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  1. "I'm Irish, we invented luck" almost made me throw my TV out the window. Luckily, everything else was incredible.
  2. Here's a few minutes of Jack and Doug Williams. I'd kill to see the whole match. 3 weeks ago, never heard of Jack Gallagher. Now, I want him for Cruiserweight Champion.
  3. There should really be like a 10-minute montage on YouTube of just Little Guido snatching guys out of mid-air into Fujawari armbars. That is all.
  4. Come on now, you watched during the last brand split, right? If the Smackdown guys go down and they think Cesaro can fill that spot, they'll just move him over. They don't give a fuck about their own rules.
  5. The Miz owes Kalisto a beer, because now no one is talking about his "Radiant Spike".
  6. If only they had a division and championship for guys under 200 pounds were talking wasn't as important as in-ring work....
  7. I know we all use the hyperbolic "done with this company" a lot. But if they really brought up Jordan without Gable, I might have actually been done. That would have been the craziest of crazy shit.
  8. The biggest thing I wanted from this show is Jerry Lawler gone. I'm so happy I may cry.
  9. That face made me much happier for Nia than I was 5 minutes ago.
  10. I take some time off when the cynicism around here gets under my skin too much, but I'm always lurking. Like a real creep.
  11. I still don't think Smackdown is in that bad of shape, roster-wise. Creative team, sure, but nothing that happened tonight was gonna change that.
  12. Another highlite tonight was Kevin Owens yelling at all the GMs and Commisioners for not drafting him sooner.
  13. Raw wasted 2 picks to get Axel and Dallas, when they could have got both and Slater with 1. Yikes.
  14. I can't believe no one has mentioned Bryan cracking a joke about Mick Foley's "weird obsession with the women".
  15. Could they have got away with sticking Crews in the Cruiserweight division if he was on Raw? He's jacked, but short as hell.
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