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  1. According to their site history from the end of March 2020 (when Japan started shutting things down) until mid-2022 MAKAI didn't run any shows.
  2. Also, if you are in Japan (or have a VPN? I don't really know) you can watch it online until next week:
  3. The results of the (Bushiroad and a few other people) Pro Wrestling Election program:
  4. Zack is the best (smartest) babyface in NJPW.
  5. Okada is one of the tallest guys in NJPW so it just makes her look even shorter standing next to him. Lady C is booked as some kind of giant in Stardom but she's barely as tall as Shingo Takagi. Most of the Stardom wrestlers are in the 160 - 170 range. Most NJPW native juniors start at around 170ish. The only regular NJPW guy that would have to stand in the front of a group photo with the Stardom wrestlers to be seen is Taiji Ishimori.
  6. I don't know if it's just the change in gear or if he bulked up but Shun looked as big as Diamante in that match. He was always taller than most DG guys but he never looked like he was that much bigger. Great great match.
  7. KAORU had her retirement match at a MARVELOUS show on 8/8. http://battle-news.com/?p=87150
  8. Jungle Kyona made a non-wrestling appearance at the latest NOMADS show. http://battle-news.com/?p=87026
  9. The TV Asahi Pro Wrestling Election show is airing August 13th. It's part of a series where viewers vote on certain topics. Okada and Tanahashi are scheduled to appear. It's TV Asahi so expect it to be Bushi Road slanted.
  10. Just to clarify, those first two sentences are not connected to each other. Osaka et al are not rural areas (they also probably mean regional not rural). They are examples of how they branched out into bigger shows in those areas and are going to do so in other parts of Japan they haven't had big matches in yet. Like how they kind of low key ran the Kokusai Center in Fukuoka when NJPW moved over to the Paypay Dome for Dontaku. It was the biggest show they had ever run in Fukuoka.
  11. Unless it was leaked somewhere, Maki Ito's first name is still unknown. She was Maki Ito from the time she joined LinQ in 2011.
  12. Miyuki Takase will be bringing NOMADS' tickets to the PleinsGaz show tonight.
  13. Indy show tonight to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PleinsGaz, which is a brand that makes costumes for wrestlers and MMA fighters. The person behind PleinsGaz, Mami Takahashi was a flag girl for Pancrase. http://battle-news.com/?p=84898
  14. It was never a law per se. It was, like most measures introduced in Japan, something the federal government recommended to the prefectural governments who then made the final decision. This being Japan, the no-cheering ban was followed pretty much everywhere. The wording now is that it depends on the capacity in the building - if you keep it under the full capacity cheering can be allowed. One idea floating around is that depending on the results of the next election in July, some restrictions may be lifted. The government is going to play it safe until then.
  15. Can we please not use that word here?
  16. So in May, after K-Ness retired, Masaaki Mochizuki added Dragon Gate trainee Masuharu Eto to be the newest member of M2K. A month later at the Toryumon show at Korakuen it was revealed that Eto is now called Ryuuto Mochizuki and he is actually Masaaki Mochizuki's 20-year-old-son. Part of the surprise is that people didn't know that Mochizuki was even married, much less that he had a child.
  17. Results: https://www.njpw.co.jp/tornament/344741?showResult=1
  18. Alan White, one of the longest serving members of Yes who was approaching his 50th year with the band, has passed away. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-61600583 One of my favorites:
  19. They only have those in Osaka though. There are only twelve Taco Bells in Japan so it would be possible for him to hit all of them during the BOSJ but he'd have to Osaka and Hokkaido on his off days.
  20. The next NOMADS' show will be on August 5th.
  21. Ice Ribbon tournament announced: In case of a draw, the person with the shorter career moves on.
  22. He's been running a couple different business ventures, especially stuff concerning the disabled. He's currently the owner of an onsen in Hokkaido. And for the last year or so, a mysterious man in a bear mask has been on shows for Hokuto Pro Wrestling.
  23. The show is tomorrow. It's still Thursday in Japan right now.
  24. Those numbers are for all of Bushiroad's third quarter earnings (July 2021 to March 2022), not just Stardom. It's broken into Digital IP (Trading card games, games, merchandising and media) and Live IP (Split into music and sports - New Japan, Stardom and the new gym they opened in Hokkaido). The Live IP section made 7.9 billion yen.
  25. The ending alley-way fight in Martial Club is one of my favorites. It's another Lar Kar Leung movie where the focus is on the martial arts and no one dies (although legs are broken). Human Lanterns is pretty dark and features a bit more fighting than one would expect from a horror story. Lo Mang makes an appearance as hitman. I also saw the Kungfu Stuntmen documentary. I wished they could have done a whole series on these guys. Sad that so many of them destroyed their bodies for our pleasure and will never get their due. Interestingly, I was watching the documentary about Weng Weng, the actor from For Your Height Only, and in the Philippines it seems that old action actors (also not well compensated) sit around talking about the old days like the guys in Stuntmen do.
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