream Warriors? And who the fuck wears a bolo tie and a skinny tie at the same time?
  14. This was the Horsemen line-up when I first started watching WCW, so they've always been my favorite version.
  15. How would Philly wrestling fans have reacted to, say, a tag team with a flamboyantly gay gimmick in ECW? Considering the way women were treated in ECW, I shudder to think at how Heyman would have booked a gay character.
  16. Still probably the smartest member of the Hardy posse.
  17. Last Saturday, Kahagas wrestled on Booker T's Reality Of Wrestling card. This was the second time I'd seen him wrestle here in Houston, with the first being this past April at the Paul Boesch tribute show. Both times I thought he was pretty awful. He wasn't working with name guys (Saturday may have been his opponent's first pro match, in fact, since most of the guys on the ROW cards are Booker's students), so I don't know if he's better with skilled opponents, or just a shit wrestler. Has anyone else seen much of his work?
  18. Funk sold the Double Cross Ranch a few years ago.
  19. If Magnum T.A. doesn't have his car accident in 86, what terrible occupation-themed gimmick do you think Vince would have given him when he inevitably signed for a brief run in the late-80s/early-90s? Or would they have just gone all the way with the Magnum P.I. gimmick and given him Hawaiian shirts and a British manservant?
  20. Or they could finally just end the fucking storyline.
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