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  1. Erik Watts, David Flair, & Greg Gagne as Father Knows Best.
  2. For a while, my favorite wrestler was the Dog. Also, for a while, my cousin's favorite wrestler was "Hardwork" Bobby Walker.
  3. Probably that first Brian Pillman memorial show, just to see WWF & WCW guys on the same card.
  4. Eh, I saw them do that in Baton Rouge on my 7th birthday. It pretty much cemented in my young mind how bad ass the Warrior was. And now older me shudders to think of how the match would of been if it would of been longer.
  5. Speaking of TMZ, good to see Orton is showing how good the Be A Star campaign is.
  6. Joe & Mac, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Actraiser, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Super R-Type, Wild Guns, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighter & Turtles in Time, Rival Turf, Earthbound, Illusion of Gaia, Harvest Moon, Captain Novolin, & Super 3D Noah's Ark.
  7. Is that dude Rowe that's in the team War Machine in ROH any good? He's wrestling Luke Hawx tomorrow for Hawx's Wildkat promotion, & I'm thinking about checking it out.
  8. Apparently Jessica Havok was offered a match where she could earn her job back in WSU or she would have to join the DJ Hyde “BJ” club.
  9. I thought that was at a house show where he did a table spot and it had fiberglass in it that fucked his leg all up. Pretty sure that happened at the previously mentioned Jackson, MS house show. The injury is a house show experience story that a good friend of mine likes to tell after imbibing in alcoholic beverages.
  10. So, should I watch New Japan's Wrestling Dontaku show first, or the Dragon Gate iPPV?
  11. Not gonna lie, find that to be a little shocking, lol.
  12. Did you freak out like a teenage school girl when you finally got to meet him for the first time?
  13. Ricky Fuyuki gets destroyed by Abby.
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