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  1. I am more intrigued that they are finally letting Barrett go around knocking motherfuckers out.
  2. 1) Cena started out as a "cool heel" when he was doing the rapper thing. I was 15 in the summer of 2003, and you better believe I bought my ass one of those WW logo "Word Life" shirts. Reigns is different. The Shield hid his shortcomings. I know this is a tired talking point on all corners of the internet by now, but at least Diesel had an IC run under his belt before they cut him loose 2) Please tell me more about this Reese's Freezee. 1) I was referring to how the vocal part of the crowd would rather boo the guy the E has anointed over spend money on the guy the vocal part of the crowd want
  3. Actually, seating here eat my Reese's Freezee, Reigns is really their next Cena as in it feels like they are trying to recapture the Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks with Reigns. Only it's kinda weird in that Reigns isn't as good as Cena in 2005/2006 and I don't think he's going to get any better until they start putting him with bad guys of this day and age. Vince ain't stupid. The fact that people are showing up to boo Reigns only helps his mindset.
  4. You guys sure are wordy today. The Power of Da Bryan.
  5. Are you sure that wasn't the Miz?
  6. Is there a backstage/candid pic of Nash from 20 years ago in which he wasn't drinking or doesn't look like they told him to put the cup down and take a picture with us?
  7. What's the over/under on how many 'finisher kick out > lay around like old men' combos?
  8. Also, the way Barrett said 'fuck you guys' pretty much guaranteed his losing the match.
  9. Why do wrestling fans get mad when douchebags get kicked out of a show? But that's just. Gonna lead to the whole 'it's a tv show' argument again..
  10. Yeah, I just don't see what's so fucking terrible about the Bellas. Brie keeps things simple so shit doesn't get fucked up and has intensity in her matches. She bumps pretty good and doesn't spam out her moveset. If she's in there with greener than fresh shit divas, she doesn't have to worry about botches and shit because she isn't going to try to break their necks doing shit they can't do. She doesn't have much charisma, but if she was a dude, she'd be a good mid card jobber who gets the occasional win. Nikki is trying to hard to get the heel heat in her matches, but it's better than just go
  11. I guess I don't see what's wrong with that divas match. It wasn't memorable and AJ still wrestles like she rather be doing something else, but did like the end with both Bellas dropping Paige and AJ back to back. Tho why is Hossy Bella bumping around for little AJ? The parts of the match that got a good reaction was when Nikki was in control and AJ found a way to weasel out of the move. It can't be that hard to book, can it?
  12. There's mere days until Mania. They squash him first then send him packing.
  13. My grandma's cat tried to give me a dead bird one time. Only the bird was alive, the sucker had survived the cat almost biting it's head off and was flying around the house for 30 mins. I hate birds and cats.
  14. I was thinking more of the lines of it being Ambrose and Ziggler, so it had to be good by default. Then again, it's easy to ignore when the guy you advocate so hard for is shit.
  15. Maybe it has something to do with that brutal baptism of fire that chick got..
  16. I know they say whoever tells the story decides what it is, which is why it is called his-tory. But the narrative of "he was WCW biggest star but he ain't no HHH!!!" as the reason Sting vs HHH is the biggest piece of revisionism I've seen on a wrestling show in ages.
  17. I loved the opening minute. Naomi tries to take Nikki down via traditional wrestling shit so Nikki just throws her into a corner and clotheslines the shit out of her.
  18. Hey, when you get a chance to ride a John Deer, you don't question it. You strap on and hold on tight.
  19. Sheamus did give Mark Henry his best match ever, so..
  20. Here's to hoping Barrett takes out DB to win the Barrett vs The Playing Field match and they headline every SD with Sheamus from here and until Kingdom Come.
  21. Isn't that wasn't Ziggler's job in the whole thing is?
  22. I disagree. Ziggler is still kicking it. At least Dean has a character. But Dean's character is very much in the 'very stupid or very cool' land. I find it unbearable tho
  23. Lumberjack matches usually suck because there's usually no reason it's booked other than to get some jobbers an easy pay day. And Ambrose has some of the worst strikes I've ever seen.
  24. Eh. There are worst things to be remembered for.
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