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  1. I wish things like that promo by Matt Hardy or some more of the stuff of Dark Order and Hangman would make it on to Dynamite. Or at least Dark. There are obviously some "stupid" bits on BTE that should stay on BTE, but I'd like to see some of that character-driven and storyline-progression stuff get elevated from BTE-obscurity to AEW-mainstream.
  2. Vince probably announced beforehand that they would need to push the shock factor to battle the falling ratings and poor Madigan thought he'd hit a homerun.
  3. With the limited time AEW has to offer, who do you feature less to feature Miro more? He's a substitute at the moment, waiting for his time, which sucks if you ask me, yeah, but he's not alone on this bench. I mean, I really don't like what the Acclaimed have shown me so far, but they clearly are a project and if AEW would give these minutes to the ex-WWE star obviously some people would criticize that as well. I get the point that you feel Kip kinda drags Miro down (I don't feel that way, but we can agree to disagree here), but AEW clearly tries to pair all of their more unknown wrestlers and potential stars with their mainstream-attractions. Hangman & Jericho, MJF & Cody, Jerichos short stints with Scorpio Sky and Jungle Boy, Darby & Cody, Orange & Pac, Orange & Jericho, MJF & Mox, Kingston from Cody to Mox, Private Party & Matt Hardy, Sammi & Jericho, Sammi & Hardy, Darby & Sting, Top Flight and The Acclaimed & Young Bucks and now Jurassic Express feuding with FTR. It may not work as intended with Kip and Miro but I get the idea and I appreciate the idea as a whole. The women's division not having any mainstream attractions to pair their unknowns with is clearly one of the biggest proplems of that division. All in all, I agree that the apperances of Miro are too sporadic and leave you waiting for more most of the time, but I still feel like you value a clear face-heel-dynamic to much. I don't see why I would need a clear negative association from the get go to get invested in Miro. Even more so since Miro is such a likeable beast that he probably would be the ideal person to play more of a easygoing face outside the ring while beeing a ruthless beast inside the ring.
  4. 1. Really surprised to see Hardy Party win the opener, but since Hangman's whole story has always been about losing at first it was probably stupid to expect them to win. 2. Cody just couldn't let Mox and Reneé be the only new parents, couldn't he? 3. Cody-Darby-Taz-Sting felt shoehorned in just so that you wouldn't forget there's a story here. 4. I know that Archer and Eddie have a reason to be pissed about one another, but Archer still feels like he doesn't belong in this feud between Kingston, Butcher, Blade and Death Triangle - but it could also lead to Archer vs. Fenix, Penta or Pac and all three of these pairings should be awesome. Also some great visuals with Archer looking down on Pac. 5. Jericho was just smiling all over to wrestle Pillman Jr. and comparing Jericho physique from interview to mid-match I guess... Jericho really held his breath hard in the Interview trying to make it look like he still had a six pack. 6. I don't know if on purpose or not (probaly just not executed well) but I thought it's fitting that Hagers F10 looks like shit. 7. SCU, Acclaimed and their diss-rapping, man. If this was WWE I would tell you that segments like this are the reason I stopped watching WWE. Cringey unnatural mic-work followed by a nothing of a match. At least the young team won, even though the Acclaimed to nothing for me and it seems AEW is also steering into disbanding SCU, so that's something. 8. Speaking of acts that do nothing for me... I just don't care for Big Swole. I like the look of Ivelisse and Diamante but I don't really see a place for a women's tag team in AEW at the moment. Texas Cloverleaf looked gnarly as soon as Swole stepped on the back. 9. I want FTR vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus!!! 10. Main Event was there. I like how AEW tries to make sure to tie up loose ends here. I thought the show started fine with Hangman/Dark Order-Hardy Party, Cody-Angelico and Kingston-Archer-Pac but after that the show went kinda downhill and just lacked the energy you grew accostumed to. Saving grace for this time of nothingness: AEW at least makes sure that everything has some kind of purpose, some young lions get to shine (still, I just don't want to see Acclaimed) and they set up future matches or progress storylines. Nevertheless, lots of bland stuff today.
  5. Just watched this weeks BTE. Who was that woman behind Kip Sabian? Can't believe that‘s Penelope. Looks completely different. Also, I wanna hear Miro sing and play his guitar. His run so far has been kinda underwhelming, but Miro is so obviously the second coming of Kurt Angle in beeing able to switch seamlessly between an absolute killer inside the ring and a comedian outside. Hangman Page over the last few years ist the best storyline in wrestling ever. It’s shame it’s so hard to follow because you‘d need to watch a few different promotions and a Youtube show for a couple of years to really follow it making it a virtually-niche product not known by that many people - but I’ve never been that invested in a wrestling storyline in 22 years of beeing a wrestling fan. Although, my hopelessly in love teenage-self could emphatize quite good with Jimmy Jacobs longing for Lacey…
  6. Well, each and everyone of these 995k is gonna tell all their friends that Hangman, Silver and Reynolds will team up for the first time so I'm expecting much more viewers next week.
  7. Hangman leading a resistance against Brodie sounds like a great program to me. Hangman, Reynolds and Silver vs. Brodie, Uno and Stu. The distant future for Hangman clearly should be a dirty loss against Kenny followed by a clean title win but until then there's plenty reasons to have him have some beef with Brodie. Fantasy booking another 3 vs 3 here makes me realize once again that AEW could probably pull of having a Trios Title. Especially with having Eddie, Butcher and Blade and Fenix, Penta and Pac mentionend a few posts above. Still, I'm not sure if I really want a Trios Title. But there are so many names here where you immediately see a possible trios team forming.
  8. Just some quick bits before going to bed now. 1. I was too young for Surfer-Sting, didn't watch Joker-Sting in TNA and became a wrestling fan with Crow-Sting in WCW - and so it felt super weird hearing a happy-go-lucky Sting. 2. Cody continues his struggles to find a clear role and now teases a heel turn once again. 3. That reaction face from Shaq at the end of the segment was fantastic. 4. I really liked the Inner Circle discussion, especially Ortiz and Jericho admitting he rewatched last weeks match to point out that MJF is lying. 5. Jungle Boy gets a programm with FTR. Hook me up! 6. Shida continues her programm with Abandon. The women's champion is featured weekly and in a feud... what's going on here? 7. Reynolds and Silver coming up behind Hangman was awesome. Really looking forward to that trio. 8. Kudos to For Great Justice for predicting Kenny arriving by helicopter. 9. I was entertained by Callis and Omega but their talking was a whole lot of nothing. 10. Good guys Best Friends getting the jobbers some main event quality tv time. 11. Main Event was a little overbooked but if it gets me Miro going rogue I'm okay. All in all, lot of stuff happening, time flew by for me, I was highly entertained.
  9. Inner Circle: What's at stake? The Inner Circle is at stake. Presented as the most important group in the first year of this new promotion. Moreso than the Elite I would argue who were always shown in some kind of dissension. The Inner Circle members were always on the same page - until now. That's a huge deal for one to get invested to. And I don't see betraying people as a defining characteristic of MJF. He betrayed one person and Jericho hates Cody anyway. Chuck Taylor: I don't really get the problem with Chuckies physique. Especially the way he's positionend with him beeing in a tag team and pretty much exclusively so. He had three singles matches in AEW, won against a jobber on Dark and lost to Pac and Kip Sabian on Dynamite. If he would go toe-to-toe with Pac and Kenny Omega for 20+ minutes, maybe. But even then he could still be on the losing end and the commentary could point out that Kenny and Pac are just too fit for Chuckie who uses all his wits but could quite get it together to overcome his handicap or whatever. It's not like his gimmick is that of a fitness guru or a wrestling machine. Physique gets you nowhere if you don't know how to play the game. How many super-high-level athletes are drafted into the NBA who never amount to anything? Cody: Pretty much agree. Sometimes he's the best part of the night, other times I'm thinking about switching the channel. And I hate every Cutter variation there is. The only people who used it right are DDP, Kanyon and maybe the Dudley Boys.
  10. I second that Christopher Daniels is super lame in his current role and his in ring work (understandably) can't redeem it anymore. If they want to give him one last kinda meaningful run I'd try turning him heel. I always like him more as a heel anyway. Let the Fallen Angel realize he can't cut it anymore and resort to his sinister side. Let him have programs with the younger guys like Jungle Boy or John Silver/Alex Reynolds (or Private Party, The Acclaimed, Sonny Kiss, Billy Guns sons, Alan Angels... how low do you wanna go on the totem pole?) to highlight that contrast, he beats them dirty at Dark first and ultimately puts them over clean on Dynamite. I think he's still good enough for that and the Young Lions probably could learn a thing or two from wrestling him. But as his current face SCU-self he really shouldn't be on television.
  11. Hangman, Darby, Jungle Boy, MJF, Sammy and Sabian are clearly the "projected future" from the get-go. AEW invested time and effort in all of them, even if Sabian and Jungle Boy are relegated to the sidelines more often. Since then Wardlow, Starks and Hobbs were added to that list of projected main eventers. Really, it sucks that Jungle Boy appears to be an afterthought in AEWs future plans right now, but stuff like the battle royale or beeing in the world title tournament clearly show that they haven't forgotten him and still think very highly of him. Even if mainly on Dark, he had the most matches in AEW so far. Plus, don't forget he's the youngest and by together with Wardlow and Hobbs still least experienced of the bunch. Yes, his contract isn't that long and one could fear he's going to leave, but he's still in the very early stages of his carreer. I thought about it yesterday and Jungle Boy is probably the one I think could benefit the most from these working agreements with other promotions. Give Jungle Boy (and Luchasaurus as his helping hand) programs in NWA and Impact or send him to Mexico or Japan. I mean (and I know that we're getting into far-away-fantasy booking now), Jungle Boy in Best of Super Juniors sounds quite nice to me. TLDR: Yeah, it sucks seeing him without meaningful programs, but Jungle Boy still has so much time left. I'm not concerned.
  12. I love how much storylines that battle royale featured. From reminding everyone what a beast Miro can be, to Sabian/Miro vs. Best Friends, Spears getting revenge on Sydal for beeing eliminated the last time and his feud with Scorpio Sky, MJF vs. Guevara, MJF vs. Wardlow, a short throwback to MJF vs. Jungle Boy, Hangman maybe joining the Dark Order and Matt Hardy slowly turning heel on Private Party. Okay, one could argue that Matt Hardy turned mega-heel by eliminating John Silver and Hangman Page. Debut of Sting was cool. Watching WCW in the late 90s as a little kid made me a wrestling fan, mainly because of Sting and DDP fighting the nWo. I'm not really sure what value Sting can bring to the weekly product. He's obviously there to elevate Darby. My first thought was something like Pentagon-Vampiro from Lucha Underground but I don't think Sting has a match left in him, so, who knows. But even if he's just there to talk a little about Darby and dissapears again, maybe some new (old) people tune in and maybe that's all he needs to do. Shida sighting! This booking... now she's scared of a cosplayer and doesn't know that she's on live tv. Great to make you're champion look strong. Admittedly, she's booked strong in her matches, no complaint there, but her booking outside of the ring is just baffling. Also: BJ Whitmer sighting. Yeah. Now please get Jimmy Rave (fuck the U.S. health system) and Jimmy Jacobs (I know he's with Impact, but still) so my nostalgic ROH-heart can glow everytime I see one of them. And: I love how AEW admits beeing part of a larger wrestling world. JR or Tony always namedrop some wrestling trivia from the past, NJPW is mentioned weekly by now, NWA is cross-promoted and now Impact is part of the biggest cross-promoting angle in the US since forever.
  13. Maybe Brian Cage should try a mask? Jeff Cobb was way more interesting under a mask (the whole presentation of LU surely helped too) and now he's just a guy who's kinda good at pro wrestling sprinkled with some really cool spots. I mean, I like matches with Cobb and Cage, but I don't watch them because I want to see Cobb or Cage but because I want to see their opponents have a cool match. So... yeah, they're nice to have for sure.
  14. I love how Butcher and Blade look like a dangerous team even though they are losing any meaningful match they have. Their look obviously helps and they stand at a Win-Loss of 19-10 thanks to beating Jobbers on Dark, but they haven't really won anything worthy on their own. Cutler and Avalon, SCU (Kazarian & Daniels), Private Party. Those three teams are the highest profile oppenents beaten by Butcher and Blade - and all three matches took place on Dark. They won some "high profile" matches together with MJF or the Lucha Bros, but other than that they lost everytime they were featured on Dynamite - with the lone exception of beating Cody and QT all the way back in December. And still, everytime they are announced for Dynamite I think they could win, sometimes expect them to win. These guys are fantastic jobbers.
  15. How is that nonsensical? FTR wanted to proof they're better than the Young Bucks by rubbing it in their face that they can do the flippy shit the Bucks are known for.
  16. With Page vs. Omega, Cody vs. Darby, Cody vs. Dark Order, FTR vs. Bucks, Moxley vs. Kingston, MJF vs. Jericho, Guevara vs. Hardy, Guevara vs. MJF, Team Tazz vs. Darby (maybe already finished?), Team Tazz vs. Hobbs, Team Tazz vs. No Airtime, Murderhawk vs. Kingston, Spears vs. Scorpio Sky, Butcher & Blade vs. QT & Dustin, Cabana in Dark Order (somewhat on hold), Shida vs. Nyla (not really, but still), Cutler vs. Avalon (probably just finished for good), TH2 vs. SCU, Cassidy vs. Dark Order, MFJ vs. Wardlow (not really in focus, but slow burning), the NWA Women invading and PAC now returning and playing into Kingston and his friends and the problems of the Lucha Bros ... did I forget any ongoing storyline? Jungle Boy und Luchasaurus really have nothing going on for them at the moment, which makes me somewhat sad. Santana and Ortiz also are only featured by somewhat by assosiaction to Jericho vs. MJF vs. Guevara. Miro and Kip vs. Best Friends maybe isn't the debut storyline one would expect after his departure from the restraints of WWE... but you can't have a dozen main actors and there's so much stuff going on in AEW. Still, yes, you could say they should strike the iron while it's hot and that's definitely not been the case.
  17. Well, Shida defeatet Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, Thunder Rosa and Big Swole... she's beaten everyone who could make a claim for the gold. Shidas reign just shows how thin the womens roster is. Statlander und Britt got injured while Covid took care of the Joshi challengers. The rest of the roster are jobbers from Dark. But, I don't really understand why Nyla never got a rematch. I don't know why Nyla and Shida aren't feuding for the last few months. Yes, the roster got thinned out, but they made nothing out of a bad situation.
  18. How is Page not the most likeable guy in this story? And it's likely just a matter of time till he returns to beeing a badass. His current sad-phase is just the calm before the storm. He'll probably become something like murder-Ibushi when he finally "snaps". Considering Young Bucks... yeah, I don't really know what's the plan here.
  19. Uno has been the "reasonable" guy in the last weeks several times, probably to appeal to the possible recruits who would otherwise be repelled by the other antics of Dark Order. It's always Uno who consoles Cabana when things go wrong and now he's showing Hangman, and Dark Order repeatedly tried to talk Hangman into joining, that they can have a fair match - to show that Dark Order is not just evil. Uno is the evil guy that's playing a nice guy - to lure in the new recruits.
  20. I'm not sure if Janela & Kiss really are the next "big" project for Jericho. Between his programs with Moxley, The Elite and Orange Cassidy, he also had little stuff with Scorpio Sky, Jungle Boy und Pineapple Pete. Janela and Kiss to transition from one big feud to the next sounds fine to me. When he's done with that, I'd like to see Jericho revisit Jungle Boy or Scorpio Sky. Both of them don't really have anything meaningful to do beside beeing featured regulary as quite good wrestlers.
  21. I just wanna second that. It was a solo effort by Hangman in the last minutes that won them the title way back on the cruise, Hangman always stood out in the matches as the more focused and more dangerous man and now Kenny was the one who ultimately fucked up, brought on their demise and then couldn't help Hangman while it showed what a tough man to beat Hangman is. I can't imagine how one could not feel sympathy for Hangman in all this. Such great storytelling. Also, I thought he looked really cool in tights.
  22. Pretty sure AEW will try to turn that botch into a storyline, but, man, this sucks for Sydal. Shockmaster-esque debut.
  23. So, Brandi changed her gimmick once again and is now the cocky superstar authority figure. She braggs about beeing the first women to have an action figure while also aknowledging that she is the chief brand officer. First impression... just another misfire of her finding an on-screen character.
  24. I feel like commentary could have made a better job of telling that Best Friends very well could have won in this moment but they chose to hug it out. Make them look strong by telling you they pretty much had the champions beat. Make them look foolish by hugging it out, but you put over their gimmick at the same time. Hangman once again got the pinfall in the end, he mostly seems to be the better part of the team ever since he won the titles beeing basically on his own for the last few minutes on the cruise match and Omega nearly cost them the title because he couldn't his his finisher. This was potentially such a great little storytelling moment for all four people involved in this match.
  25. I love how Shawn Spears gimmick is more or less just sugarcoating what many of the internet wrestling community thinks of him and his booking. The internet thinks Spears is boring on his own, well, then let's find him a partner to make him more interesting. The internet thinks Spears tries too many different things instead of focusing on just one clear gimmick (Chairman, contact lenses and mohawk, Tully, news anchor, whatever), well, then Tully has to scream at him that he isn't focused and needs to find his true self. Well, who here thought that his hands look like shit?
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