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  1. Thank you for the help. I really appreciate the support. Got the cherries planted.
  2. Coco is moving in today taking Huck's spot on the island. I probably went to a couple dozen islands and met some interesting new villagers, but Coco won out. After more than a year I still do not have cherries, so if anyone wants to send some my way I'd be grateful.
  3. I honestly cannot remember if I posted about this film or not. But, my wife and I watched this one last year and it was quite decent in presentation.
  4. I found my copy of Phantom Menace on DVD and decided to watch the film for the first time in 20 years. This viewing was done without prejudice, as I have renounced the old ways. And it turns out, I rather liked it quite a bit. Comic Relief Gungan is still very cringe to me whenever they appear and speak. I'm not sure I can truthfully say that it has reignited my love for the saga, as that never really went away, but my interest certainly is there to revisit and reexamine. So far I've picked up IV & IX on 4k and plan to piece together the rest as I run across them. (Yes, I know I could get the Big set, but a wise man once said "You know the chase is better than the catch")
  5. My experience with M. Night mirrors @twiztorand has led to his films being channel changers fo me much like John Cena.
  6. Huck told me he is looking for something new, so I wished him well. I have his picture, so I guess there wasn't anything more for us. He'd been here for a good stretch and I had no problem with him. Nook's is buying turnips for 207 this afternoon. Redd has 2 fakes and real jolly and basic paintings. Nothing I need. If anyone wants to come by and get either of those or sell some turnips, I'll leave my gate open, as I won't be abke to stick around.
  7. The print of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (1986) on Shudder looks great. I have to do a 180 on my previous opinion of the film. I had only ever seen the horrible looking VHS back in the 80s and pretty much never got on board with the film. Of course the Scream Factory Blu-ray is out of sight price wise. Here's hoping for a new 4k or a box set in the future. Since they pulled off the F13 miracle with that box set anything is possible.
  8. Is there a Wrestlefest underground community out there? I remember Wrestlefest, but it is far from my favorite wrestling game. Haven't picked up Retromania, yet. But the videos I have seen make the movement speed look a little fast and the tie-up look a bit Fire Pro.
  9. Still in shock after reading this. OSJ was one of those names that has been around as long as I've been a member of or lurked on many message boards. Our tastes were different but similar in wrestling, music, baseball, and of course literature. I always looked forward to reading his response whenever a topic came up that I knew would get him going. This sucks. It feels like like losing a family member. R.I.P. John Pelan
  10. All they need is one guy to be a diversion.
  11. I'd fire both of those fuckfaces before The Ghost Of Bill Watts had a chance to say Rusty Kuntz. Kayfabe breakin' punks.
  12. So, anyone playing The Show 21? Videos look good on YouTube.
  13. I haven't torn down a Dualsense, yet, but a few shots of CRC QD Contact Cleaner and you should be golden. All my controllers (Dualshock 4, XBox One, Switch Pro) were drifting and that fixed them up. But, I am a professional ID10T, so any advice you get from me is bad.
  14. Since there's no help in the game I decided to watch a video on Pac-Man 99. After watching a tips video and a video of John Riggs sitting in corners, I won my first game last night. Hopefully one of my all-time favorites will get this treatment and we'll see Redneck Rampage 99 at some point.
  15. Would the goat of Mendes from The Devil Rides Out count?
  16. Hopefully Meat Loaf made up with Steinman. R.I.P.
  17. I really hope they never offer a collectible replica of that ring package. I might have to kill me before my wife does.
  18. I've had the Halloween Collection set for a while and never watched anything on it outside of 1-3 and the Rob Zombie universe films. Decided it was time to inflict them on my wife, who had no idea any of them existed, and watched the Thorn Trilogy and H20 over the weekend. The Thorn Trilogy is brought down by whatever cut of #6 that you choose. To waste a good character in Jamie for two, not as bad as they could have been, films to treat her to #6 is criminal. H20 was fine and should have been a (semi) satisfying ending to the franchise. I did want most of the cast to be consumed in a volcano, but it is what it is. Haven't shown my wife Resurrection yet, because I know it will cause cussing. I'm just not spiritually ready for it at the moment. After rewatching the Thorn Trilogy I do have a slight bit more respect for the Zombie films, as it seems he touched on so many of the themes they were going for in 4-6, but he decided to not linger in that ditch.
  19. Watched Vegas Vacation for the first time over the weekend and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the flick. Had heard how bad it was for years and just avoided the mess. Turns out it was not an embarrassment, *cough* Christmas Vacation 2, and got a Sid Caesar appearance to top it off.
  20. Travis Sheldon


    RIP I can't add anything to what's already been posted.
  21. I can get in to the 30s/40s, but the times that I revert to trying to play Pac-Man are what sink me more than anything. The explanation for what's going on continues to be vague, just like Mario 35 and Tetris 99. Or maybe I'm old and can't keep up with the busy display.
  22. Paul Ritter dead at 54 of brain tumor. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/apr/06/friday-night-dinner-star-paul-ritter-dies-of-brain-tumour-at-54 I hate this news. Friday Night Dinner is one of those special shows I can throw on in any order and chuckle. Martin was one of those characters that's super relatable. And the fact the he's close to my age doesn't help.
  23. If that is the Ultimate Iron Man armor, I guess the budget for red paint wasn't there. And those arc reactors look weak.
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