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  1. After LOD won the Tag Titles at Summerslam 1991 vs. the Nasty Boys, the next time the Tag Titles changed hands on a PPV was WrestleMania 11 with Owen and Yoko defeating the Smoking Guns. Almost 4 years went by with a title change on PPV.
  2. Never understood WWE ending the Invasion angle when they did. Especially since Ric Flair comes in the night after 2001 Survivor Series and the NWO are there three months later. That there could get you to the Fall of 2002. Scott Steiner comes in November 2002 and Goldberg, the day after WM 19 in 2003. No reason why the Invasion couldn't have gone well into 2003.
  3. It about 10 minutes in. Right after Hangman wants to put Matt through the table. Hangman gives him a forearm to the lower back that brings Matt to his knees. Less than 15 seconds later, Matt goes for the Northern Lights suplex on both guys, but fails. Then hits it five seconds later. It's something like that, that took me out of the match for a bit. The second time Matt is in the match legally (it's hard to keep up because you can come and go as you please it seems) the entire sequence is Hangman working Matt's back, all in preparation for a 440 pound suplex.
  4. Good tag match, but too much "both guys on the same team in the ring for too long," stuff and they work on Matt Jackson's back in the opening minutes, only for him to hit his double suplex right after. He didn't really sell his back after that. Why work the back if you don't bother selling? Can't be having lazy stuff like that.
  5. He said the same thing back in the mid 80's during a promo. Also in a match back in 1995. I can understand why people would be upset and it's a different time now than it was in 1995 or 1986, but I guess it doesn't offend me like it does other.
  6. Meltzer keeps saying Tuesday night basketball on TNT. They do have a few Tuesday nights, but their main night is obviously Thursday for basketball. I don't know where he get Tuesday for basketball when it's actually Thursday.
  7. 98,000 buys for All Elite between PPV and Streaming last weekend.
  8. 98,000 buys for All Elite between PPV and Streaming last weekend.
  9. Plus, HHH vs. Orton and a 50 Man Battle Royal
  10. ShowBuzzDaily reports that Monday's episode of Raw averaged 2.15 million viewers, marking a new series low for the program. The previous low was set on Dec. 10, 2018 when the show averaged 2.19 million viewers. 1.89 million watched the last hour.
  11. So the revelation of who came up with the Screwjob was something.
  12. https://www.wwenetworknews.com/2019/04/03/latest-hidden-gems-to-add-treasure-trove-of-wrestlemania-themed-content-includes-press-conferences-a-dark-match-and-more/ The full press conferences for WrestleMania 2, 3 and 4. Each is at least over 30 minutes in length. Plus Tito vs. Shango dark match from WM 8.
  13. McGee and Bret is out there.
  14. Melter says it's not injury related, so we will see.
  15. https://www.wwenetworknews.com/2019/01/15/exclusive-update-on-january-classic-content-on-wwe-network-major-show-to-debut/ 1992 WWF Superstars Next Week
  16. From F4WOnline A major angle is expected to be shot tonight that will change one of the main events at the Royal Rumble show. We'll talk about it after the show depending on how it goes down or if it goes down. It will be reported that it is due to an injury by others. It is not. It was always the plan and we'll explain that on tonight's show if it happens based on how it is explained.
  17. So has anyone read the new Nitro book? Over 500 pages.
  18. Dave did mention one of, if not both of the Young Bucks putting on weight due to the move to heavyweight and how they could affect their in ring style. That's fine. However, people would lose their shit if he said the exactly same thing for a women. Jane Doe has put on some weight recently and they maybe change her high flying style. People would have gone crazy over that, although I see no problem with it. It has gotten to the point that you can't say anything about a women's looks. Really? Especially in a business that is predicated so much on how you look. Find something more important to outrage about.
  19. "I thought that they had a cool act in NXT and on the main roster, I don't get a thing out of them. I don't think their promos are particularly good. Their wrestling isn't good. I think Peyton Royce's transformation to look more attractive, I don't know. I don't want to say." - Dave "She was more attractive in NXT?" - Bryan "I thought so. Yes. To me, yes. But that's neither here nor there." - Dave "No one is saying she's unattractive everybody." - Bryan I know. No shit. I didn't say it at all. She doesn't stand out to me. When she was in NXT, she did..... She was a lot lighter." - Dave So if he leaves out that last line, would everyone be ok? When did he say that wasn't true or just an observation? Nobody has a problem with Dave saying they/she is not a over as they were in NXT. Everyone would agree with that. He thinks that her character (everything from her mic skills, wrestling, to her look) was better at NXt.
  20. I'm fascinated by those who change their look so dramatically from the beginning to end of their careers.
  21. Which wrestlers or version of a certain wrestler had the best look? Or how about a time when a wrestler changed up their look or went with a special look for a period of time? Hogan is known for the red and yellow, but it took a few years to get there. He would mix it up with red, white or blue early during his WWF Title run. HHH went with longer tights in late 2003 because of a groin injury if I recall.
  22. I think it was only the third fall. Rollins was already up 2-0 before the DQ.
  23. Tomorrow’s gem will be a full, 48-minute TV episode. To be precise, the 07/14/1984 episode of World Championship Wrestling is set to land on the WWE Network tomorrow! Yes indeed, this is the show that is infamously known as “Black Saturday”, http://www.wwenetworknews.com/2018/07/11/exclusive-information-on-tomorrows-hidden-gem-full-historic-episode-featured/
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