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  1. Having Bray Wyatt threntening to kill or molest Reign's daughter is creepy as hell. As "Disrespectful Suck-Bags" go Kevin Owens is very effective.
  2. A surprisingly lifeless episode doesn't seem much to it:
  3. I tried to watch Elimination Chamber Monday, but the feed was choppy as hell,and it stopped completely several times. I could not get through it like this.
  4. Sounds good, maybe the Wyatt's are gonna get back together? Lucha Dragons vs Matadors, knew they'd do that someday.
  5. Spoilers, what's airing on NXT in the next 3 weeks.
  6. For a while I thought I did it, I posted the Smackdown Spoilers, then seconds later would not let me back in there or anywhere. Opps!
  7. Taped last night, because of Wrestlemania related activities. This show will be heavy with Mania build not much else.
  8. So sad when I read about it this morning, It was just a freak accident the way he fell into the ropes, nothing do to with the 619. Such a sad tragedy it could happen to any wrestler on any given day. R.I.P Perro!
  9. Interesting show: Ziggler pins Daniel Bryan. Welcome to the mid-card.
  10. Mark Henry returned for that? Is Bryan a turd or not?
  11. The only match the WWE Redditt guy got wrong was Ambrose vs Barrett, he said Ambrose was winning it.
  12. WWE/Reddit guy says Reigns will beat Bryan, and Rusev beats Cena. So I guess Bryan is gonna be out of the loop again.
  13. Looks like an interesting show. Surprised R-Truth got a win over Barrett. The Harper/Reigns match sounds interesting.
  14. Looks like a good show: 45 minutes? That's a long time, And Big Show turns face again?
  15. Lawler mentioned his casket match with Taker, I have no idea when this was. I thought maybe they force Seth to defend his spot vs Bryan with Bryan winning because of interference from Orton who's ready, you know they have to find a spot up top for him soon.
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